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Chinese 2011 horoscope for Rabbit for the year of Rabbit

The 2011 year of the white Rabbit starts with the passage of Moon, the patron of love, from the zodiacal constellation Scorpio to the constellation Sagittarius. In the same way, similar astrological event was observed in 2000, heralding a new era in the life of all humankind, moving the progress pointer into a new track. But this time, if of course our assumptions are correct and the start of a new stage will begin in 2011, the transition itself by analogy with the year 2000 will be much more successful and easier thanks to the optimism given to us by Jupiter in the horoscope for the year of rabbit. Concurrently, Jupiter is a wise ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius, will form a compound with Uranus in 2011 in one of the last degrees of the zodiacal constellation Pisces. Either way, in accordance with the astrological situation of the horoscope for the year of Rabbit, in early 2011 our life will witness something remarkable, somehow related to internal changes, to changes in general concepts and doctrines of human existence. Although for most people, change in 2011 year of Rabbit will not be that global, translating into an accessible language, one can in particular say that the changes of 2011 will address the rules governing your employment or other activities. Nevertheless, no matter how you take the innovations of the first months in 2011, they are primarily intended to open people's eyes to what was not accessible to our perception yesterday. In this sense, you'll either wake from a lethargy of ignorance, realizing the realities of modern times, or stay in the past ... Well, let's hope you manage to avoid stagnation, being able to refocus your life under new conditions, since in this case, 2011 will meet you with open arms.

Do not discount the connection of the planets Neptune and Uranus in 2011, which appeared like a confirmation of the assumption of certain potentially hidden knowledge that mankind can discover at the beginning of 2011. One thing is for sure, the horoscope of 2011 year of the rabbit is a difficult weave knot and mutual influence of planets, linking together the whole picture of the coming period. Just imagine the god of the seas and oceans Neptune - the patron of the sign Pisces, supernatural knowledge, emotions, human emotions and spirituality in general are found in 2011 in the constellation Aquarius in a thirty-degree angle to the planet Uranus the patron of the constellation Aquarius that is located in the same period in the zodiac sign Pisces. In addition that Uranus is the planet of change and even revolutionary changes, we can assume that at the beginning of 2011, mankind expects some really grand and amazing changes.

As can be seen already in the beginning, 2011 will present us very unexpected surprises, to which we will not be ready for. What happens next? - we will try and consider it in the following articles on the year 2011 of the metal rabbit. In addition, already today for a more detailed study of the astrological situation of 2011 relating to your Zodiac sign, you can read the general horoscope of 2011 for your zodiac sign by clicking on the links below.
 People born on these years, were born on the year of Rabbit
1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Well, his time has come! The charming Rabbit in 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit will definitely feel the planetary support to eveything, even to his most ambitious undertakings. In this period, representative of this zodiacal circle, the favorite of Fortune can relax - his business is unable to be shaken even by the most brutal all-out crisis. He can rest, take a trip or just take good care of himself postponing the solution of insignificant problems for the indefinite future. Rabbit can change image, learn Japanese language or go to university - this year he has to do something that brings joy to his heart, and which can expand the horizons of the future. In love, Rabbit will as always be aloft, the only mistake he can make is to experience a large number of romances that will not transfer into quality sensuous relationships. All that is needed by Rabbit in 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit is a wise attitude to love, because not feeling satisfaction, being tired of intense relationships, Rabbits have every chance in the end to be disappointed in this feeling and remain a bachelor for a long time. Only seeing meaning in relationships, only dialogue, not monologue, can give a Rabbit an unforgettable experience of interaction with a partner. Fate makes generous bets, because it exactly knows that the winner of problems this year will be the Rabbit.

2011 horoscope for Rabbit of wood element
Despite the fact that sometimes you doubt the correctness of choice made, nevertheless in 2011, you will never fall into depression, and will not be sad for too long. If your family life experiences problems, then Wood Rabbits together with a partner will be able to quickly find a solution to the prevailing circumstances.

2011 horoscope for Rabbit of fire element
Progress in professional environment in 2011 year of the White Rabbit may be slow but steady. In this case, the hallmark of 2011 will be that you will primarily be worried by the opinions of others. Fire Rabbits in 2011 all will be looking not only for personal gain, but will also consider the interests of other people, which in particular will greatly help you in your personal life.

2011 horoscope for Rabbit of earth element
Hold your horses at least until the summer of 2011, since in early 2011 year of the White Rabbit, the most reckless, arrogant and impulsive side of your nature will control the actions of the Earth Rabbit. At this time, you will be prone to excessive risk, and aggravate any existing conflicts, increasingly getting stuck in the problems enveloping you. Be patient in taking major decisions until the second half of 2011 when you will become more sensible.

2011 horoscope for Rabbit of metal element
Inspired by the active and enterprising early 2011 year of the White Rabbit, the representatives of this zodiac sign will try to express their individuality in all areas available to them. Particularly in professional field, in the first half of 2011 there will not be anything that would be able to stop your progress.

2011 horoscope for Rabbit of water element
You have enormous creative potential and with the appropriate desire in 2011 year of the White Rabbit, Water Rabbits will in full-scale expose all their talents. Particularly, this will be clearly expressed in the professional sphere, where Rabbits would be able to find a very appreciative audience for their grand ideas.

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