Friday, January 7, 2011

You and Leo Man

He falls in love readily, then finds it hard to sustain the emotion. For him, falling out of love is as simple as falling out of bed.Don't make the mistake of thinking Leo man is casual about love. He isn't; in fact, he sees love in practically mythical terms. To him, a love affair is never minor or mild or murky. It is high drama; it is a grand passion. No one else in the zodiac can more easily make you believe that you and he are the first, original, quintessential lovers in the world. The woman who wins his favor moves instantly to center stage. The spotlight is on her, she radiates in the bright circle of his admiration. It's a heady experience to have a Leo lover. Then suddenly the lights are turned off, the curtain falls, the play is over-and she doesn't know why. And he won't explain. Most likely, it's because Leo was in love with a mythical creature of his imagina tion-a beautiful adoring princess completely ful filled by him. When the real woman supersedes the myth, Leo gets on his white horse and rides off. Leo man likes a woman to cater to his every whim. Yet he would be surprised to hear himself described as demanding. He doesn't see himself that way at all. He thinks he is openhearted, trust ing, asking nothing but what he is entitled to. If told that he sometimes asks too much of those close to him, he simply wouldn't understand how. After all, why should anyone refuse him? In pleas ing him, they please themselves. A true democrat, he believes everyone is equal-equally ready to serve him.If this sounds like an overweeningly self-assured type riding for a fall, look a bit closer. Underneath Leo's surface majesty is a sensitive, vulnerable man who needs reassurance-and praise. Praise is as necessary to him as food and drink.In sexual relationships he won't voyage beyond the farthest limits of the known to find a new continent of sensuality. He's a cautious navigator who sticks close to charted waters. On the other hand, a woman will never end up with a sunken wreck.. If you rub his mane the right way, Leo the Lion is a marvelously affectionate, cheerful companion. He is kind, strong, generous, something of a spend thrift but usually successful in business. A woman who gets this flamboyant, magnetic overachiever with the sunny disposition has only one problem. Somehow she has to teach him that the sole object of his adulation does not have to be himself.

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