Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fear Of The Number-13

Since Biblical times, when Judas was the 13th person to arrive at the Last Supper, the number 13 has been associated with bad luck and with the occult. Judas was the 13th, and he betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
From these biblical origins, mistrust and fear of the number 13 has grown and evolved. “Unlucky” number 13 is still feared today. The depth of the phobia is fascinating and widespread. Known as Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of 13 continues to affect the very construction of society.
If you fear 13, you may be considered superstitious. True phobias can develop as the result of strong superstitions. But fearing the number 13 is so common, it is barely perceived as unusual. It is seemingly normal to mistrust a physical number, whenever it appears: yet mistrust and fear of a simple number is highly illogical.
In society, evidence of this phobia can be found almost anywhere . It can be shocking to contemplate the myriad ways society avoids the use of the number 13.
Here are some examples:
  1. Friday The 13th – The fear of 13 has Christian origins: so does the idea of Friday as an “unlucky” day of the week. Jesus was crucified on Friday. When Friday the 13th comes to pass, people may feel some sense of unease, as though bad luck is gathering. The horror film series, Friday the 13th, takes advantage of these feelings. In these films, a maniacal killer, Jason, seeks revenge though brutal killing sprees, on this “unlucky” day.
  2. The 13th Floor – A Rare Occurence in Any Building – Although any building with 13 floors or more always has a 13th floor, you would hardly know it. Modern construction and architecture resists the obvious, and avoids marking the 13th Floor. Because people feel less safe on the 13th Floor, the illusion that it does not exist is maintained in many hotels, apartment buildings, and even office complexes. 87 percent of Americans surveyed have reported some trepidation about staying on the 13th floor of hotels. For this reason, many developers continue to skip from 12 to 14 when labeling their floor plans for consumers.
  3. Sports - In the world of professional sports, many world-class athletes refuse to wear 13 on their jerseys or helmets. Some athletes, such as basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, scoffed at the superstition, and proudly wore 13 on their jerseys.
  4. The Occult – The occult religions have adopted the number 13 as a symbol of their rebellion against Christian value systems. Witches’ covens were often found to have 12 members, in honor of the occult symbol itself: the thirteenth “member” of the coven was believed to be the Devil.
  5. The Tarot - In a deck of Tarot cards, the Death card is the thirteenth card. The Death card represents great, sweeping transformation, and does not necessarily portend physical death. Nonetheless, it is not considered a “lucky” card by many people, and its placement among the other cards of the Tarot is no accident.
Not every culture embraces fear of the number 13. Triskaidekaphobia is less prevalent in Chinese culture, where the number 13 is considered lucky. The Chinese link “lucky” numbers with their pronunciation of the numbers themselves, and they also consider seven and eight to be lucky.
However, ancient Hebrews also feared and reviled the number thirteen, because, in the Hebrew alphabet, the thirteenth letter is M. M is also the first letter of the Hebrew word, Malvet. Malvet is the Hebrew word for “death”.
In today’s world, science and logic have their place. But old superstitions die hard, as they are tied in to centuries of history and spiritual faith.
Therefore, triskaidekaphobia remains a potent force in modern society.
Although many people no longer subscribe to the dark power of “13″, others still avoid and fear the number, just as their ancestors did.

The fear of number 13 is also referred to as:

  • fear of 13 phobia
  • unlucky 13 fear
  • fear of 13 phobia name
  • phobia of number 13

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

ScorpioVenus in Scorpio (aka “the love detective”) and Mars in Gemini (or “Peter Pan”) form an unlikely but doable romantic pairing. This couple has an uneasy bond that may never feel entirely comfortable, but it is nonetheless designed to help them both grow and learn about the lessons of love and intimacy.
Watery, dark and deep, Venus in Scorpio only reveals her secrets to those she trusts completely. Sex is the terrain that she navigates most easily in relationship, and in this area she excels. Her suspicious nature can be challenging, but her loyalty when she commits to a partner is do or die.
GeminiMars in Gemini has a way with words and uses this ability to charm and seduce those he wants. This mercurial Mars is a whirlwind of activity and motion, pursuing his mate with a fast-paced energy that can go in many different directions at once. In bed, Mars in Gemini has a creative mind and knows how to put his skillful hands to good use.
Venus in Scorpio, with her depths and need for complete emotional intimacy, can shudder (and not in a good way) when she encounters Mars in Gemini’s butterfly on steroids, his desire for constant mental stimulation and communication. In turn, Mars in Gemini may feel trapped by Venus in Scorpio’s desire for deep, emotional processing. He just wants to feel free, after all….
This couple finds a way to come together when Venus in Scorpio opens herself to learning how to move more freely through the tangle of her emotions. She can draw on Mars in Gemini’s airy energy as a resource which can help her learn to communicate more clearly about her feelings. Mars in Gemini emotionally matures by following Venus in Scorpio’s example.
As this couple learns to not only dance with each other’s differences but also benefit from them, they are able to alchemically transform both individually and also in their relationship with each other.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gratitude and accepting your Abundance

Gratitude and Prosperity are closely linked.

Our world is infinitely abundant and we all deserve our share of that abundance, all we have to do is be prepared to accept it. However, the reality is that at a subconscious level many of us simply do not believe that we deserve the prosperity that we seek. This often manifests from other underlying issues such as low self-esteem, fearfulness, guilt or any number of other negative beliefs. In order to achieve true prosperity, it is necessary to identify and release these underlying negative beliefs. Remember our external reality mirrors our internal beliefs, how wethink the world is for us becomes our reality. By changing your inner thinking you can change your external reality.

Prosperity means different things to different people, for some it is monetary and material things, for others it is spiritual and emotional issues. True prosperity comes from achieving balance in all aspects of our lives. Prosperity is having your innermost needs and desires met at all levels and being able to fully enjoy them. Prosperity is something you experience in your mind and thoughts, it is not an external state and it is therefore quite possible to experience prosperity at any level of income.

It is a fundamental law of the universe that what we focus on grows. If we continually think about what we lack, that is what will grow for us. To achieve real prosperity we must learn to focus on what we have. Showing gratitude for what we have is one of the most powerful techniques for achieving prosperity.
A great idea is to keep what is known as a �Gratitude Journal�. You could buy attractive journal with lined pages or buy a simple one and decorate it by pasting a montage of magazine cuttings of all your favourite things on the cover. I recommend keeping it by your bed, with your favourite pen and writing in it just before you go to bed.
All you have to do is simply write down 5 things you are grateful for that day. It could be as simple as a stranger giving you a wonderful smile, to the joy of

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to Get Your Ex Back (With Law of Attraction!)

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend Back: Quick Tips

Our purpose in life is often more that being happy and rich. We all are looking for a soul mate so we can share our experiences, feelings… having somebody sharing our destiny. How to get you ex girlfriend / boyfriend back is not really tough unless you really want to get back with your ex girlfriend / boyfriend. It all depends on how badly you want it.
You probably found already this so special person that makes you forget the time and everything around when you’re together, the one that you cannot breathe without… the one that resumes your own existence… You were so very happy and complete…then something suddenly happened and put you apart… another person interfered in this relationship and broke it up, either it was family, friends or somebody you don’t even know, or maybe it was just an event, some misunderstanding, lack of communication… whatever it is know you can all repair it and bring back happiness in your life.
When two people fall in love with each other, they open a connection to their souls – it’s an energy connection that remains forever between them never mind what happens.
If you want to get your ex back there’s something you need to know… You can bring this person back into your life and have a relationship with but this relationship will never be the same as the old one you had.
This is a reality. When you separate you start living new experiences, new feelings and that leaves definitely a print on your soul.  You will meet new people; you’ll have new information, a new way of seeing the world, your partner etc.  So it’s like this.
You will build a new relationship with that person – maybe stronger, maybe worse…
Now as you know already how the Law of Attraction is working, never forget that either you want it or not, it is working so it’s up to you to make it happen.
Quick Tips on How to get you ex girlfriend / boyfriend back:
  • Forgive – to you and to your ex for everything that happened.
You have to accept the present situation and admit that it is a fact you are no longer together. Never mind what the reason for the split was, you did the best you could at this specific moment. Forgiving the mistakes you made both. Forgiving the other person for having different dreams or plans, or points of view, maybe also forgiving for moving on without you and not responding on your expectations….
You and your ex acted the way you thought was the best way to act. So now you must just forgive.
  • Put all your wishes written down on a paper. Make a list of the things you want.
  • Make affirmations and visualization on the reality you want to create. You can decide of making affirmations for example every morning and evening for 5 minutes:
“ He/she and me are together in love”
“She/he are married”
“She/he loves me, we are soul mates”
After the affirmations you can visualize the picture you want your life to be.  Create your own movie and put it on every time you start having doubts or   simply after the affirmations. To learn How to get you ex girlfriend / boyfriend back affirmations is one of the proven methods.
  • Keep the faith that it is happening already and feel grateful for what you already have. Make a list of the things you’re grateful for the Universe and read it as much as you can until you really accept and understand how lucky you are already.
  • Focus on you and your happiness. You have to learn being happy with or without him/her, at a point that it doesn’t matter anymore if he returns or not. That’s what you have to work on in his/her absence.  You need to grow by yourself just like your ex needs the same – grow and treat his/her personal issues that have nothing to do with you and your relationship. He/ she has her/his own stuff to work on – scars from the past, issues with the family and the parents, new experiences maybe as well.
  • Let it go. Become detached of the outcome. This is the turning point in your actions. The work you did until that moment will manifest only when there’re “zero limits” or “zero resistance”. That means that with the visualizations and affirmations and the forgiveness you achieved a state where “you and your ex” are together, you don’t doubt, you just feel you are together. Being together became natural for you, there’re no more doubts, no more questioning if it will work or not. You know it, that’s all.
Let it go doesn’t mean that you stop working on your purpose; it’s just that you are happy no matter what.  You are responsible for your own healing and growing just like your ex is for his/hers.  You feel happy no matter what and those are the vibes you send to the Universe.
If you don’t let it go, if you don’t detach from the outcome, you are sending to the Universe vibes of “waiting” and you won’t ever send a vibration of “having”  so it will stay the way it is…
So now, as you already know what you need to do, just go ahead. Remember that while your ex is off, he/she is becoming a better version of himself/herself just as you do it so at the end of this process you will be both of you ready for a better relationship than ever.  Hope the quick tips will help on how to get you ex girlfriend / boyfriend back.
Wish you peace and love….

Monday, July 5, 2010

What does My Name Mean?

What does My Name Mean?

Names are our own unique vibration that we speak to the universe. It is what gives us our individuality, our ways of greeting each other. Each time our names are spoken, it sends out a vibration to the universe, and the sound travels, and forever floats out into the universe. I believe it is important to use our names with respect as it can send out a positive influence through to the infinite, and assist in making all of us more positive beings. There are two [2] different sections to this chapter, one is on our given name and the other is on our surnames, or ancestral names. Our given name gives us who we will be in our lives, our personality, our direction, and the influence of changes. Our last names represent our ancestors, our links to our past generations. In some cultures the ancestral name is never spoken, unless needed to contact the ancestors for assistance, or for information, on where we fit into the greater scheme of things.
Below is a conversion table that converts the letters of the alphabet into numbers. I have been using this code since I was a child, and it never ceases to amaze me how often I use it with my calculations in Numerology, but also in finding the inner meaning behind words.
It can be a curious thing to see how numbers can give us information on who we are. *Please Note: if a person uses an abbreviation of their name, or a nickname, then this is used instead of the given name, as it is the vibration they’re under each day.
Examples are:
Ann becomes, A[1]+N[5]+N[5]=11. Master Numbers remain the same, so Ann’s Name Vibration is eleven [11]
Freddie becomes, F[6]+R[9]+E[5]+D[4]+D[4]+I[9]+E[5]=42, 4+2=6. So Freddies, Name Vibration is six [6].
Azura become, A[1]+Z[8]+U[3]+ R[9]+A[1]=22. Azura is the Master Number of twenty-two [22] and remains the same.
John becomes, J[1]+O{6]+H[8]+N[5]=20, 2+0=2. So John’s Name Vibration is two [2]

Given Name Vibration

1. The Given Name Vibration of a one [1], is the one of individuality. You have a strong sense of independence, and have the ability to work out what is best for you. You like to create your own space, and like time to meditate, when sorting through your concerns. Your creative side shines best, when you are doing things that interest you. Your leadership skills at time, may give others the impression of aggression or dominance, yet when people get to know you, they realize that you really are just a “pussycat”. At times you may get carried away with what you are doing, which may lead to confusion, but once you settle down, you are able to sort out what needs to be done.
Originality, beginnings, creativity, inner-awareness, independent, fast moving, honour, leadership, the boss, pioneer.
2. The Given Name Vibration of two[2], is one of partnerships and communication. You are a natural diplomat, and have the ability of assisting others, to sort concerns that maybe troubling them. You are instinctively attracted to others, and seem to be able to look Leep within a person to see what they are really made of. You can adapt well to whatever curves life throws you, and accept the full consequences of your actions. Your relationship with your partner can be a very rewarding one, with one of love and devotion, but be aware that your individuality can suffer, if you are not assisting others with the special gifts you have been given.
Diplomat, adaptable, gentle, understanding, caring, sharing, tactful, following, searching, compromise, harmony.
3. The Given Name Vibration of three [3], is that of self-expression. You socialize well with people, and don’t mind being in the public eye. Yet with all your bravado, you can at times be shy, when talking with just a few people around you. There can be two [2] sides of your nature that are completely different from the other. It is like joining a recluse with a person in the public eye. Yet it takes both sides to be the creator of your own destiny, and you do have a creative way about you. You like to surround yourself with beauty, and have an excellent eye for quality. Your enthusiastic nature encourages people to be open with you, and you can be trusted to hold the secrets that are related to you.
Charisma, reclusive, social able, friendly, diversity, manifestation, creative, effervescence, dramatic, individual.
4. The Given Name Vibration of four [4], is one of creating balance in all aspects of your life. You like your home and work life to run smoothly. You are extremely good at finding solution to any concerns that may arise, whether personally or professionally. These are usually sorted out through working out the “pros and cons” of any given situation. Your levelheadedness is truly worth exploring, for you have the ability to see all sides of every story and make no judgment, which makes you a valuable friend or partner.
Foundations, structure, balance, justice, engulfing, calmness, gentleness, friendships, enduring,
5. The Given Name Vibration of five [5]. Freedom is of major importance to you. You are a free thinker, and may at times have an unorthodox way of doing things. You are well aware of the intuitive side of your nature, and are willing to make the changes in your life, that are necessary for your personal growth. You are a knowledgeable person and you can carry a conversation on many different levels. As a Leep thinker you at times may go a little too Leep, when sorting out your concerns, and it is important to you to be free from the restraints of the past.
Resourceful, freedom, adaptable, versatile, speculation, travel, change, carefree, unconventional, free-thinker, intellect.
6. The Given Name Vibration of six [6]. Responsibility to family and community is one of commitment. You can socialize well with people, but cannot tolerate injustice to another person. You have compassion and understanding for others, and people are drawn to you for that very reason. You are gentle and affectionate. You may also be fascinated with the artistic sides of life, and this is an area where you can excel. Harmony and peace is important to you, especially when it comes to your family. You do your utmost best, to create an environment that emphases this, and may find that you are respected and loved by those around you.
Love, family, commitment, compassion, affectionate, community, gentle domestic, sympathetic, artistic, environment.
7. The Given Name Vibration of seven [7]You may have a quiet and reserved nature, and excel at whatever you do, especially in the fields of learning and teaching. You have an inner depth that may seek to discover the answers to the question of why we are here and what is the purpose of existence. You can at times, be so absorbed in what you are doing that you may forget that there is also a physical side to your nature. A solitude life attracts you, especially if there has been some turmoil in your life.
Existence, discovery, teaching, learning, quest of knowledge, peaceful, physical, health, solitude, tranquility.
8. The Given Name Vibration of eight [8]. You have an the energy about you that gets people’s attention. The problem is at times is that you don’t see yourself as others see you. Doubt can be your worst enemy, but when you gain control of this there is nothing that you put your mind to that you cannot do. You have a way of creating wealth in your life, through your creative and original ways. You usually understand what people want, and can put your talents to use, by pleasing them with your wit and charm. There is a Leeper side to you that most people, except for those closest to you, never get to see.
Energy, creativity, original, understanding, Leep finances, calculating, charisma, doubt, wealth, pleasant.
9. The Given Name Vibration of nine [9]Your patience and observance of life makes you a person of wisdom and understanding. You don’t like to make judgments and see both sides of every story. You assist people to find solutions to their own problems, and they appreciate you for not interfering with their ways. You accept and respect people for who they are, and can see their inner-beauty. The ascetic side of life attracts you, for you see the true colours within any beautiful objects or persons.
Non-judgment, caring wisdom, appreciation, objectivity, ascetic, crystal-clear, acceptance, tri-colours.
11. The Given Name Vibration of eleven [11]. This master number gives you the ability of the teacher. You have the perseverance to carry out any task, that is required of you. In the fields where your creative side is allowed to develop, your talent in choosing unusual subjects, can bring you acclaim from your peers. Your individuality shines when you are creating something new, and your dedication can at times, can lead you to forget about your health, as you are too engrossed in what you are doing. You may also have skills in marketing, which comes in handy especially if you are using it with your creative skills.
talent, trade, individual, determined, ego, dedication, teacher, learner, original, choice, engrossed, health.
22. The Given Name Vibration of twenty-two [22]. Far away places may attract you. There can an exciting life awaiting your vibration, if you are willing to take a chance on life. This vibration either travels physically, or through the mind. It is the number for searching and seeking, and you may like to pick-up a companion along the way to share your care-freeness and love for adventure.
Carefree, travel, wonders, inquiring, searching, adventure, reality, illusion, willingness, sharing, companions.
33. The Given Name Vibration of thirty-three[33]. This is the strongest number for humanitarian pursuit, whether it be animal or human. You have a love for nature and all its creations, and it offends you greatly if people do not respect this planet. You may find yourself a determined person when it comes to others not respecting their environment, as you will remind them of how important it is to our survival as human beings.
World Changer, harmony, animals, nature, awareness, environment, respect, survival, universal love, pursuits.
44. The Given Name Vibration of forty-four [44], has its challenges in life. Your Leep thinking, can at times take you through some Leep and inner-jouneys. You want to know what life is all about, and are willing to search high and low until you find the ‘meaning of life’. You have a wealth of knowledge to share with those around you, and they maybe surprised at how much knowledge you have on any given subject. This does not mean you are a ‘know it all’, because you really do know.
Knowing, depth, intellect, sharing knowledge, inner-journeys, matter, books, glass, sanity, purpose, enjoyment.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dating Karma!

Create great dating karma

In the world of romance, what goes around, comes around. Here’s how to harness that to boost your love luck.

Ever wonder if it really matters when you break a date by telling a not-so-little white lie? Or whether it’s all that bad to bash your ex—or secretly date more than one person? Let’s take a closer look, and begin by considering what’s on your dating conscience. Even if no one else knows the truth, you do—and so does your karma.

Karma is a spiritual principle that is like Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if you’re good, honest, kind and true, you probably have great dating karma and nothing to complain about. But if you’re like many of us, you could do better in the dating behavior department—and your actions may be beckoning a bad boomerang response.

As an astro-coach and the author of 12 books, I’ve found there are ways to create great dating karma and avoid the bad stuff. Specifically, follow these five rules to make sure that, when it comes to your romantic life, what goes around comes around... and that it’s all good stuff. The universe brings together people who belong together, says Julie Winter, a New York-based spiritual teacher and healer. In other words, just because you are single right now doesn’t mean you have somehow missed the love of your life, nor should you worry this will happen. Trust that the universe will introduce you to your match, and your sense of calm and confidence may very well bring that person out of the woodwork.
How to do it:
  • Do not join in the chorus when friends bellyache that “There’s no one out there” or “Everyone is already taken.” Wallowing only keeps you from noticing the possibilities around you.
  • Follow your whims when it comes to dating—your instincts are stronger than your brain. Stay home on a Saturday if you want to stay home. Make small talk with that cute stranger in line at the grocery store. Karma will guide your intuition on your path to love.
Rule #2: Be really, really honest
San Mateo-based couples counselor Susan Strong says that good dating karma is all about telling the truth—to yourself and others. “Even though it can be really hard, you have to be totally upfront,” she says. “And if that relationship doesn’t work out, you leave with your integrity and clean karma. You have nothing to regret.”
How to do it:
  • Instead of pretending to love raw oysters, polka music, or Sumo wrestling, or whatever else your date may be passionate about, just take a deep breath and confess you’re not that into it. Even if you think you sound negative, the vibes you’re putting out are positive because you’re being your genuine self. The person you’re out with will get to know the real you versus a persona.
  • If you’re faced with an awkward question about your past or a too personal issue, it’s better to say, “I’d rather not talk about it,” than to lie. Besides, mystery breeds intrigue.
Rule #3: Put your past where it belongs
An unforgiving heart is the number one blockage to true love. Sure, we’ve all been hurt. Yet you only keep the pain alive if you harbor grudges or cling to bad memories. The key to letting go of the past is to forgive the person who hurt you and then to forgive yourself for your role in the relationship. It sure can be tough, but your future depends on it.
How to do it:
  • Stop beating yourself up about past bad choices by saying to yourself, “There is nothing wrong with taking chance on love.” All relationships require risk-taking.
  • Erase bad memories by changing yourself or your surroundings: Get a haircut. Take up a new hobby that will bring you into contact with other single people. Visit a new place on your next date, not old haunts. This will make it easier to keep old pain from coloring your future.
Rule #4: Play matchmaker
Sharing and connecting love links is great karma. So don’t be shy about setting up your friends—or past lovers. Even if those you set up don’t work out, that’s OK. By creating opportunities for others to love, you energetically create them for yourself.
How to do it:
  • Set up a great-but-not-right-for-you date with one of your friends. Regardless of whether they hit it off, they will appreciate your effort—and one or both of them may return the favor.
  • Host a party where your exes, platonic friends, and the exes and platonic friends of your pals all get to mingle.
Rule #5: Resist the urge to gossip
You know how easy it is to send a snarky email about a bad date or to pass around a juicy tidbit about someone’s boyfriend. But guess what? Bad karma. Remember, if you pass along negativity, you’ll get it back. Not only may the object of your derision hear how the news got around (you), but gossips rarely get much sympathy from others. Keep things hush-hush about other people’s private lives, and they will be more apt to do you the same courtesy.
How to do it:
  • If you’re dying to dish on something you shouldn’t, try writing down your thoughts and burning the paper afterward. Fire purifies and takes the edge off the need to use a bullhorn in public.
  • When you break the rule (and let’s face it, for most of us, it’s not “if” but “when”), offset it by saying something understanding, or compassionate. And “I know he can’t help being a complete moron” doesn’t count. Try, “I guess I need to figure out why he would react in such a strong way.” In that way, you’re opening the door to seeing the other person’s viewpoint, rather than just exclaiming over their behavior.