Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gay Virgo Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Virgo Man
 Gay Virgo man is very comfortable in his own skin. He was aware of his sexually-self aware at an early age, and may view his relationship with men, and typically older ones, as  a way to mend his disenfranchised feelings and elevate his station in life. Virgo is comfortable playing the domestic role in his relationship, making his surroundings comfortable for him and his mate.

Gay Virgo Man is not a sexually being, and believes his sexuality should not define a person. He is not one to share his tales  of his experiences, however if you really want to know..He will tell no lies.


Virgo Man/ Aries Man
This might begin as a no-strings-attached sex thing. Virgo's arouse by Aries's authoritarian demeanor. But a bond between yield soulful self-understanding. Sex remains free. "open"to some extent.

Virgo Man/Taurus Man
Erudition is the attraction. Communication is extraordinary. Each gives the other endless attention, without resentment. In the extreme, giving so much means enough is never enough. In bed, they're gracious, good-natured.

Virgo Man/ Gemini Man
They're buzzed in each other's company-in a literal sense, partying is a preferred pastime. Both are prone to rage, so tempers will flare; sometimes, fights feel dangerous. Frequent time-outs. In bed, they're boisterous.

Virgo Man/ Cancer Man
Workaholics who tend to social climb. In tandem, sharp wit and sarcasm surface-it's a contest of who can be more clever.  Professionally, this partnership is pure gold. In bed, they handle each other with care.

Virgo Man/ Leo Man
Virgo seems harmless and charming-captivating. but no threat to the Lion's alpha status. The Virgin is happy to be Leo's coveted companion. They transcend differences over time. Still, their sex life needs spicing.

Virgo Man/ Virgo Man
A detailed obsessed duo, waging a war of words from day one. Persnickety in the extreme, two Virgos nitpick each other down to a nub. Only the most mellow Virgins make it work. Sex often involves coaxing.

Virgo Man/ Libra Man
As they boost each other's bon vivantism, escapades easily turn excessive. Outsiders may say they're bitchy, exclusive.  They make memorable moments. Sex is less about decadence, more about devotion.

Virgo Man / Scorpio Man
Scorpio is not looking to shock; he is looking to service. It's all about digging deep and allowing for transformation. . Sexually, too, this pair seeks something beyond. standard-they unearth equally experimental natures.

Virgo Man/ Sagittarius Man
Virgo's neat; Sag is untidy. At first, they're anxious in each other's company. But a love of the finer things unites them. They'll make ideal travel companions. In bed, some disorder is desirable- never a dull moment.

Virgo Man/ Capricorn Man
Together, they master vital life lessons.  Typically retiring Virgo does the pursuing. Cap finds himself uncannily attached. Just-sex is where it started, and each subsequent interlude feels fresh, like the first.

Virgo Man/ Aquarius Man
A liberating relationship, signaling a life change for Virgo and a sexual awakening for Aquarius. But freedom comes at a price: Anxieties augment and Virgo, especially, feels unsettled. In bed, these boys believe in bad behavior.

Virgo Man/ Pisces Man
They want change the world. And it's worth trying. Still, one or both may  go to extremes in pursuing a utopian vision.  Regardless, they escape into ideology. Sexually, they're fickle fellows so variety is key.

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