Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Attract Cancer Man

Women who want to attract a Cancer man need to know that he is very sensitive. You also need to know that a Cancer male can be very shy and introverted to begin with. When he is in his comfort zone he likes to express his feelings and emotions. Therefore it is a good sign when he decides to open up to you and confide in you.
Underneath his shell he is full of passion and extremely romantic so it can be really rewarding if you are able to attract him and let him show you what is under his shell.
To really attract a Cancer male you need to be very understanding and always be prepared to listen to him and let him express himself freely. The Cancer guy is interested is deep and meaningful relationships. Being able to connect with someone on different levels is very important to him. You need to be prepared to be fully immersed in a relationship with a Cancer man and give everything you have.
The Cancer man will look for a relationship full of passion and excitement. So you should be creative in thinking of new and exciting ways of spicing things up in a relationship. The good thing about being in a relationship with a Cancer man is that there will be different levels to a relationship. He will be willing to listen to you and offer support for your needs. The Cancer male is not just about taking but also giving.

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