Friday, January 7, 2011

How to attract a Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are impulsive, optimistic and positive and if you want to attract one you will need to have these traits in your approach to shoot Eros' arrow into the heart of the archer.
How to attract a Sagittarius man
1 To attract a Sagittarius man work on becoming his friend first before moving onto a romantic relationship with him. Coming on too strong, too quickly will make them run a mile. Keep it light, fun and exciting and he'll soon be interested in you.
2 Wear something in the colour orange to attract a Sagittarius man. The colour orange is an active and very social colour and is attracting to a Sagittarius man. And as Sagittarius males are both sporty and active and like to be sociable this colour suits their personality. Also wear perfumes containing Neroli, (orange blossom) and any citrus based fragrance to attract a him. He'll find it irresistible.
3 Sagittarius men are very optimistic and positive people and love life. You'll need to share with them a positive outlook on life if you are to have a successful relationship together. They see the good in everything and everyone and cannot abide behind the back cattiness. So hold your tongue if you do not like someone from their wide circle of friends. They will dump you rather than the friend you were unkind about.
4 Sagittarius men are renowned for the outspoken, honest, sometimes blunt way of speaking. So you mustn't be over oversensitive to put up with their brutal frankness.
5 If you can arrange a surprise outing or date that involves travel or an activity in the great outdoors your Sagittarius man will love it. They are well known for their impulsive and spontaneous personalities and will be excited that you've planned such an exciting event for them.
6 Freedom and independence are values that Sagittarius men hold as sacrosanct. Try to keep them chained at your side, or nag and moan about how much time they spend away from you and you'll find yourself without your Sagittarius man. Don't chain them constrain them or restrain them!
7 An attraction Spell, either cast by you or by a professional Spell caster or Witch will help to attract a Sagittarius man. If it is written in the stars that your destiny is to be with him, then you might try to help destiny along a little. Real Magic uses mysterious, subtle yet tried and tested methods to attract a lover. And even if you are a little skeptical, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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