Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gay Pisces Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Pisces Man-is generally a pretty hardy, masculine character, like his straight counterpart, all but fully focused on his career, also a decidedly creative one,making little of his sexual proclivities. For starters, he doesn't much mingle with other men, the bulk of his friendship being with single, somewhat fag-haggish women whom he tends to take under his wing and instruct on the more fascinating, if not finer things in life. In his soul, he's a bohemian, and the gay Piscean in a particular will inhabit the world of fringe or indeed artist, filmmakers,designers, and other innovators (typically himself) who exhibit a certain evolutionary cultural vision.

When searching for relationship this Piscean does his best to land  type of man with whom much is left unspoken and the banal realities of their lives are checked at the bedroom door. This special someone, even though remaining in love for many years, might nonetheless just come and go, forming a bond with the Pisces that is thus comprised of series of dreams, vague interludes, which suits our fine fish fellow just fine.


Pisces Man/ Aries Man
Often a purely physical pairing. Pisces man is unusually shallow in his perception of virile Aries as a mere sexual tool. Under such corrupting influence, the Ram's barbaric, conquering erotic spirit emerges.

Pisces Man/Taurus Man
Pisces seems that "missing link" in Taurus's life. It's a symbiotic bond. Being with the Bull is like a dream come true. Life is productive, professional goals are met-and more. In bed, selfish motives are put aside.

Pisces Man/Gemini Man
Gemini is the "little brother" to the Pisces mentor. The odd Fish guy will abuse such influence, reducing a green Gemini to mere minion. Sex is masterful, both an erotic work of art and a chance for Pisces to dominate.

Pisces Man/Cancer Man
Together, they probe remote corners of experience-spiritual exploration is a possibility. Soul-searching enhances their chances of relationship success. They both crave romance and often find it with each others.

Pisces Man/ Leo Man
A head-trippy gay-guy duo. Egos clash and verbal sparring is expected. Holding out emotionally becomes a game that no one wins. In bed, peace is restored-this is where these boys shine.

Pisces Man/ Virgo Man
They want to change the world. And it's worth trying. Still,one or both may go to extremes in pursing a utopian vision.  Regardless, they escape into ideology. Sexually, they're fickle fellows, so variety is key.

Pisces Man/Libra Man
As a couple, they're complex: Pisces is unpredictable, Libra is easily thrown off-balance. To boot, both boast a love of the high life-who's holding down the front? At the first sign of trouble, they take to the sheets.

Pisces Man/Scorpio Man
A peaceful and productive pairing, especially if Pisces is the older of the two. Over time, they cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic that appeals to outsiders. Sex might be rough- Scorpio plays at being "trade".

Pisces Man/Sagittarius Man
The Archer admires and often emulates the poised Piscean. It's to see Sag put through his (psychological and sexual) paces. In bed, it's all about role-play: Sag is subject to the imperious Fish.

Pisces Man/Capricorn Man
With fishy Pisces,Cap's serpentine side surfaces. But rather than expanding, the Goat meanders more, perhaps losing his way. Still, they have clever ways to capitalize on their strengths. It's an effort to keep sex lite.

Pisces Man/Aquarius Man
Self-satisfied souls: Finally, Aquarius and Pisces quit trying to change. Spiritual purity is often their mutual modus operandi. Together, they simply stop stressing. In bed, egos are abandoned.

Pisces Man/ Pisces Man
"Let's get lost" might be their catchphrase. Left unchecked, this Pisces pair often escapes into subversive activity. Regardless, a so-called normal lifestyle often eludes them. Sexually, both expect to experiment.

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