Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Sex and Astrology

The key to a great relationship starts with GREAT SEX.  If you can excite your mate, and make them reach ultimate heights sexually, then everything outside of the bedroom is cake.  Yes, most women do not to be known as sex objects, but lets face it we are. This not a bad thing, but you must learn to use these assets to our advantage.  I will teach you what turns on each Zodiac Sign, and how to get them to reach "The Big O".  


Aries Man
Most of his sexual encounters end in orgasm, usually achieved through a combination of foreplay, oral sex, and intercourse.

Aries Woman
She can generally reach orgasm with various sex acts, especially those involving oral sex, and from any position. Aries is likely to climax every time.

Taurus Man
Taurus has no trouble climaxing and he achieves orgasm virtually every time he has sex. Through generally through intercourse, the Taurus Male will sometime climax intercourse in combination with oral sex.

Taurus Woman
Taurus doesn't achieve orgasm every time she has sex. To ensure that she does requires oral or digital stimulation of her clitoris. Intercourse by itself won't bring her to climax on any regular basis.

Gemini Man
Gemini reaches orgasm comfortably in any number ways. He love to have oral sex to the brink or orgasm and to finish with intercourse.

Gemini Woman
Gemini has no trouble reaching orgasm and usually cums every time she has sex. A combination or oral sex, finger manipulation of her clitoris, and intercourse will bring her to orgasm.

Cancer Man
The Cancer man reaches orgasm every time he has sex. For him, anything works: masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse. As long as he feels close emotionally, he climaxes with ease.

Cancer Woman
After being very turned on by her partner fondling her breasts, Cancer reaches orgasm almost every time she has sex with a combination of masturbation and intercourse.

Leo Man
Leo has no trouble climaxing, but he likes to be in control, so intercourse works better for him than oral sex.

Leo Woman
Leo almost always reaches orgasm in every sexual encounter, mainly through oral sex and masturbation. She seldom climaxes during intercourse.

Virgo Man
Virgo almost always reaches orgasm, however except when he chooses to hold back. He does enjoy a combination of intercourse and masturbation.

Virgo Woman
Virgo cums" All the time, damn it," or at lease almost every time she has sex through oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse with clitoral stimulation.

Libra Man
How often Libra reaches orgasm depends upon the nature of the relationship with his partner. When he is deeply involved with his lover, he always cums. When a relationship is new, he may not cum every time.

Libra Woman
Libra can generally achieve orgasm through intercourse when the position allows for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. She also cums easily via oral sex and masturbation.

Scorpio Man
He achieves orgasm with ease virtually every time he makes love in almost any position. "It doesn't take much," intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, or a combination of these for the Scorpio man.

Scorpio Woman
Given the importance Scorpio places on sex and her single-mindedness, she has no difficultly achieving orgasm. It's irrelevant to her whether her partner favors oral sex, masturbation, or intercourse.

Sagittarius Man
Sagittarius has no trouble achieving orgasm. Any method or combination, from intercourse to oral sex, masturbation to anal sex, works for him.

Sagittarius Woman
She reaches orgasm often during intercourse, more frequently via oral sex and always by masturbation. She isn't shy about taking care of her orgasm.

Capricorn Man
Capricorn is goal oriented in everything he does. When it comes to orgasm, his goal is at least one for her and at least one for him.

Capricorn Woman
Capricorn is a goal-oriented Sign. She achieves orgasm most of the time she has sex. When she is sufficiently excited and wants to climax, she does so and the method is irrelevant.

Aquarius Man
Keep his mind on the event at hand and Aquarius cums. Let his mind wander and Aquarius loses his erection. Dirty talk as orgasm nears sends him over the edge regardless of the position or the act.

Aquarius Woman
A quickie may not always result in an orgasm for Aquarius. But when her lover sets the stage with phone sex during the day and with sexual banter leading up to the act itself, Aquarius almost always climaxes. Most often this is through intercourse and oral sex.

Pisces Man
Known for endurance, the only time Pisces fails to achieve orgasm is when he is exhausted. The method is unimportant. Given enough foreplay, anything will get him off.

Pisces Woman
Pisces reaches orgasm quite easily, almost every time she has sex, by means of masturbation ,oral sex, intercourse, or any combination of these.

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