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Great Sex and Astrology

The key to a great relationship starts with GREAT SEX.  If you can excite your mate, and make them reach ultimate heights sexually, then everything outside of the bedroom is cake.  Yes, most women do not to be known as sex objects, but lets face it we are. This not a bad thing, but you must learn to use these assets to our advantage.  I will teach you what turns on each Zodiac Sign, and how to get them to reach "The Big O".  


Aries Man
Most of his sexual encounters end in orgasm, usually achieved through a combination of foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.

Aries Woman
She can generally reach orgasm with various sex acts, especially those involving oral sex, and from any position. Aries is likely to climax every time.

Taurus Man
Taurus has no trouble climaxing and he achieves orgasm virtually every time he has sex. Through generally through intercourse, the Taurus Male will sometime climax intercourse in combination with oral sex.

Taurus Woman
Taurus doesn't achieve orgasm every time she has sex. To ensure that she does requires oral or digital stimulation of her clitoris. Intercourse by itself won't bring her to climax on any regular basis.

Gemini Man
Gemini reaches orgasm comfortably in any number ways. He love to have oral sex to the brink or orgasm and to finish with intercourse.

Gemini Woman
Gemini has no trouble reaching orgasm and usually cums every time she has sex. A combination or oral sex, finger manipulation of her clitoris, and intercourse will bring her to orgasm.

Cancer Man
The Cancer man reaches orgasm every time he has sex. For him, anything works: masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse. As long as he feels close emotionally, he climaxes with ease.

Cancer Woman
After being very turned on by her partner fondling her breasts, Cancer reaches orgasm almost every time she has sex with a combination of masturbation and intercourse.

Leo Man
Leo has no trouble climaxing, but he likes to be in control, so intercourse works better for him than oral sex.

Leo Woman
Leo almost always reaches orgasm in every sexual encounter, mainly through oral sex and masturbation. She seldom climaxes during intercourse.

Virgo Man
Virgo almost always reaches orgasm, however except when he chooses to hold back. He does enjoy a combination of intercourse and masturbation.

Virgo Woman
Virgo cums" All the time, damn it," or at lease almost every time she has sex through oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse with clitoral stimulation.

Libra Man
How often Libra reaches orgasm depends upon the nature of the relationship with his partner. When he is deeply involved with his lover, he always cums. When a relationship is new, he may not cum every time.

Libra Woman
Libra can generally achieve orgasm through intercourse when the position allows for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. She also cums easily via oral sex and masturbation.

Scorpio Man
He achieves orgasm with ease virtually every time he makes love in almost any position. "It doesn't take much," intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, or a combination of these for the Scorpio man.

Scorpio Woman
Given the importance Scorpio places on sex and her single-mindedness, she has no difficultly achieving orgasm. It's irrelevant to her whether her partner favors oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse.

Sagittarius Man
Sagittarius has no trouble achieving orgasm. Any method or combination, from intercourse to oral sex, masturbation to anal sex, works for him.

Sagittarius Woman
She reaches orgasm often during intercourse, more frequently via oral sex and always by masturbation. She isn't shy about taking care of her orgasm.

Capricorn Man
Capricorn is goal oriented in everything he does. When it comes to orgasm, his goal is at least one for her and at least one for him.

Capricorn Woman
Capricorn is a goal-oriented Sign. She achieves orgasm most of the time she has sex. When she is sufficiently excited and wants to climax, she does so and the method is irrelevant.

Aquarius Man
Keep his mind on the event at hand and Aquarius cums. Let his mind wander and Aquarius loses his erection. Dirty talk as orgasm nears sends him over the edge regardless of the position or the act.

Aquarius Woman
A quickie may not always result in an orgasm for Aquarius. But when her lover sets the stage with phone sex during the day and with sexual banter leading up to the act itself, Aquarius almost always climaxes. Most often this is through intercourse and oral sex.

Pisces Man
Known for endurance, the only time Pisces fails to achieve orgasm is when he is exhausted. The method is unimportant. Given enough foreplay, anything will get him off.

Pisces Woman
Pisces reaches orgasm quite easily, almost every time she has sex, by means of masturbation ,oral sex, intercourse, or any combination of these.

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Aries and sex

Aries Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Aries: The fire element of Aries brings an assertive energy into any relationship. The Aries lover has a flaming and fiery love drive, the Aires's lover has passion, their will is full of tension, they have a need for action and for independence. Aries coincides with the spring time when seeds are germinating and it is a time for energy and for full on growth. This astrological sign has an instinctive identity, the Aries lover has extroversion, spontaneity and a very direct approach to love and to life in general. The "fire" element in Aries can on occasions rage wholly and totally out of control bringing excitement but sometimes danger too!. Aries is a cardinal sign and their assertiveness can become too willful at times for some less accommodating astrological signs. The Aries lover can sometimes have what you may call a 'storming' nature and a passion for power, spontaneity can become impulsive with the Aries lover as it is the only sign ruled by the very masculine and energizing planet of Mars. To balance in this extreme and exciting end of any relationship only comes by adding gentleness to the independent spirit and by tempering the self will with self-awareness and a greater understanding of others, this can only truly be accomplished by either the influences of Gemini, Leo, Libra, or Sagittarius

Aries and Sex. Aries is one of the most passionate, sexual, sensual and impetuous of all the astrological signs. Feelings run high when ardent Aries is around. Aries approach sex as they do with everything in life: zestfully, impulsively and dynamically. Aries is a fire sign. The ruling planet is Mars the planet of power and enormous personal strength. Aries usually have an enormous appetite for pleasure. Intimacy and sexual impulses are high but short-lived. The challenges of being hunted and conquered stimulates and excites them. The Aries lover has no patience and sensitivity this may be the reason for the most of the relationships to go sour. They are blessed with optimism and enthusiasm that keeps the fire in them burning and igniting their lover as well. The Aries lover is burning with sexual energy and likes to be in charge. The Aries astrological sign is sexually dominant, adventurous and unpredictable. Danger is exciting to Aries as is having sex in dangerous places. In a relationship, Aries looks for a partner who is strong, passionate and exciting and one who is not afraid to demonstrate feelings.-

Taurus and Sex

Taurus Sexuality / The Ideal Astrological Love Match for Taurus: Taurus is one of the earth signs which gives all those born within this astrological group a  desire for a solid grounding and a big need for form and for structure. Preservation is important for the Taurus astrological sign the Bull represents fixed motivation- the Taurus will seek first to stabilize and then to produce. Taurus is ruled by the astrological love/sex planet of Venus and there is an awful lot of loving and sexuality with a Taurus mate, not only on a physical or tactile level but also on a kindness and ' loving relationship' level too. The Taurus lover has an awful lot of emotional depth to put into any relationship. Friends as well as lovers will come to rely on the warmth, the generosity and the emotional accessibility of the Taurus astrological sign. Taurus represents consistency, loyalty, and patience which they bring to any loving relationship they feel committed to.  Fixed earth signs such as Taurus can on the other hand be quite rigid at times and some times they may become a little too cautious and be reluctant to take many risks! Taurus  will want to rise to every challenge and fulfill their very real potential, but at the same time they have a need for caution and some might say on occasions even levitate towards stubbornness?  This sign's Yin energy can go too far and Taurus on occasions will and can become very very slow and even lazy. The balance in this love match comes only with a reliable partner, one that satisfies the Taurus need for stability but also allowing for controlled action and accomplishments. The ideal love match or sexual partner for the Taurus astrological sign in general and with out a full chart evaluation would be with either Virgo, Libra  Scorpio or even possibly with a Capricorn.

Taurus and Sex: Taurus, the earth Goddess is by far the most sensual of all the astrological signs. Taurus has a passionate nature and a strong sex drive. The Taurus astrological sign will make an art out of lovemaking. Their touch is tender and gentle and they have huge sexual appetite the Taurus sexual nature is direct and uncomplicated. The Taurus lover takes their own time with everything and is slow to turn on. Tender and steady caresses of hand and physical stimulation excite the Taurus lover who is a earth and an earthy sign. The Taurus is a creature of enormous sensuality and they are happiest when all of their senses are being titillated at the same time. Body contact is important fro the Taurus astrological sign and they are usually very big on hugs, kisses and caresses. The Taurus sexuality also has a strongly procreativity dimension the Taurus start sign likes a stable, orderly life and are renowned for possessiveness; an active sex life is usually part of an ongoing partnership. The Taurus astrological sign is happiest when having sex in their own bed or in natural surroundings.-

Gemini and sex

Gemini Sexuality  The Ideal astrological love match for Gemini:  The Air element in the Gemini astrological sign brings communication intellect and speed into this astrological love mix! Gemini is one of the happy and the adaptable mutable signs of the zodiac, the mutability of this astrological sign brings motivation and adaptability into any relationship. The variety-loving Gemini's seem to need constant change and consequently they can make very interesting lovers, the Gemini reaches out expands and expresses with a flexible personality that ensures the Gemini can connect and communicate well with just about all others. The Gemini's energy and need for activity can how ever go a little too far in a relationship on occasions!  The Gemini can find it difficult finding the right direction in life therefore natives of this sign may need the balancing influence of stability and their desire to communicate quickly and rapidly can only be fulfilled when met with receptivity then not only can the Gemini speak there mind but they can listen just as well and complete the communication cycle! Balance comes only from a 'slowing down' influence from someone who will listen learn and grow within a loving relationship. The best and ideal astrological love match with out further analysis of the birth charts involved would most likely be with either a Leo,  Libra or  Aquarius.

Gemini and Sex. Being an Air sign Gemini astrological sign is aroused by intellectual communion. Sex is no small task as their inner nature is very complex. For Gemini, sexual fulfillment comes only with mental satisfaction. There is nothing better than an intelligent, scintillating conversation before sex for the Gemini lover who often wants a partner who is an intellectual companion. Gemini's are not fierce or aggressive as lovers but they can arouse their lover by sensual erotic fantasizes and stories and can be experimental in lovemaking. The Gemini lover may constantly keep analyzing their love life. In terms of sexual encounters Gemini's do crave variety and may have more than one lover at a time. Fantasy is a very big part of sex for Gemini, the scenarios they can construct in their imaginations may include graphic details of the meeting, the chase, the seduction and the dirty talk during sex (they are masters at this game), which is just as important to them as the real physical thing. A keyword to understanding Gemini sexuality is excitement. Their active, ever-roving mind, constantly in motion demands excitement and stimulation. -

Cancer and sex

Cancer Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Cancer: Cancer's ruling element is water which symbolizes our emotions and like the other water signs of Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer needs to both give and to receive on an emotional level. All water signs thrive on the exchange of feelings. The Cancer astrological sign has a deep need for security the Cancer astrological sign needs a loving environment in order to feel comfortable within a relationship. People whom have Cancer prominent with in their astrological charts seem to be able to absorb memories, feelings and psychic messages from others close by and they will in turn send back their own feelings. Cancer is what is called a cardinal sign which when coupled with the element of water motivates and energizes their inbuilt ability to provide for others. Few other astrological signs will work as hard within a loving relationship than those people with a Cancer sun sign. Confidence can at times be a bit 'wobbly' with a Cancer, they are after all extremely sensitive and tuned in to just about everything. This astrological sign is ruled by the moon which in turn rules our feelings, the moon changes sign every couple of days which is indicative of Cancers changing moods and mood-swings. Sometimes the Cancer desire to be loved results in giving too much and In some instances the Cancer native can become either over-protective and or over-dependent. When Cancer is balanced properly with the 'right' partner then they will be able operate with true personal independence and confidence. All things being equal with-in the natives astrological charts the best Cancer love prospect would be either  Libra a Scorpio  Capricorn or  Pisces.

Cancer and Sex. The Cancer is one of the water astrological signs and as such a very emotional star sign it is a sign with a powerful urge to nurture other people. The Cancer astrological sign may pretend to be very cool but they are in reality very sensual and loving types. Caner is usually shy and sensitive so their kind of intense sexuality needs to be awakened, fed and fertilized by tenderness and then brought to bloom by passion. In lovemaking to be emotionally involved with their lover is very important for them. For Cancer sex is an emotional bonds that they form with their lover. As a tactile sign the Cancer native does enjoy a kiss and a cuddle. The Cancer imagination is so fertile that they usually construct elaborate scenarios and fantasies to stimulate them self's and to add a bit of spice to their sexuality. Cancer fantasies are apt to revolve around romantic interludes - making love in water, walking on the beach under a full moon, satin sheets, candlelight, soft music and an ambiance of sensual pleasure.-

Leo and sex

Leo Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Leo:  Leo is what may be considered as the ultimate of all of the fire signs (Aries Leo Sagittarius) and as such brings a desire to lead, to create and to innovate as part of it's own personal package into any love relationship. The Leo astrological sign radiates a persona of mega-confidence. Leo the lion is king of the beast and there fore must always have an audience, the playfulness associated with the Leo astrological sign can regress some times into childish demands for even more attention.. The more matured Leo has a great big and beautiful heart and will radiate inner sunshine on all who comes into contact with this bold and adventurous spirit. Leo is one of the fixed signs and this quality when coupled with the quality of fire adds self-reliance a characteristic that works well with all of Leo's formative energy. With out the ability to consolidate and to be stabilized this fire element can some times know no bounds. Leo types need a more humbling influence with-in their ideal love match. People born with a perfusion of Leo within their astrological charts would benefit no end by being allowing or some times to be actively encouraged to bring their more peaceful side and their receptivity to the surface.  The Leo lover would, all things being equal make the best astrological love mate with either  Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius: -  Find your true love ?

Leo and Sex. Leo is one of the fire signs and fiery passions burn both in the mind and the body of the Leo astrological sign. Leo's are exceedingly passionate and can be quite sexually demanding. The Leo star sign radiates sexual confidence and they do like to take charge in bed. The royal lover likes to explore the pleasures of sex and sexually, Leo's like to be admired and craved but they like to be flattered even more. Leo rules over the heart so they have to be attached or fond of their lover to enjoy sex, they may prefer the drama of courtship to the predictability of any permanent though. Leos enjoy having sex in a splendid way such as at the Taj Mahal or on an expensive, luxurious yacht. No other astrological sign can be so majestic, in fact theatrical, and grand in lovemaking. Leos fantasies revolve around themes of exhibitionism, romance set in historical eras, Leo's like variety in love and sex and some may even explore unconventional types of sex such as sadomasochism. -

Virgo and Sex

             Discover Your Best Astrological Love Match - Make your Virgo fall in love with YOU
The best Astrological lover - Love match's for Virgo born 24 August to 23 September  -  Personal Birth Place & Time -Astrology!

Astrology love matches -  Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces

Virgo Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Virgo: Virgo is one of the earth signs which gives all those born within this astrological group a need for a solid grounding. Virgo's on the whole work hard at stability, often the Virgo's main goal is to build a life on very firm foundation. Virgo is ruled by the fast moving shape-shifting planet Mercury whose influence amongst other things gives them an overwhelming desire to analyzes and to organize. When frustrated a Virgo can feel trapped and get caught within a cycle of perfectionism. A good education is or becomes important to this astrological sign and by virtue important in a Virgo's ideal love match too. The mutable, dutifully and caring aspects of this astrology sign will some times come to the surface in the form of helping others or working as part of a team or by cooperating with others. Humbleness and the ability to work behind the scenes without complaining or pushing them self's forwards often causes the Virgo to miss out on opportunities that they could others wise take advantage of. A love interest who could inject a dose of self-confidence into their partner would help a Virgo promote the excellent qualities that they have in the way of being dutiful, committed and hard working  Because of the desire for security Virgo's may in unsure times worry constantly about the instability of work: "What if they don't need me anymore?" or  "What if I make a mistake?" Balance can be found with a partner who can promote in these loyal and trust worthy people the realization that imperfection is only human and that often they are only worrying about what may never be. The  most compatible astrological signs for an ideal love match with a Virgo are, all things being equal - Aries, Taurus, Capricorn or Pisces.

Virgo and Sex. Virgo, the virgin, is one of the earth signs and the Virgo sexual identity runs mostly on conservative lines but this doesn’t mean that they are boring. The Virgo astrological sign is outwardly cool and calm but composure is a facade because buried deep inside are usably great passions. Sexually and in love the Virgo astrological sign is giving, generous, deeply loyal, exciting with impressive cosmopolitan tastes. Virgo's want a partner who is secure in both vocation as well in their sexual prowess. In sexual relationship the Virgo is very caring and can make their partner feel the most wanted person on the earth. Virgo's given the right circumstances can lose themselves in the pleasure of sex with the same intensity that they devote to their work or their duties yet some other members of the Virgo astrological sign can be rather sexually repressed.-

Libra and Sex


Libra Sexuality  The Ideal astrological love match for Libra:  The Libra astrological sign is ruled and influenced by the element of Air which gives Libra the ability to communicate easily with others. The Libra astrological sign is ruled by the planet Venus the key words associated with Venus are beauty, balance and harmony which are all very important to this astrological sign and consequently within their perfect love match too. Libra has a need for partnerships and the search for an ideal partner can at times lead this astrological sign into a constant search to find the perfect match. With a Libra lover there is a great need to share, to be fair and to be impartial, trying to be too fair undermines the Libra decision making abilities at times. Sometimes the loving sophisticated Libra type can become too needy and too reliant upon others, it is then that Libra can fall into a cycle of dependency. A temptation with many Libra's is to give away too much to others and reserve too little for themselves, it is then that their life can some times reel out of control.  Even with calming and sophisticated influences the cardinal Libra astrological sign remains very active, they tend to outwardly radiate their personality. Inward focusing their energy as opposed to always outward focusing their energy can help to restore some balance into the Libra's constantly moving life. Libras thrive when they give themselves permission to finally take care of or pamper themselves, which they can do with a 'passion'. The best astrological love match to help to restore some calming influences and focus to this caring and sharing sophisticated astrological sign would be either  Gemini  or  Aquarian. - Astrology love match 

Libra and Sex.  The Libra astrological sign is blessed with enormous charm and sexual charisma. Libra is a sensual and generous lover who has a deep desire to satisfy and their aim is to please their lover, they are flirtatious by nature and masters in lovemaking. The Libra sexuality is the pursuit of pleasure and for the Libra everything surrounding sex must be beautiful and harmonious. Sights, sounds, smells, a romantic movie, candlelight dinner, music by the fireplace, exhibitionism, erotica, mirrored ceilings, massage oils, perfumes, colognes, all arouse the Libra senses as they make the creative pursuit of the pleasurable life an art form. The Libra lover likes to be spoiled with gifts and other sexual/romantic rituals. Libra's desirable partners must be agile, alert, aggressive, have a vivid fantasy life, be creative and imaginative, have a gift of gab and of coarse: be sexually exciting.-

Scorpio and Sex


Scorpio Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Scorpio:  Scorpio whose element is water can be both receptive and introverted at times this makes those with the Scorpio astrological sign somewhat enigmatic to be with. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, Pluto is a powerful force for renewal and for regeneration, perhaps this is the reason why Scorpios when in a relationship can be capable of the greatest metamorphosis. You will find great love, feeling, desire and sensitivity when involved romantically with the mysterious Scorpio. The fixed quality of the Scorpio astrology gives this astrological sign the desire for stability and without some positive energy the Scorpio native can and will; often go to extremes. The more devious Scorpio may use his or her inner strength or will to exert power and control over others, love can for these types become a much stronger passion than even the Scorpio them self's can handle. When possessiveness or jealousy comes to the surface, independence can bring a balance into the Scorpio's love life. With inner security the Scorpio lover can let partners explore and at the same time remain receptive to their needs. Consequently and with all things being equal with in the birth charts the most compatible astrological love match for a Scorpio astrological sign would be either  Taurus, Cancer or Pisces.

Scorpio and Sex. Scorpio is one of the water astrological signs of the zodiac and some would say that it is the most sexual of all the signs. Most Scorpio's have do have a smoldering sex appeal, they are sexually highly volatile and they can be volcanic. The Scorpio sexual appetite is at times insatiable, powerfully libidinous and intensely sexy, the Scorpio ignores the taboos. The Scorpio lover can at times use sex to manipulate or to control their lover. Scorpios are intense and polarized about everything within their lives and that includes sex. Some higher minded Scorpio's will see sex as an opportunity to explore the mystical depths of their emotions. Scorpios are inquisitive, experimental and they may use sexual props to saturate the environment with eroticism. Their sexuality can be described in two words, variation and power, Scorpios desire a varied sex life. However much a Scorpio may enjoy sex they will use it as a potent weapon for domination and survival. Most of the time it is the Scorpio who is in charge of the sexual relationship. The more aroused a Scorpio is, the more uninhibited and dominant they become. Sexually this astrological sign can become totally involved and uninhibited. -

Sagittarius and Sex

Sagittarius Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Sagittarius:  Sagittarius is a fire sign which is ruled by the planet Jupiter, it is these energies that makes the Sagittarian astrological sign extremely active, extroverted, mobile and expansive with compelling powers of attraction. If you fall in love with a Sagittarian remember the 'archer' is always ready for action they will always have a goal and are full of idealism, so be prepared! This astrological sign sign makes for a very happy and jovial type, some times an outward-bound type of a person but always with an awful lot of enthusiasm. Sagittarians can and quite often are very serious with in their philosophies! Sagittarius is what is know as a mutable sign and this mutable or changeable aspect of the sign brings motivation and a need for change. Change, variety and the experience are of the up most importance to the Sagittarian. Without the correct and a balancing energy the Sagittarian sadly can become too changeable and coupled with the mutable aspect to this astrological sign he or she may bend to every force or influence that comes their way. Quiet contemplation can temper this 'fire' and heighten the Sagittarian intuition, whilst receptivity can slow the impatient desire to keep moving and moving way too fast. The most compatible astrology lover match for the restless and ever active Sagittarius are  Aries  Gemini or Libra  Astrology love match 

Sagittarius and Sex. The freedom-loving Sagittarius astrological sign is a natural philanderer who may hate to be tied down for too long at a time. Ever impetuous Sagittarius is full of passion and loves to explore, they are bold, passionate and fun loving. The Sagittarius astrological sign is not naturally shy and may trumpet their adventurous sexuality loudly and openly. The Sagittarius is wild, passionate and adventurous in lovemaking. A sexual adventure in the woods or an isolated barn or empty ski lift stimulates and excites the adventurous Sagittarius. This astrological sign is not coy and they don't enjoy playing "go away, come closer" games. They know whom they want and their signals will be clear but they also appreciate directness from their partners as well. For Sagittarius sex is a celebration and they bring to each encounter the appetite and anticipation of a feast. Sexual relationships with one partner for long bores them and they get this urge to move on. Sex can be for the Sagittarius rather like sports or a game, they must perform well to win.-

Capricorn and Sex


Capricorn Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Capricorn:  Capricorn is a born leader and the top dog literally of all the earth signs (Taurus Virgo Capricorn) as this astrological sign is placed at the top of the 'natural' horoscope. The earthy Capricorn astrology sign can and is a stabilizing force if ever there was one and the Capricorn astrological sign finds that stability with in structures. Capricorn is one of the hardest-working astrological signs with in the entire Zodiac, the mountain goat has intense powers of self-concentration and is one very high-achiever signs but: without the proper guiding balances Capricorns can become far too rigid and inflexible. To be able to move with the winds of change the Capricorn must first learn how to bend and flex just a little bit! . All work and no play will make the Capricorn a dull boy and when the Capricorn  finally relaxes and enjoys life then they are most delightful and often have some quite intriguing secrets or story's to tell. No one has a better sense of humor than a Capricorn astrology sign, when they can finally unwind and relax.  Capricorns belong to category of  fixed star signs and they need a partner that will bring out their special qualities and facilitate a less structured environment. The Capricorn astrological sign will make the most compatible astrology love match with either Aries, Taurus  Cancer or Virgo. 

Capricorn and Sex. The Capricorn astrological signs sexuality is deep, enduring and an intense bonding force. Capricorns sexual nature is as powerful as their very earthy aspirations. Sexual intimacy and self-expression has to be developed over a period of time with this astrological sign. Capricorn's have a very serious and often aloof attitude hence they do miss out the fun in sex some times. To most (but not all) of them love and sex go together and are meant to last for a lifetime. Capricorns are not usually publicly affectionate towards their lover yet they are privately very passionate. Capricorns lover like to be mentally stimulated by their partners and this will turn them on very quickly indeed. Capricorns may go through alternating phases of sexual passivity and animal lust, in their passive phase they may choose to go without sex but at other times they may have so many suitors and lovers that they can barely keep up. Capricorns want a love partner who is responsive, responsible and with old-fashioned values too.-

Aquarius and Sex

The Ideal astrological love match for Aquarius:  Aquarius is one the Air signs of the zodiac it is ruled by the planet Uranus and consequently the Aquarius astrological sign imparts on its natives excellent intellectual and communication skills. Aquarius may be the sign of the rugged individualist, the mad scientist or the lone eccentric genius but the Aquarius astrological sign also represents social interaction and a higher consciousness. Aquarius is one the most humanitarian astrological signs in the entire zodiac. For a fixed astrological sign those people born with their natal suns in Aquarius often have a lot of adaptability and a need to accommodate others. Aquarius folk have a passion for life, for any thing new and for novel situations. The Aquarian can become erratic and will go of in all manner of directions without a stabilizing influence within their lives. Aquarius can try far too many new things in the end becoming a master of none, this curiosity can stifle the great success potential that this astrological sign has. Slowing down long enough to establish a solid foundation gives Aquarius the ability to ground his or her electrical energy and receptivity can calm their rebellious tendencies which can some times put the Aquarian native at odds with others. The Aquarian future-oriented energy gives this astrological sign the advantage of living as if they are already far into the future! This exciting intelligent, rebellious, forward thinking and freedom loving astrological sign will make the most compatible lover match with either Aries  Leo  Sagittarius and to a lesser degree with  Gemini 

Aquarius and Sex. The Aquarius astrological sign, due to their innate sense of curiosity and their experimental attitudes do a have tendency to explore all of the avenues of sexual enjoyment. The brain is the most potent sexual organ to Aquarius star sign and they use their active imaginations to extract hidden urges and fantasies. Sex with an Aquarius lover can be wild, totally unpredictable and liberation. The freedom to innovate, explore and experiment sexually is intoxicating to the Aquarius Astrological sign, their unpredictability is also part and parcel of their sexuality. The Aquarius lover not only wants to possess your body but also want to know what is going on in your mind as well. Explosive instant physical gratification works best for them. Being an airy sign they are imaginative and experimental in lovemaking. There is no thumb rule to judge sexuality of an Aquarius because they can be passionate but they can also be aloof as well. The Aquarius lover does not ask for much affection, love or intimacy in return - they are usually quite aloof, cool, detached or demi-emotional

Pisces and Sex


Pisces Sexuality The Ideal astrological love match for Pisces:  Pisces is ruled by the mystical and mysterious planet of Neptune and is greatly influenced by the element of water. People born under the Pisces astrological sign are often extremely receptive, nurturing, compassionate and other people oriented. Piscean feelings run very deep and If involved romantically with a Piscean you will have to explore and to probe in-order to find out all about the hidden depths of these watery tuned in individuals.  Pisces is a mutable astrology sign which endows them with an adaptable and a unifying energy. These sensitive people are like the water that flows gently downstream around the rocks and the banks engulfing all in its path and joining all together as one. Pisces receptivity can and often does translate into psychic awareness: but they will not always let it be know. Pisceans know all and see all but they will not always be telling all! The Pisces can keep the secrets of the universe within but known only to themselves. Without a proper balancing influence the Piscean can sink into the deep whirling pool of emotion which can sir up all of their hidden inner fears and insecurities. Lack of ego-strength can make some Pisces folk feel dependent and helpless with out what you might call 'back up'. Pisces benefit by truthfully sharing their own difficulties, their feelings and their needs with an other. Pisces people need to remember that they too have the right to receive all the help and support they often so easily give to others A happy confident and balanced Pisces brightens up all of our lives. The best love match's to balance the Pisces ever giving and all embracing personality without further study of the birth charts involved is most likely with either Cancer  Virgo Scorpio or Pisces:  Find your  love match 

Pisces and Sex. The Pisces astrological sign is sensitive, sensuous, they are unusually creative lovers and are able to please their partners as easily as they please themselves. The Pisces lover can play out their partner's fantasies and mirror their moods, sex with a Pisces lover can be very erotic and pure enjoyment. Pisceans can be sexually liberated or they can be old-fashioned and chaste. They form a kind of spiritual bond with their lover in-union. The Pisces astrology sign has intense sensual fantasies and lovemaking is a self-expression, they are sensitive and psychic towards their lovers desires and needs. Pisces believes in the possibility of the total love experience and in sex being an exchange of ecstasy. Their sensual appetite is keen, subtle, alternately self-effacing and demanding. Pisceans can put their lovers on a pedestal and they like intrigue, veiled situations and unpredictable paths. The keywords in understanding the Pisces sexuality is fantasy and esotericism. Pisceans like sex to be playful, free, bubbly, imaginative, exploratory and rich in moods and variations.-

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Taurus Angels

The Taurus Angels
April 20 - May 20

Ruling angels: Seraphim and Cherubim
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Angelic hour: Uriel
Color: Green
Favorable days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Favorable numbers: 1, 6 and 9
Incense: Lilac, apple, magnolia, rose
Birthstones: Diamond and Emerald

Famous people guided by the angels of Seraphim and Cherubim
William Shakespeare, Ulysses Grant, Harry Truman, Sigmund Freud, William Hearst, Thomas Lipton, Fred Astaire, Rudolph Valentino, Samuel Morse, Duke Ellington, Robert Oppenheimer, Charlotte Bronte, Salvador Dali, Ella Fitzgerald, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Barbara Streisand, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jerry Seinfeld, Golda Meir, Bing Cosby, Stevie Wonder, Henry Fonda, Tom Snyder, James Brown, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Capra, Benjamin Spock, Willie Nelson, Shirley MacLaine, Shirley Temple, Emmanuel Kant, Guglielmo Marconi, James Monroe, Eugene Delacroix, Audrey Hepburn, Horace Mann, Tyrone Powers, Orson Welles, Candice Bergen, GlendaJackson, Sonia Rykiel, Joe Louis, George Carlin, Katherine Hepburn, Daphne du Maurier, Kathleen Sullivan

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

He is gentle, dependable and protective, brought about by the influence of the angels of Cherubim. Whe he is courting a woman, he is practical, slow but decided in his proposal. Most Taurus men will have enough in life and may accumulate money and properties. They are hard working and lovers of luxury, hence, very few of them will be a failure.

Encouraged by the angels of Seraphim's, they are the most dependable and devoted wives of all the zodiac signs. Her affection is lasting, unless she gets a man who is unbearable and impossible. She is a good looking, charming and loving wife. She has a good character, is graceful but a lover of luxury. She is very affectionate and demonstrative lover or wife.

They are one of the most beautiful children. Guided by the angels of Cherubim, they respond to love and affection easily. They are loving, cheerful, persistent and usually well behaved in front of other people.
In school they are industrious, enjoy obeying school rules and have strong power of concentration. They learn slowly but have good retention.
Call (or teach them how to call) their guardian angel to encourage them to develop their inborn talents.

Your angel will help you excel as a:
Businessman and businesswoman, agriculturist, farmer, livestock growers, diplomat, banker, executive, professor, architect, engineer, labor leader, builder, athlete, miner, manufacturer, musician, voice teacher, singer, acting, sculptor, decorator, beautician

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo

Your angels Gift:
Seraphim's and Cherubim are of the serious type. They do not play around and are gigantic and powerful. Their gifts are stability of character, mind and patience, money and wealth, such as real estate and property, beauty and affection.

Gemini Angels

The Gemini Angels
May 21 - June 21

Ruling angels: Cherubim and Thrones
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Angelic hour: Raphael
Color: Silver
Favorable days: Wednesday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 3, 4 and 5
Incense: Peppermint, benzoin, caraway, lemongrass
Birthstones: Garnet and Amethyst

Famous people guided by the angels of Cherubim and Thrones
Marylin Monroe, Queen Victoria of England, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Benazir Bhutto, Donald Trump, Joe Montana, Plato, Socrates, Baise Pascal, Michael J. Fox, Bonnie Tyler, Judy Garland, John Wayne, Dean Martin, Paul McCartney, Bjon Borg, Clint Eastwood, Paolo Gucci, Peter Carl Faberge, Adam Smith, Aung San Suu Kyi, Norman Vincent Peale, Patrick Henry, Arthur Conan Doyle, Naomi Campbell, Laurence Oliver, Priscilla Presley, Roseanne Cash, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Josephine Baker, Johnny Weismuller, Thomas Hardy, John Maynard Keynes, Brigham Young, Federico Garcia Lorca, Paulette Goddard, Grace Mirabilla, Thomas Mann, Cole Porter, Paul Gauguin, David Rockefeller, Mario Cuomo, Steffi Graf, Dorothy Sayers, Errol Flynn, Jane Russell, Audie Murphy

Inspiration from your Guardian angel

He is cheerful, good conversationalist, friendly and attractive to women. There is changeability of purpose. He may have many love affairs before and after marriage. He wants a wife who is not very possessive and not of the jealous type. He is intelligent, sociable and a very interesting husband. He wants a woman who has the same mental interest as his. He may have a great interest in other women or be flirtatious, but usually this is not taken seriously.

She is refined, neat, meticulous, charming, lively and intelligent, brought about by the influence of the angels of Cherubim. However, she needs her guardian angel for guidance over being flirtatious, ficklemindedness, and lack of commitment. She keeps on looking for one man who can give the happiness she needs. Sex is very important to fulfill and to satisfy their different moods.

Supported by the angel of Cherubim, they are talnted and versatile. Very often they have the ability to dance, act, draw and sing at a very young age. They love to study, inquisitive, friendly and are good in school. They need their guardian angel for guidance over being temperamental. They also need encouragement not to gossip and to finish what they have started.

Your angel will help you excel in:
Journalism, publishing, website designer, writing, reporter, communication, teaching, acting, buy and sell, import and export business, law, medicine, government service and politics, radio and television announcer.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius and Taurus.

Your angels Gift:
Thrones and Cherubims are very loyal and they like to communicate if given a chance. Their gifts are intelligence, self expression, freedom, energy, unity and communication.

Cancer Angels

The Cancer Angels
June 22 - July 22

Ruling angel: Thrones
Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Angelic hour: Gabriel
Color: Dark Blue
Favorable days: Monday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 2, 3 and 8
Incense: Chamomile, lily, jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood
Birthstones: Pearl and Ruby

Famous people guided by the angels of Thrones
George Washington, Princess Diana of Wales, Estee Lauder, Pierre Cardin, Louis Armstrong, Rembrandt, Ernest Hemingway, Nelson Rockfeller, Gerald Ford, Harrison Ford, Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone, Ringo Starr, John Quincy Adams, Hellen Keller, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Tenzin Gyatso, Arthur Ashe, Yul Brynner, Steve Wozniak, John Calvin, Jack La Motta, James Lofton, Franz Kafka, Gina Lollobriida, Cheryl Ladd, Geraldo Rivera, Thurgood Marshall, Ross Perot, Mel Brooks, Carl Lewis, Lena Horne, E.I. Dupont, Meryl Streep, Michele Lee, Josephine Bonaparte, Pearl Buck, George Michael, Abner Doubleday, George Orwell, James Levine, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck, Ingmar Bergman, George Eastman, Haile Selassie, Donald Sutherland, John Glenn, Edgar Degas, Rose Kennedy, Natalie Wood, Nelson Mandela

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

He does not mind if the woman is playing hard-to-get. The man wants to save rather than spend. He is very close to his parents. However, influenced at child by his his guardian angel, he considers marriage seriously. He may be possessive and of the jealous type. A Cancer man loves to cook and he i a lover of antiques. He is loyal to his wife and an excellent father, for he cherishes marriage and home.

The woman easily shed tears, is possessive and loving, affectionate, sympathetic, adaptable and a devoted wife, which is all a quality of the angels of Cancer. She is very imaginative and may be very temperamental and moody. However, her anger easily cools off. She hates to be corrected and contradicted. She has very close attachment to her mother. She is an ideal partner and will never go to bed with someone she does nt love.

Together with the guardian angels of Thrones, they are very sensitive and love colorful pictures. They love their home. In their home is were they play and dream. They can play by themselves for hours. Although they are emotional and gentle, they hate to be followers. They want to be leaders, a quality of their guardian angel. In school they usually excell in history due to their excellent memory.
Call, or teach your children to call, their guardian angel for guidance on being tolerant and sensitivity.

Your angel will help you excel in:
Business or career especially those associated with liquids or water, or related to the sea, antique dealer, homemaking, arts, social works or charitable job, museum jobs or nuns, teacher, researcher, historian, doctor of medicine, nurse, analyst and astrologist.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo

Your angels Gift:
Throne angels are very protective and will always keep you from harm. Their gifts are imaginative qualities, tenacity, emotionality, creativity and psychic power.

Leo Angels

The Leo Angel
July 23 - August 22

Ruling angels: Dominion
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Angelic hour: Michael
Color: Yellow
Favorable days: Thursday and Sunday
Favorable numbers: 1, 5 and 9
Incense: Frankincense, ginger, cinnamon, basil
Birthstones: Garnet and Amethyst

Famous people guided by the angels of Dominion
Bill Clinton, Carl Jung, Henry Ford, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Eisonhower, Herbert Hoover, Cecil B DeMile, Neil Armstrong, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert DeNiro, Maureen O Hara, Menachem Begin, Oscar Peterson, Jack Warner, Albert Warner, Raymond, Amelia Earnhart, Peggy Fleming, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger, Peggy Fleming, Dustin Hoffman, Melanie Griffith, Karl Malone, Arnoild Scharzenegger, Patrick Swayze, Robert Redford, Wesley Snipes, Emily Bronte, Jim Spencer, Jean Dubuffet, Ron Brown, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Alexis de Tocqueville, Lucille Ball, Freddy Laker, Peter O Toole, Robert Mitchum, John Huston, David Robinson, Mata Hari, Whitney Houston, Pete Smpras, Alex Haley, Mstislav Rostropovich, Wilt Chamberlain, Denton Cooley, Max Factor, Malcom Forbes, Coco Chanel, Roman Polanski

Inspiration from your Guardian angel

Motivated by the angels of Dominion, he is gallant, passionate and affectionate suitor but he is of the jealous type. He is a great lover and easy to get along with. He wants a wife, one with high standards. He wants to give happiness to his love ones and friends. He is lovely, romantic, generous and a good provider. He is devoted to his family. He wants his family to have the most in evrything. A "Dominion" man wants to be the king of his home, his decisions are always final, and he cannot forgive a wife who is disloyal. He likes many children with strong attachment to them. This makes him a wonderful father. As a rule he succeeds in business as well as in romance. Living without romance life seems to be empty.

He needs his guardian angel for guidance on being dominant and temperament.

Her guardian angel by her side, she is one of the most kindest and generous woman. She is intellectual and capable. Her head rules her emotion. She is a lover of luxuries, such as dresses, jewelries and expensive home. She enjoys to be around her friends. She is a good housekeeper and an asset to her husban's business succes due to her excellent manner of entertaining people.
As a mother, she will give her affection, attention and generosity to her children.
As a wife, she is passionate, loyal and self sacrificing. Her services and devotions to the family can never be equaled.

She needs her guardian angel for guidance on being too extravagant and uncontrolled spending.

Supported by the angels of Dominion, these children are the most active and most full of energy. They are dominant, showy and want to be leaders. Such children are jolly and playful. They are temperamental. They are affectionate, sympathetic, charitable and noble with strong will power. Such children excel in sports and enjoy outdoor life.

Their angels should be called for guidance on not being too bossy and dominant. They should treat their playmates in a very gentle manner.

Your angel will help you excel in:
In all challenging jobs, business, executive, teacher, lawyer, medicine, writer, politician, public relations, promoting and advertising, banker and government positions, on stage such as acting, dancing, musician, etc., and all kinds of directorship.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra

Your angels Gift:
The angels of Dominions are very fast and helpful when they are called. Their gifts are greatness of heart, love, generosity, strong personality, intellect, dignity, strength, courage, romance and adventure.

Virgo Guardian Angels

The Virgo Angels
August 23 to September 22

Ruling angels: Dominion and Powers
Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Angelic hour: Raphael
Color: Deep Blue
Favorable days: Wednesday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 4, 5 and 8
Incense: Caraway, cypress, balm, patchouli
Birthstones: Garnet and Amethyst

Famous people guided by the angels of Dominion and Power
Mother Theresa, King Louis XIV, Ferdinand Porsche, Leo Tolstoy, Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Bruce Springsteen, David Copperfield, Oliver Stone, Stephen King, Michael Faraday, Frankie Avalon, William Howard Taft, Jessie Owens, Barry White, Cardinal Richelieu, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Montgolfier, Ray Charles, Jorge Luis Borges, Antoine Lavoisier, Jesse James, Sean Connery, Charlie Sheen, Richard Gere, Keanu Reeves, Michael Keaton, Claudia Schiffer, Patricia McBride, Leonard Bernstein, Bruce McLaren, Jimmy Connors, Rocky Marciano, Yvonne De Carlo, Raquel Welch, Jane Adams, Marguerite Higgins, Daniel Burnham, Maurice Chevalier, Otis Redding, Claudette Colbert, Lauren Bacall, Peter Falk, Sophia Loren

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

Served by the angels of Power, he is a lover of work, duty and discipline with devotion to help the less fortunate. He considers marriage just like a business partnership or just a part of life. He has few love affairs because he wans more of quality in romance for he is very selective. As a husband, no other can be more tender, loyal and gentle mate. He is very conscientious and responsible father.

The Virgo man needs his guardian angel for guidance on lack of sympathy, worrier, hard to please, hypercritical but hate to be criticized or corrected

Assisted by the angels of Dominion, she takes good care of herself and wants a lover or husband who is clean and neat. She is perfectionist and is critical. She loves to cook and wants cleanliness and good arrangement in her home. As a wife, she is very devoted, faithful, with a warm affection. Her smile will fill the whole room with radiance. Both sexes have too much pride and they want to be adorned and appreciated.

The Virgo woman needs her guardian angel for guidance on being a nagger, critic, miser, and perfectionist.

Inspired by the angels of Power, they are one of the most intelligent of all signs. They are neat and seldom will be troublesome. They are one of the easiest to discipline. They are good students and they love their school work. Hence, they are likely to excel in school. Virgo children are efficient, friendly, sensitive and have pleasant disposition. They have inclination to music, painting, acting and writing in school papers.

Children of Virgo needs their guardian angel for guidance on being a fault finder.

Your Angel will help you excel in:
Law, medicine, nursing, pilot, teacher, accountant, inspector, craftsman, statistician, photographer, interviewer, writer, literary, critic, reporter, commentator, magician, business and professions where an analytical mind is needed such as detective work and as scientist.

Your are compatible with the Angels of:
Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo

Your Angels Gift:
Angels of Dominion and Power are very helpful in reaching your goals. Their gifts are purity, work, service, justice, industriousness, good memory and constructive criticism.

Libra Angels

The Libra Angels
September 23 - October 22

Ruling angels: Virtues and Powers
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Angelic hour: Uriel
Color: Violet
Favorable days: Thursday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 6 and 9
Incense: Chamomile, spearmint, vanilla, daffodil
Birthstones: Saphire and Opal

Famous people guided by the angels of Virtues and Power
Mahatma Gandhi, Dwight Eisenhower,JimmyCarter, Alfred Nobel, Oscar Wilde, Roger Moore, Friedrich Nietzshe, Luciano Pavarotti, Margaret Tatcher, Johnny Mathis, Jerry Lewis,William Faulkner, Michael Crichton, Franz Liskt, Sarah Bernhardt, Catherine Deneuve, John Le Carre, Art Garfunkel, Antoine Watteau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Yves Montad, T.S. Eliot, Marcello Mastroianni, Georges Clemenceau, George Gershwin, Brigitte Bardot, William Rehnquist, Deborah Kerr, Graham Greene, Truman Capote, Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews, Christian Barnard, Rutheford B. Hayes, Juan Peron, Jessie Jackson, Carole Lombard, Buster Keaton, Martin Navratilova, Montgomery Clift, Chuck Berry, Rita Hayworth, Chuck Berry, Pierre Trudeau

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

Swayed by the angels of Virtue, he is very passionate and sentimental. It is never easy to break up with him because of his charm and gentle persuasion. If ever there is a parting of ways, his memory will linger in the mind persistently. He is rather extravagant and a lover of beautiful and clean orderly home. He wants his children to be well disciplined. Most of them never lose interest of the opposite sex up to old age.

He needs his guardian angel for guidance on procrastination, indecisiveness, and extravagance.

Influenced by the angels of Virtue, she is very charming, refined, feminine and with a graceful smile and looks. She does not like fast move when it comes to courtship. She can easily get along with people and will never neglect her home and family. She is capable of bringing harmony in her home. As a wife she is devoted and affectionate. She loves her chidren who are well cared for.

She needs her guardian angel for guidance on being impulsive, lack of continuity of purpose, pride and lack of will power.

These children are good looking, neat, sympathetic, kind and gentle, whch are qualities of the angels of Virtue. They have good mentality with artistic talents, such as drawing, painting, music, acting, dancing etc. Such children want beauty, peace and harmony, outside and inside the home. Influenced by their guardian angels, a "Virtue" child is a truth seeker. They will always ask questions, and will not stop, until they find the right answer.

Their guardian angels should be called for guidance on moodiness and self confidence.

Your angel will help you excel in:
Arts such as music, painting, sculpture, architecture, actor, actress, etc., lawyer, diplomat and business, teacher, professor, public service, social work, writer, medicine and allied professions.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Virgo.

Your angels gift:
Virtue and Power angels loves balance and moderation. Their gifts are justice, peace, cooperation, interaction, fairness, harmony and equality.

Scorpio Angels

The Scorpio Angels
October 23 - November 22

Ruling angels: Virtues
Element: Water
Planet: Mars
Angelic hour: Raphael
Color: Black
Favorable days: Tuesday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 3, 5 and 9
Incense: Coffee, black pepper, cardamon, woodruf
Birthstones: Opal and Citrene

Famous people guided by the angels of Virtues
Christopher Columbus, Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Curie, Hillary Clinton, Pablo Picasso, Johann Strauss, Calvin Klein, Charles de Gaulle, Indira Gandhi, Charles Schultz, Bernard Montgomery, Robert Louis Stevenson, Meg Ryan, Linda Evans, Chester Gould, Thomas Cook, BorisBecker, Whoopi Goldberg, Dan Gable, Julia Roberts, Jaclyn Smith, Bryan Adams, John Adams, Warren Christopher, Georges Bizet, Francois Mitterand, Chiang Kai-shek, Marie-Antoinette, Edmund Halley, Stephanie Powers, Burts Lancaster, Luchino Visconti, Charles Bronson, Billy Graham, Rene La Salle, Barry Newman, Andre Malraux, Sally Field, Barry Newman, Albert Camus, Monica Vitti, Yitzhak Shamir, Martin Luther, George Patton, John Northrop, Ennio Morricone, Neil Young, Margaret Mitchell, Demi Moore, Grace Kelly, Ennio Morricone, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Claude Monet, Erwin Rommel, Rock Hudson

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

Born under the angels of Virtues, he is very passionate and is ruled both by his head and heart. His affection and devotion to his wife and children are great and real. He usually overindulges in sex, although he has a high code of morality. To his children he is a disciplinarian and will be around to protect them. He enjoys the company of his children. His wife should be receptive and obedient in order to live peacefully.

The "Virtue" man is sometimes arrogant and very explosive, which state the need for guidance of his guardian angel.

Ruled by the angels of Virtues, she is proud, loyal, passionate, devoted and lamorous with magnetic personality. She takes marriage seriuosly, if she gets the man she really loves. A "Virtue" woman has an instinct to dominate. She wants a man who is ambitious and one who can dominate her. She enjoys responsibilities and is a capable woman. She is a good home-maker and gives lots of encouragement to her children.

The "Virtue" woman needs her guardian angel for guidance on being stubborn, suspicious, and over indulgence.

Powered by the angels of Virtues, these children are the most energetic and most active. They are loyal to their friends and loved ones. They may be leaders in school. Such children have penetrating mind and easily learn. They have strong will power and are hard to fool. They are inclined to develop all / or nothing - attitudes because of their extremist nature. This children have an inborn talents on science, literature, and medicine.

Children of the angels of Virtues should call their guardian angel for guidance on selfishness and discipline.

Your angel will help you excel as a:
Doctor of medicine, especially surgery, pathologist, psychiatrist, financier, publisher, chemist, pharmacist, psychic medium, investigator, creative arts, interior designer, businessman or businesswoman, spiritual leader, sailor, soldier, firefighter

You are compatible with the angels of:
Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Virgo

Your angels Gift:
Virtue angels are revealer of the unknown, they sometimes appear in dreams. Their gifts are determination, strength, energy, concentration, sense of purpose, endurance and courage.

Sagittarius Angels

The Sagittarius Angels
November 23 - December 21

Ruling angel: Principalities
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Angelic hour: Sachiel
Color: Purple
Favorable days: Thursday and Friday
Favorable numbers: 6, 7 and 9
Incense: Bergamot, nutmeg, rosemary, lemon balm
Birthstones: Citrene and Turquoise

Famous people guided by the angels of Principalities:
Walt Disney, Nostradamus, Mark Twain, Paul Getty, Ludwig van Beethoven, Dale Carnegie, Gustave Eiffel, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchchill, Claude Levi-Strauss, Joe DiMaggio, Steven Spielberg, Tina Turner, Jonathan Swift, Rudy Tomjanovich, Jimi Hendrix, Bette Midler, Woody Allen, Maria Callas, Tracy Austin, Edwin Meese III, Sammy Davis Jr., Kim Basinger, Kirk Douglas, David Carradine, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Eli Whitney, John Milton, Gustave Flaubert, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Lee Remick, Liv Ullmann, Jane Austen, Jane Fonda, Edith Piaf, Jean Racine, Bob Hayes, Willy Brandt, Willard Libby, Ty Cobb

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

Guided by the angels of Principalities, he has great interest for his community and world affairs. He loves outdoor life and he is more of a public man. He is very optimistic, friendly, frank, affectionate but wants freedom and hates to be nagged. In choosing his partner in life, he is more idealistic than passionate. He is not of the jealous type. He has hasty and adventurous passion. He usually looks for another woman when he thinks he gotthe wrong partner. Hence, it is very important that his wife should be broad minded and should not be of the jealous type. His choice of profession is purely based monetary standpoint. He usually succeeds in business.

He needs his guardian angel for guidance on being stubborn and boastful.

Influenced by the angels of Principalities, she is very independent and can live alone. She is frank, friendly and somewhat outspoken. She is a lover of sports and outdoor life, such as camping, fishing, hunting, etc. She is intelligent and has interest in her husband's business. She is an excellent adviser.
As a wife, She is not of the jealous type and does not nag. She is very fond of sex and want her partner to be responsive.As a mother she is sympathetic and magnificent. She want her children to be neat all the time.

She needs her guardian angel for guidance on being flirtatious and impulsiveness.

Supported by the angel of Principalities, they are cheerful, playful, well-behaved and optimistic. It is in their nature to do what is right. They are kind, lovely, ambitious, frank, friendly, unselfish and not deceitful. This children are of the curious type.
Influenced by their angel, they love to study and enjoy to be leaders. They have great fondness for animals and sports. Some may have interest in religion, but may question some of the doctrines.

These children needs their guardian angel for guidance on moodiness and changeability as to what they really want.

Your angel will help you excel in:
All works associated with sports and jobs that involved travel. Careers where public speaking is necessary, such as teacher, law, poet, businessman or businesswoman, financier, entertainer, photography, union leader, and politician.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Your Angels Gift:
The angels of Principalities are agile, active and will help you fulfill your ambitions and goals. Their gifts are, intelligence, physical and mental activity, concentration, fair judgment, constructive competition, arts and science.

Capricorn Angels

The Capricorn Angels
December 22 - January 20

Ruling angels: Principalities and Archangels
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Angelic hour: Cassiel
Color: Brown
Favorable days: Friday and Saturday
Favorable numbers: 3, 7 and 8
Herbs: Cypress, lilac, mimosa, myrrh
Birthstones: Blue Zircon and Garnet

Famous people guided by the angels of Principalities and Archangels
Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allan Poe, Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Nixon, Louis Chevrolet, Louis Pasteur, Louis Braille, Howard Hughes, Isaac Newton, Isaac Asimov, James Watt, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Aristotle Onassis, Albert Schweitzer, Isaac Pitman, Jacques Cartier, George Burns, George Foreman, Shirley Basset, Loreta Young, Lou Harris, Simon de Beauvior, George Balanchine, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Mary Tyler Moore, Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton, Konrad Adenauer, Jacob Grim, Don Shula Victoria Princpal, Henri Matisse, Marlene Dietrich, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Conrad Hilton, Helmut Scmidt, Ava Gardner, Cab Calloway, Jimmy Buffett, Mary Higgins Clark, Hawayo Takata, Horatio Alger, Jack London, Kristie Alley, Faye Dunaway, Martin Agronsky, Mario Van Peebles, Cary Grant, Federico Fellini, Anton Chekov, Dolly Parton

Inspiration from your Guardian Angel

Inspired by the angel of Capricorn, he is ambitious, romantic, warm, passionate and friendly. He loves to be complimented, such as that he is good, intelligent, interesting, fiendly etc. Marriage serves as an inspiration. He wants to marry one who is a good housekeeper. As a rule he seldom marries in haste, but once married his affection is stable and real. Although he is demanding, he is a good provider. He is very responsible as parent. His passions are strong. With his guardian angel by his side, he will be one of the most ideal and agreeable person. As a rule he is a self made man.

He needs his guardian angel for guidance on negative thinking and being arrogant. sometimes.

Encourage by her guardian angel, she is affectionate and loving. She is intuitive, sensitive, capable, ambitious, faithful and spiritual. She has a graceful manner and is somewhat conservative. She may be flirtatious or can be cool and quiet sometimes. She expects her husband to love her parents and relatives, and she will do the same for him.

As a wife, she will give encouragement to her husband in order to succed. Her affection is devoted and lasting. There is a necessity of foreplay before actual sex in order for her to be more responsive

As a mother, she will be clean and orderly at home. She will discipline her children to be respectful.

She needs her guardian angel for guidance on being a fault finder and pessimism.

Sustained by their guardian angels they have strong will power. They have an inherent liking for learning. They are polite, great readers and ambitious. They are obedient and studious. They are good organizers and leaders but hate to be followers. Their head rules their emotins. They have good disposition early in life. They appreciate arts, such as, music, painting, singing, dancing, etc.

Their guardian angels should be called for guidance over being not attentive and to become more sociable.

Your angel will help you excel in:
Business, stocks, antique dealer, scientist, teacher, doctor of medicine and allied professions, teacher, lawyer, engineer, law enforcer, philosophy, politics, mining, farmer and administrator.

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo

Your angels Gift:
The angels of Principalities and Archangels are very intelligent and obedient. Their gifts are ambition, success, concentration, determination, conservatism, perseverance and fame.

Aquarius, Pisces and Aries Angels

The Aquarius,Pisces and Aries Angels
Jan 20 - April 19

Ruling angels: Seraphim
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Angelic hour: Camael
Color: Bright Blue
Favorable days: Tuesday and Thursday
Favorable numbers: 6, 7 and 9
Incense: Frankincense, ginger, pine, black pepper
Birthstones: Garnet and Amethyst

Famous people guided by the angels of Seraphim

Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Paloma Picasso, Charlie Chaplin, Joseph Pulitzer, Elton John, George Benson, Joan Crawford, Charles Hughes, Steve McQueen, Timothy Dalton, Mosses Malone, Anthony Van Dyck, Arturo Toscanini, Sandra Day O'Connor, Francisco Goya, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, Tennessee Williams, Cyrus Vance, John Tyler, Hans Christian Andersen, Rene Discartes, Alec Guinness, Eddie Murphy, Debbie Reynolds, Donald Sutton, Jane Goodall, Marvin Gaye, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Francis Ford Coppola, Harry Houdini, Spencer Tracy, Jacques Brel, Bette Davis, Paul Robeson, Billie Holiday, Colin Powell, Herbert von Karajan, Ellen Goodman, Omar Sharif, Samuel Beckett, Loreta Lynn, Pete Rose, Claudia Cardinale, Jessica Lange, George Cadbury.

Inspiration from your Guardian angel

He is proud, kind looking with good personality. He is very possessive and he is of the jealous type. If an Aries man is courting you, you have to play hard-to-get because he wants challenge; however, if too long, he might get tired for he is very impatient. He will never fall in love with one whom he does not really love.
He needs his guardian angel for guidance on being boastful and dominant.

She is very ideal for she is ambitious. She is an excellent wife for an ambitious man. She has a brilliant mind, is witty and a good conversationalist. She i very active in love and is socially minded. An Aries woman is generous, extravagant, efficient, smart, usually good looking but but boastful. Aries woman rarely love two man at the same time.
She needs her guardian angel for guidance on being impatient and too self centered..

"Seraphim" children are the most prematurely brilliant. They are courageous, aggresive and pioneering. Influenced by the angel of Aries, they exhibit several talents which should be developed early in life. They are very affectionate but their temper may be unreasonable. However, such anger easily cools off.
Angels of Aries are very helpful on developing inborn talents of children.

Your angel will help you excel on being a:
Psychologist, doctor of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, dentist, nurse
executive jobs, appraiser, broker, researcher, union leader, journalist, publisher, teacher, movie artist, military, navy, police, fireman

You are compatible with the angels of:
Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Taurus and Sagittarius

Your angels Gift:
Seraphim are the most closest to God, and are sometimes hard to invoke. They go where others angels dare not go. Their gifts are enthusiasm, leadership, courage, energy, new ventures, enterprising, and love of freedom.


Chinese 5 Elements and Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the important human needs. Today, I will reveal to you how you can use astrology to determine if your sex life is satisfactory, and whether you are cut out for one night stands(if you are interested only

  in one night stands). This method has an accuracy rate of 88%.By the end of this article, you should be able to easily determine the above.

There are a few things we need to look at here. Firstly, you need to know the 4 sex stars and the elements they represent. Secondly, you need to know basing on your Chinese zodiac sign, which is your sex star. Thirdly, you need to know whether your sex star represents your favorable element. If your sex star represents your favorable element, it means that you have a great sex life, or that you are cut out for one night stands.

If your sex star represents your favorable element, it doesn't matter how many one night stands you go for, you are unlikely to get into any sex scandals. On the other hand, if your sex star represents your unfavorable element, you run a big risk of getting into a sex scandal. So be very cautious before going for one night stands.

Let me move on to the sex stars of the 12 different zodiac signs first.

For the signs of Rat, Dragon and Monkey, the sex star is Rooster.
For the signs of Ox, Snake and Rooster, the sex star is Horse.
For the signs of Tiger, Horse and Dog, the sex star is Rabbit.
For the signs of Rabbit, Sheep and Pig, the sex star is Rat.

Next, you need to know the elements each of these sex stars represent.

Rooster represents Metal.
Horse represents Fire.
Rabbit represents Wood.
Rat represents Water.

Step 3, you need to determine your favorable element. Don't worry if you know nothing about Chinese 8 characters. I will help you determine your favorable element below. You just need to know which season you are born in basing on your birth date. You need to know which element each season represents, then determine which element is favorable to you. Sounds confusing?Don't worry, I will guide you through.

I will list out everything for you below.
f you are born in Spring (Wood), from 4th February to 5th May, your favorable element is Metal.
If you are born in Summer (Fire), from 6th May to 7th August, your favorable element is Water.

If you are born in Autumn (Metal), from 8th August to 7th November, your favorable element is Wood.
If you are born in Winter (Water), from 8th November to 3rd February of the following year, your favorable element is Fire.

Combining all the information above, those who are cut out for one night stands and have satisfactory sex lives are as follows:

If your zodiac sign is Rat, Dragon or Monkey and you are born in Spring or Summer.
If your zodiac sign is Ox, Snake or Rooster and you are born in Winter or Autumn.
If your zodiac sign is Tiger, Horse or Dog and you are born in Autumn or Winter.
If your zodiac sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig and you are born in Summer or Spring.

On the other hand, those who should avoid one night stands are as follows:

If your zodiac sign is Rat, Dragon or Monkey and you are born in Autumn or Winter.
If your zodiac sign is Ox, Snake or Rooster and you are born in Summer or Spring.
If your zodiac sign is Tiger, Horse or Dog and you are born in Spring or Summer.
If your zodiac sign is Rabbit, Sheep or Pig and you are born in Winter or Autumn.

If you fall under the above category, be very careful with one night stands. There is a high risk of getting into a sex scandal or contacting sexual diseases. Note that there are 2 seasons for each group of zodiac signs. The first season is of higher precedence.

The Metal Rooster month starts on the 7th September and ends on 8th October. Those born under the signs of Rat, Dragon and Monkey who are born Spring or Summer will have a great time if they are looking for one night stands.

Aries-Friendship Compatibility

Nurturing healthy and productive friendships requires not only going out and meeting new people, but more importantly, the ability to influence the other person and encourage common interests – and this comes naturally to you Ariens. You will take them to your favourite movies and sports events, show them your favourite TV shows, books and magazines, and actually stir up their interest in them even if they hardly any to start with. Energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and they are exactly what you pass on to your mates.

But there is this small problem in such matters, Aries naturally happen to be selfish (this is not always such a negative thing, let me remind you). So, when the other guy or girl makes a plan, Aries might always find something more interesting or more fun to go to. So you will definitely be tempted to cancel the previous commitment. As is the norm in such cases, you will come up with the prettiest excuses (I am sure of that) and given your forceful and vigorous nature, the other person will definitely accept it. But your friend will be hurt nonetheless, and when the same thing happens again and again, he/she will start seeing through the charm and shine.

All this is being said, not to point out your blemishes, but to encourage you to introduce all the warmth and charm in your friendships, but in the right way. Sometimes, being a good friend means being patient, irrespective of how wrong you might think your friend is. And the truth is that some day your friend will be grateful to you for that. Some might need a helping hand, while some might just need a shoulder to cry on. Whatever the case, they will not ask for something you can’t give them. When you will be in the dumps and need them, they will always be there for you. So this is a way of returning their favor before they actually do you one. After all, is this not what friendship is all about?

Taurus-Friendship Compatibility

In friendship, Taurus are consistent and reliable. You will do your best for a friend in need, and be there for him through thick and thin. You are also honest, which means that if you are swamped at the moment and can’t help someone, you will tell him so and still make earnest suggestions that could help him. You are not one to go for new friends; you’d prefer an old and time-tested friend on any day. And that’s simply because you yourself are like that. So you are a little slow at making friends, and never rush it. But this can also be viewed as reluctance.

However, the real problem with such an approach is that when you go to a new place, and come in contact with new people, it will be long before you can form a rapport and start feeling comfortable. It’s not that you don’t like new people – it’s just that you can’t just throw your trust without making sure.
So you will definitely observe that you are slower than people you come into contact with. But you won’t really accept this fully until you have enough bitter experiences in life to make you feel that accepting it will only help you adjust better with life as it comes to you.

For some people, it might not be so important to share common interests with your friends, but for you, this is not acceptable at all. You have certain subjects and activities that fascinated since you were a kid, and you need to have at least one of those interests in common with your friends. This is probably what makes you so choosy.

Your greatest strength in friendships is your readiness to help those in need. On a certain occasion, you might give a friend a shoulder to cry on, and on some other, you might do daily outdoor chores for a friend who is in great stress.

Gemini-Friendship Compatibility

Gemini definitely have the most diverse group of friends of all the sun signs. Gemini make friends from all age groups, all places and cultures, and all walks of life. You need the variety so that you can be able to be with the right kind of people according to the mood. You are a natural sceptic, but still you take people for what they are; which means you generally see people in good light. As a result, it is not very hard to call someone your friend. Your doors are always open – it’s not really hard for you to make a friend; neither is it hard for the other person to be called your friend and have your confidence. But, as is the problem with such groups, there is hardly one who can be depended on and called for help when you need it.

You are enthusiastic about your hobbies and almost anything you do, and this spreads on to your circle of friends. This in turn encourages you to pursue your endeavors more vigorously. This is exactly what empowers you to relentless make efforts on projects and see deals through to their completion. Having intelligent and informed peers in that group helps you a lot. How? You normally like to make sweeping statements to entertain your audience, but a smart person with a good presence of mind can question you and pose a challange for you. You will not get away that easily with those thought-provoking comments now because someone is really provoked. Thus, your skills and quality of conversation will improve greatly.

You will enjoy the company of the young and youthful more, as they share your vigor and enthusiasm, and radical outlook. However, you do not mind an interesting conversation even if it comes from the older friends of yours. You will need to do a little rethinking once in a while about the extent to which you can give liberty to these friends of yours.

Cancer-Friendship Compatibility

Cancerians make very good friends. They sure as hell don’t make a lot of friends – most potential candidates are fended of because of a faux pas they commit at some point. But the few chosen ones form a part of the inner circle and make for a very firm and deeply meaningful friendship.

If you are a young Cancerian, you would be very willing to take your friends home and introduce them to your family, and if you are a parent, then you might want your children to bring their friends home and familiarize them to the family. This shows a strong family circle and also the fact that Cancerians do not quite differentiate friends from family. This is because they do not rush into friendships. They take some time with the other person, see if you make a good rapport with him/her, and only then allow him/her into their circle. This comes naturally to them.

The risky part here is that if the friend here is a little younger than the Cancerian, that the latter may start to behave like a parent – he/she might start acting in a very protective fashion, and treating him/her as a child. Since the friend is just a little younger than you and a friend, by definition, he/she will resent it. But the Cancerian can’t help it – it comes naturally to you.

You can’t just sit down and see a younger friend make the same mistakes that you did a few years ago and suffer in the same fashion. He/she will just have to curb his/her natural tendencies.

However, Cancerians have the ability and the habit of turning a close group of friends into a kind of family. They are also very good at patching things up with their friends, or even between two friends. People will love them for that and remember them for ever.

Leo-Friendship Compatibility

Leos have a very wide circle of acquaintances and friends and mutual friends. But most of them are just part of their circle of influence, they will deal with them only if a need arises on either side, and even though they are helpful and dependable and all that, they do not take these as their ‘friends’. That takes a lot of time – they form a rapport first, find out the likes and dislikes and more importantly the character of the other person, and only then decide if the other person is right for them. And once they have given him/her that status, the friendship is for a lifetime. They will stop at very little in making sure that friend of theirs is not in any kind of distress.

Even if they have lost touch with their friend for a long time, they do not find it difficult to resume from where they left it. This is because friendship means too much to them. They would themselves not want someone to call them a friend just after a brief acquaintance. They of course like meeting new people, making contacts, enjoying their company and being of use to them whenever need by. But the title of ‘friend’ is too sanctimonious for them to be conferred to too many people.

Once they make a friend, they wanna do a lot for them. For example, if the friend has some talent that he/she wants to show or some project that he/she wants to work on, there can be no one better than the Leo at encouraging and helping out the other person in his/her endeavors. When they become adults, Leos show their generosity by giving away generous presents to their friends children, and taking them to fancy restaurants for dinner. Now, such things may turn on their head and the friends may start thinking that our guy is splashing money at them. Thus, there is always a fine line that should never be crossed. Too bad for the Leo because there is no joy for him/her greater than that of knowing that others derive pleasure from things that he/she gifted them with his/her hard earned money. That is the way of the world, the misers can’t keep everything in and the generous can’t give everything out.