Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gay Leo Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Leo Man
Gay Leo man is a proud individual, and less likely to be open about his sexuality. He is very private about his intimate life, and prefers one-on-one to group activities. He surrounds himself with the opposite sex, because he likes any kind of attention he can get. When this Gay Lion falls for someone, he has to make sure that his friends like his mate, or this is not a lasting match for him.

Leo tends to date men younger then himself , because they may benefit from his natural fatherly energy. Anyone who knows a Leo man will readily admit he has something of a God complex. To be fair, a great number of men, gay and straight, relish the direction of such an authoritative figure; and so, at least  initially, Leo man appeals to a lover who seeks such patronage.

Leo is a most jealous man with, hands down , the hottest temper of any man in the zodiac, and he takes"cheating" as a crime against nature, God, and along such lines ,himself. In the bedroom  he seeks passion and love, and does not going through the motions.  He does not enter a sexual relationship, without any emotions attached to it.  Love is not a game to Gay Leo man, so take your relationship with him seriously.


Leo Man/Aries Man
Two uber-masculine character who steer clear of feminine types. An intensely sexual, and deeply spiritual, connection. Together, they see life as a lark, not a labor. Sex is so satisfying, It's becomes a preoccupation.

Leo Man/Taurus Man
Life with Leo seems to promise luxury, the good life. The Lion, a lookist, leaps at the beautiful Taurean Adonis. Loyalty to each other is their leitmotiv. Friends and family abound. Sex is ceremonial, sometimes self-conscious.

Leo Man/Gemini Man
These guys see great possibilities in getting together . Often, a bit of exploitation takes place. Leo is smitten with the tricky Twins guy,who seems to have no shortcomings. In bed, Gemini hankers for saucier sessions.

Leo Man/ Cancer Man
Leo is suspicious of Cancer's sneaky ways. Over time, often on the sly, these charismatic characters become companions, enchanted by each other. They're a popular pair. In bed, it's a loving, affirming affair.

Leo Man/Leo Man
A challenging match. For two kings, it's a constant question of who's the boss-some-one wins, someone loses. Egos may abate: cooperation and humility are the lessons. Sexually, it just feels "right."

Leo Man/Virgo Man
Virgo seems harmless and charming-captivating, but no threat to the Lion's alpha status. The Virgin is happy to be Leo's coveted companion. They transcend differences over time. Still, their sex life need spicing.

Leo Man/Libra Man
Ideological differences are a hindrance here. Leo's dogmatic; Libra's liberal. Still, a little lively debate stimulates. Sexually, it's simpler: Libra takes the lead, persistently inciting Leo is enlivened by the scrappy  Scorpion force.

Leo Man/Scorpio Man
This pair is polarized: Leo seems too sunny to Scorpio, who lingers even longer in emotional darkness, as if to annoy the Lion. In bed, they do battle. But Leo is enlivened inciting Leo's deeper desires.

Leo Man/ Sagittarius Man
Together, two high-rolling he-men live even larger -Sag is especially audacious. Fortune seems to surround them. Sexually, too, they've hit the jackpot: It'll a game; extreme behavior gets much play.

Leo Man/Capricorn Man
Leo feels out of the loop: He's a neophyte compared to the cultured Goat guy. But the Lion learns to accept the guidance of such a socially adept sophisticate. In bed, Cap hopes to expose his "hick" dto a soupcon of sin.

Leo Man/Aquarius Man
They exist to support each other. Before long, Leo reevaluates his lifestyle, reconfiguring priorities. Aquarius creates their new order- his rules take precedence. Passionate love frees Leo of any self-doubt.

Leo Man/Pisces Man
A head-trippy gay-guy duo. Egos clash and verbal sparring is expected. Holding out emotionally becomes a game that no one wins. In bed, peace is restored-this is where these boys shine.

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