Monday, January 10, 2011

Taurus- Love and Romance

 Taurus Lovers Information

Taureans are notoriously slow and deliberate in their pursuit of love. The fact that they are meticulously detail oriented gives rise to their desire to find the “perfect” mate. Taureans seldom resort to divorce. They tend to tough it out in hard times and remain loving and devoted, avoiding any extra-marital influence. They are extremely faithful.

This personality attracts lots of friends and acquaintances. Their willingness to show others their dedication and resolve is inviting to all they meet. As a result of their devotion and hospitality, friends call on them for help with advice, hope, courage and consolation. This demeanor has a calming effect on all.

Taurus And Heartbreaks

The Taurean extremists almost invariably create discontent by not allowing spousal freedom. The old adage of “If you love them, let them go” is almost impossible for someone who can be overpoweringly possessive. The time and effort to make sure they have chosen the “perfect” mate can be shattered by unwillingness to bend.

Compromise or the discussion of mutually agreeable acceptable boundaries are paramount to overcoming marital disagreement. Taureans are reluctant to allow extreme flexibility thereby offering a sizeable challenge for negotiation.

The committed, loving and passionate Taureans are very desirable mates. One must however be on ones guard to help insure that the acceptable bounds of a relationship and the freedoms that go with it are sincere and well meaning.

Taurus goes with Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Leo (most compatible).

Find A Match For Life!
Best Match For Taurus is Leo

This match should make a great combination, as Leo is ruled be the Sun and the Taurean is ruled by Venus. Both signs show qualities of having great sex appeal and prominent physical qualities both of which are of great importance to the two signs.

Taureans have a love for the finer things in life, but also possess a streak of jealously. While the Leonine signifies the sympathies of the heart, they also possess the desire to show off. Most often the two come to a meeting of the hearts and the Taurean will curb his tendency toward jealously and allow the Leonine to show off. This is what makes the union well suited to one another.

Worst Match For Taurus is Sagittarius

With this match the possessive Taurean may find the Sagittarian too freedom loving to cope with. The Taureans jealously may clash with the Sagittarian’s frank and generous nature and all too often refuses to be contained by the deeply loving but very selfish and possessive Taurean. As a rule, this union is not the typical Love will overcome all combination.

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