Monday, January 10, 2011

Gemini- Love and Romance

 Geminis’s are social extroverts, they are talented and very charming people. They have inquiring minds with the ability to be very clever. They are very caring and tend to be generous in temperament. They have a very strong appeal for mental compatibility and both male and female Gemini’s shine bright in the social arena.

Having a seemingly flirtatious nature, they also possess a very strong and enduring bond with their partners. They simply enjoy the game of life. Socializing and being charming are very pleasing to them and they enjoy their role of being the innocent flirt.

Gemini’s and Heartbreak

Gemini’s with their duel personalities and mood changes from moment dislike the feeling of being tied down. They are lively, spur of the moment romantics. Most often faithfulness is not considered one of their best virtues. They have a flighty spirit and their partners may find them unreliable at times as most are flirtatious and incorrigible. However, when the right match is found they are a faithful, caring and understanding partner.

Best Match For Gemini is Libra
These tow signs have much in common with a twinge of contrast to make the relationship spark. They make an ideal partnership with both favoring slight changes of interests on occasion.

This combination presents Libra as the judge and Gemini the approachable jury in respect to the marriage. With both being intellectual and artistically inclined, they understand one another well, especially when it
comes to the Libra, understanding both sides of the Gemini mate’s nature.

Worst Match For Gemini Is Virgo
These are not the two signs made in zodiac heaven. Gemini is too calculating and logical, whilAe the Virgo mate is critical and demanding. Virgo will find themselves at constant odds with their Gemini’s trait of the never ending desire for change.

But do not despair most often there is a mutual desire to want the same things in life, such as friends, family and associates who engage them in their intellectual and artistic pursuits.

GEMINI goes with Libra, Aquarius, Leo and Gemini. (best match is Libra)

When You''re Tired of Just Dating
Best Match For Gemini Is Libra
This is a great combination. It may sound somewhat confusing considering that there will be four of you around (lol), but you can really understand each other. The synastry is there, it is a perfect match.

Worst Match For Gemini is Virgo
You are too active for this one. The Virgo will want to stay home and cling, so to speak, while you want to go out roam, do things. Forget it! Your energy level is too much higher then the Virgo, and this will in most cases be too much to overcome.

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