Monday, January 10, 2011

Libra- Love and Romance

Libra Lovers Information
For the Libran falling in love comes naturally, as their fundamental instinct is to have a happy and enduring relationship. To the Libran life without love makes it hard for them to operate, they long for the feeling of being loved.

At times the Libran may become confused thinking that they have found love, when in turn it may only be infatuation. Some Librans prefer to endure a bad and unfulfilling relationship rather than setting out on their own, as they are not good loners.
Libra And Heartbreak

With the Librans’ romantic ideals they may set themselves up with excessive mental indulgences which in turn may fall to the way-side. The Libran person must learn to heed their intuition and to guard themselves against impulsiveness in their romantic endeavors.

Librans are known charmers, they crave admiration and flattery and have an intense desire for things such as love, sympathy and understanding. They may be considered by their partners to be very hard to satisfy. Librans will often use their charm to gain help, favors and whatever else is in it for them. This will often cause problems in a serious relationship where as the flirtation be the Libran may not be appreciated by their partner.
LIBRA goes with Aquarius, Scorpio, Pisces and Leo (most compatible is Aquarius)

Best Match For Libra Is Aquarius
These two signs are most suitable in terms of marriage. Both have perfect affinities with their mutual love of society, beauty, and people. The only caution would be that the Aquarius’ mate at times for no reason may seek seclusion and shut the door to any communication. The Libran must allow Aquarius to relish in their seclusion, afterwards all is well if Libra does not insist on any explanation.

Worst Match For Libra Is Virgo

This affair most likely will not blend well. At first while sex and curiosity are stimulated, all appears well. But, when both signs come down to earth there is a slim chance the relationship will go on with any happiness when both find the others basic qualities are still in tact.

The one thing a Libran does not like is criticism. And the Virgoan loves to dish it out. Not to mention the clash between the two when it comes to perfection, where Virgo insists on it and the Libran hates detail. Conflicts in this combination are many, but if both try hard and work to understand the others pet peeves, they can find mutual grounds of respect for one another.

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