Monday, January 10, 2011

Scorpio- Love and Romance

SCORPIO goes with Taurus, Cancer, and Libra (most compatible is Taurus)

Best Match For Scorpio Is Taurus

These two signs have much in common and are a compatible combination . If both signs are willing to compromise when it comes to their possessiveness and jealousy that exist in each other, they can then move forward mentally, physically and emotionally to find one of the most fulfilling relationships imaginable.

Worst Match For Scorpio Is Aries

Unless hurricanes and turmoil are enjoyed, this combination is not advisable. Both signs ruled by Mars aggressively seek power in this relationship, and being room for only one king of the household, this relationship is out of order. The only reason these signs show any compatibility is in their sexual viewpoint. So unless one is willing to step down and let the other rule, this match is not advisable.
Scorpio Lovers Information

Scorpios make wonderful partners, they are filled with intensity and passion. Love affairs are taken very seriously often causing jealousy. Their secrecy however, can make confronting problems in their romantic relationship very difficult for them.

The Scorpion person is introverted and intense. They may be cool on the surface, but underneath they are passionately intense when it comes to their emotions.

When love is grand they are very loyal and devoted mates. But they are renown for the sting in their tails when things go wrong romantically for them.

Scorpio And Heartbreaks
When deeply involved in a relationship Scorpios will show how really passionate they can be. When they fall for someone, it is with hook, line and sinker. That’s when they show just how truly passionate they can be.

When relationships begin they are convinced that this is the one they have dreamed about as being the “perfect” one, and they will invest all their energies into the relationship.

Scorpios however, are very jealous and will sometimes work themselves up into a state of jealousy of they imagine their mate is being unfaithful. This is when Scorpios violent temper will emerge, and often with bad results.

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