Monday, January 10, 2011

Gay Cancer Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Cancer Man- This Gay Zodiac sign is what you might call a chameleon , because people that see him might think that he is straight.  He reserved and is not open about his sexuality. Even though his  is not open, he still very much proud of who he is. He is very family oriented, and tends to be close to his siblings.  He also, could be the mothering type to his mate. He tends to be attracted to the Ultra-Masculine type.  

This Crab, can be extremely sensitive and sometimes will hold a grudge if his ego is wounded.  It is important to understand that he feels things deeply, and treasures all of the relationships that he makes throughout  his lifetime. He is very romantic, and will go out of his way to show his lover how special he is.  Sexually he likes everything , and having to play on the full range of his emotions, from humiliation to euphoria , that are often bundled into one paradoxical package.


Cancer Man/Aries Man  Cancer is the Ram's  Mr. Right. Aries is altered by the Crab's humor and sensitivity. They have a need to succeed ; mutual support is their mantra. A dynamic bond, but there's bound to be tension. Sexually, it's a mixed bag.

Cancer Man/Taurus Man  A conservative and quiet couple-homebodies who enjoy a rich quality of life . There's nothing to prove: Taurus is his most placid self; Cancer takes the lead. Hidden dalliances may mean hearts get broken.

Cancer Man/ Gemini Man  Cancer has rate insight into the Geminian character ; he's not  put off by a slick veneer. Together, they find an emotional center. Over time, mutual care taking becomes their raison d'etre. Sex is dramatic, passionate.

Cancer Man/ Cancer Man   A clinging, clawing bond. A similarly wry sense of humor sustains them through inevitable travails-high and lows are endemic to the Crab chap. Sex is conventional , but there's no criticism.

Cancer Man/ Leo Man  Leo is suspicious of Cancer's  sneaky ways. Over time , often  on the sky, these charismatic characters become companions, enchanted by each other. They're a popular pair. In bed, it's a loving, affirming affair.

 Cancer Man/ Virgo Man  Workaholics who tend to social climb. In tandem, sharp wit and sarcasm surface -its a contest of who can be more clever. Professionally, this partnership is pure gold. In bed, they handle each other with care.

Cancer Man/ Libra Man  Cancer is Milquetoast to left-to-center Libra. But the Scales guy is famous for making exceptions, especially is sex is the offing. Cancer acclimates to a spot of scandal in his otherwise spotless existence.

Cancer Man/ Scorpio Man  They're masked and cool in public, but not so behind closed doors.  Their object: to live and love ecstatically , in a sustained state of rapture. A completely compatible couple who merge mentally as much as they do sexually.

Cancer Man/ Sagittarius Man  Cancer is a tough nut to crack-he's especially guarded with straight-shooter Sag. Soon it's clear their quality of life concerns correspond. The Archer's extensive sexual past shouldn't prohibit partnership: Cancer's hiding quite a history.

Cancer Man/ Capricorn Man  These astro-opposites faces many challenges. There's trouble lurking behind the straight surfaces they present. In the end, Cap is labeled "The Villian" .  But from the first, sex is so fine as to become a fetish.

Cancer Man/Aquarius Man    Cancer directs Aquarius down a more traditional life path- to the Moon man, success is measured by the money one makes. Resentments resound if creativity is sacrificed to status. Sexually, tables turn: Aquarius is the authority.

Cancer Man/ Pisces Man Together, they probe remote corners of experience -spiritual exploration is a possibility. Soul-searching enhances their chances of relationship success. They both crave romance and often fine it with each other.


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