Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gay Scorpio Man- Who are sexually compatible with?

Gay Scorpio Man- is much more of a loner then his straight  brother. He seems to haunt the world rather than actively participate in it. Like heterosexual men of the sign, he likes to work alone, so much so that he's not likely to be. contented  with the remote corner office; he needs utter solitude and is often drawn to professions that require it. The gay Serpent guy doesn't casually date. Like any self-respecting Scorpio, he's holding out for the real thing.

Though he is secure with his sexuality, many gay Scorpio will stay completely silent on the subject if only to perpetuate an aura of mystery. In biding his time,unbeholden to any other distracting entanglements, Scorpio has left himself available to pounce on the "perfect" opportunity when it eventually presents itself.

Like attracting Like, Scorpio is most at ease with someone rich and powerful-his patron's name Pluto means "riches", remember, giving rise to the term plutocracy, rule by the wealthy-indeed, to Scorpio, money is power.


Scorpio Man/Aries Man 
Their connection is elemental: Sexy, aggressive planet Mars rules both signs. Aries and Scorpio share a profound physical compatibility. Scorpio is often the instigator .  Emotionally, their dynamic is complex-anger is every present.

Scorpio Man/Taurus Man
Evasive, indirect character whose sexual relationship often remains secretive. Contempt and power struggles are built into the bond. A classic male skirmish, like Archie and Reggie. Scorpio's sadism maybe be their undoing.

Scorpio Man/Gemini Man
Scorpio is subversive; Gemini is the happy, shiny creature who exists on the inside track of life. Often, this is simply a sex thing-the Twins entertains prostitution fantasies and stern Scorpio longs to enslave.

Scorpio Man/Cancer Man
They're masked and cool in public, but not so behind closed doors. Their object: to live and love ecstatically, in sustained rapture.  A completely compatible couple who merge mentally as much as they do sexually.

Scorpio Man/Leo Man
This pair is polarized: Leo seems too sunny to Scorpio, who lingers even longer in emotional darkness, as if to annoy  the Lion. In bed, they do battle. Leo is enlivened by the scrappy Scorpion force.

Scorpio Man/Virgo Man
Scorpio isn't looking to shock; here he seeks to service.Its' all about digging deep and allowing for transformation. Sexually, too, this pair seeks something beyond standard-they unearth equally experimental natures.

Scorpio Man/Libra Man
Scorpio is suspicious -Libra seems too good to be true. Here, the Scales guy endures Scorp's sadistic streak, but not for long. Sex is a struggle for power; Libra usually loses. He might seek a less intimidating lover.

Scorpio Man/Scorpio Man
If they can create an atmosphere of trust-good luck-old issues are resolved and life seems rosy. Otherwise , secretive natures have the opposite effect: The path is treacherous. In bed, old dogs learn new tricks.

Scorpio Man/Sagittarius Man
Sag is seduced and shock by Shadowy Scorpio. Physical compatibility is assured;emotional understanding take time. Sexual expectations are great. In this case , the agile Archer has a hard time keeping up.

Scorpio Man/Capricorn Man
Scorpio is inspired by Cap's ease and acumen. As a couple, confrontation is their way of dealing with disagreements-soon, such struggle wears thin. Still, their sex life thrives; Even if they part, they may end up back in the bedroom.

Scorpio Man/ Aquarius Man
If seeking a support system, they might find it in each other. But turning joint plans into actuality proves arduous -they need a third-party  perspective. Though they often drift in and out of love, sex might keep them together.

Scorpio Man/Pisces Man
A peaceful and productive pairing, especially if Pisces is the older of the two. Over time, they cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic that appeals to outsiders. Sex might be rough-Scorpio plays at being "trade".

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