Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ARIES/TAURUS-Cusp April 14 to April 23


Those who draw their first breath when one sign is giving place to another are said to belong on the Cusp, and so partake of the characteristics of both signs. This may be an advantage or a disadvantage, according to the harmony or in harmony of the signs. Six days in a sign is said to constitute a residence, but anything less than this time endows one with some of the qualities of the preceding sign.

The ancients gave the cusp children liberty to select their own colors and jewels from the two signs, and considered them related to the planets of both. Any other cusp information can easily be gleaned by the study of the two signs.

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Aries/Taurus Cusp - April 14 to April 23

People born under this cusp, the Aries/Taurus person is of two conflicting elements, in this case it is fire and earth. These people will show the fiery forwardness and willfulness of Aries but also the practicality, endurance, and nurturing of Taurus.

If not checked at an early age their dominant personalities can become problems and even create enemies for them as they grow older. These people do not like being told what to do will seldom respond positively to being forced to submit to the will or give over their control to another.

People of this cusp need to learn the ability to lay back and allow things to happen as they will rather than attempt to force their own determinations forward. This will allow them to take advantage of their inept skill at strategy in thought and in action.

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