Friday, January 7, 2011

What a Leo Woman Wants

What she wants most is praise. A lover has to ignore her shortcomings (she doesn't really think she has any) and dwell on her virtues. If you hope to get anywhere with her, you had better begin by accepting her inalienable right to be marvelous. You may go on from there to a sounder, more realistic relationship, but that's the foundation stone on which to build. You would be wise not to let her know if you have an eye for other women. As far as she's con cerned, she's a cosmology of one. The mere sugges tion that she's in competition with other women turns her off completely. She's above that sort of rivalry, and is actually a little afraid of it. She can't be a loser-and one way to avoid being a loser is not to get into the race. However, she has to be free to rack up male conquests. You'll hardly ever see her without a man in tow, and often several. There is something about her flamboyance, her queenlike assurance, that dazzles and attracts. She wears men as other women wear jewelry-to enhance her image-and rarely lacks for admirers. Most descriptions of Leo woman make her sound hopelessly self-centered. It would be more accurate to say that she has an intense drive toward self-realization. Leo woman feels she was born to be someone special, and she must express this feeling. Happily, she finds enormous self-ex pression in love. A Leo woman in love gives her heart without reservations. She doesn't hold anything back. Her romantic nature is intense, and she expects her chosen mate to be just as fervid as she is. Although Leo is a marvelously sensual creature, kinky varia tions are not her game. She prefers to heighten and dramatize the familiar by her passionate involve ment.. Leo woman thrives in marriage, but her partner may find living with her a bit overwhelming at times. It isn't easy being attendant to a queen, and Leo woman can be tyrannical. The worst scenario is when a Leo woman marries a man she can dominate completely. In this relationship she may get total submission, but that is too little compen sation for the full, deep, robust kind of love she needs. When she feels shortchanged in love, Leo woman will turn bitter and carping On the other hand, with a genuine prince con sort, a queen can bestow her truly royal gifts-and Leo female certainly has them to bestow. If you give her the affection and admiration her nature requires, you will waken a tender passion in this extraordinary woman. And you will have a mate who is truly fit for a king.

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