Monday, January 10, 2011

Capricorn - Love and Romance

 Capricorn Lovers Information
Being introverts, Capricorns are shy and reserved. Because they are frightened of rejection and the possibility of being hurt, beginning a relationship for them can be difficult.

Capricorns are very cautious when it comes to love. The head rules the heart for them. Marriage will not come unless they are totally sure about their partner. They need a partner who can support them emotionally and give them much needed boost in confidence.

When in a relationship, Capricorns are very dedicated and devoted mates. Rather than being full of surprises they are careful and steady in their love. They are known to be quite faithful and trusting lovers.
Capricorns and Heartbreak

Capricorns have a strong and protective instinct. When hurt in a relationship you may see the vindictiveness in them come alive. They can be most unforgiving and when hurt or threatened, they rarely forgive or forget.

Their ruthlessness however, may be due to their overambitious tendencies making relationships and marriage more a necessity than from a romantic or sentimental reason. They tend to assume an ownership in love, much like the ownership of property.

Most often after a break up in a relationship, Capricorns rarely offer a second change. But when it comes to marriage for the Capricorn, it will very well last as they do no marry in haste. That is apparent as they are not impulsive or careless in love affairs.

Capricorn Goes With:

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn

Best Match for Capricorn is Virgo

This is destined to be a very strong, long lasting and suitable pairs. Both signs love very similar qualities. Capricorns insistence on being exact and Virgo’s demands for perfection, these signs will really get along well. Both signs put home and family above all else and their neutral understanding of each other’s needs make a fantastic partnership.
Worst Match for Capricorn is Sagittarius

When speaking of extreme opposites, these two signs find it hard to agree on anything. The Sagittarian is known to be open, free and optimistic. The Capricorn is sober, restrictive and suspicious. The Sagittarian seems to tire quickly from Capricorns lack of speaking and cold exterior and soon tires of trying to agree and comply in what seems to be a one-sided relationship.

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  1. I have to say, what you wrote describe me perfectly. Now, I truly know a bit more about myself after reading this. You are right, I don't generally give second chance, I don't always forgive and I don't forget when someone hurt me or someone close to me. This is amazing.