Friday, January 7, 2011

How to attract Scorpio Man

Get ready for a wild ride if you want to attract a Scorpio man. You won't find a more impulsive, reactive, excitable partner than a Scorpio, and he will run you ragged as he gallivants through the world on his quest for new experiences. You may feel like you're riding the world's fastest train when you go out with this speed racer.
The Scorpio man likes an exciting, vivacious partner who can keep him interested. Be ready to be analyzed, interrogated, and held up to the light. He needs to investigate everything. This is a by-product of his hunter nature, and he will not be deterred from finding out everything he can about you before making up his mind.
You have to be ready to show your passionate side freely. He is suspicious and disinterested in shy, introverted people and will move on quickly if he gets bored. This applies to everything he does, and his social calendar is usually very full. You will have to prove that you are an outgoing and adventurous soul if you want to keep the Scorpio man interested in you.
His lust for life can easily present itself as jealousy. This can be seen as slightly ironic, considering the fact that Scorpio males  are often guilty of "playing the field". It is their dominating, predatory nature that compels them to conquer new territories. If you want to keep the Scorpio man in line, you will have to gather all of your energy and guile to keep him coming back to your door

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