Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Attract Pisces man

If you want to know how to attract & seduce a Pisces man, this article will help...
Pisces men can be very difficult to pin down, as they hide most of their feelings. He is often attracted to anything that is stress free because he hates restrictions in his life, but on the other hand, he can also be attracted to things that will stir his emotions, especially women. So be aware!
There are many things about women in particular that Pisces men find attractive. It's prudent to be aware of such things and use them to your advantage. For instance, it can be as simple as the way a woman walks. The elegant and graceful way in which many women move about is something men just don't have. Men seem to appreciate every move of a woman. This is why, when entering a room, most men will stay back a bit, placing their hand on the small of the woman's back, as they subconsciously feel they can never be over the woman. It's almost as if the women appear regal to them.
It's important to know, however, that there are small things you can do to aid in the seduction of a Pisces man without him being aware.
Playing coy is an age-old secret. Men love a sweet, yet sexy women and it's quite easy to snag a man when you smile and flirt just the right amount, always leaving him wanting more. Another must-do in the art of seduction is being confident. Make sure that you look and act your best. It's easy to spot someone who is confident in themselves over someone who is overly desperate. The key is that you must believe in yourself first, if you want others to follow suit. The third and final tip to seducing a Pisces man is to above all else...have fun! Do not be a stick in the mud, a party-pooper, etc. Pisces guys want to have an adventure. Show them that they should be adventurous with you!

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