Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gay Libra Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Libra Man
 Gay Libra man is very liberal and is open to just about anything.  He is hard to pin down, but this does not mean that he won't commit to that someone special.  Most of his adult life he will play the field, and is mostly attracted to men who claim to be in the closet-so to speak.  If you let Libra explore his fantasies , then he will be the ideal companion. He is giving , caring and keep you wanting more.

Libra is the artist at heart and loves to surround himself with beautiful things. In the bedroom, he likes to try different things to keep things fresh and new.  He may want to bring a 3rd person in, to spice things up. If you are conservative at heart, this will not be a good match.


Libra Man/ Aries Man
Aries and Libra make an impressive package- and they know it: Vanity is their defining feature. Life together is structured,but the scales struggles to stay on the straight and narrow. Aries likes a little leather on his Libra.

Libra Man/Taurus Man
Taurus is Libra's homoerotic ideal. Beyond the physical, they share an appreciation of the finer things. Socializing is an art form. Food and drink are copiously consumed. They'll dote on each other. Sex is an intense exploration.

Libra Man/Gemini Man
They should agree to disagree. But a strong attraction exists: it's like going to bed with a best friend. Lively arguments lead to heated reconciliation sex. For both, fooling around should be fun, frisky.

Libra Man/Cancer Man
Cancer is Milquetoast to left-to-center Libra. But the Scales guy is famous for making exceptions, especially if sex is in the offing. Cancer acclimates to a spot of scandal in his otherwise spotless existence.

Libra Man/ Leo Man
Ideological differences are a hindrance here . Leo's dogmatic: Libra's liberal. Still, a little lively debates stimulates. Sexually: take the lead, persistently inciting Leo's deeper desires.

Libra Man/ Virgo Man
As they boost each other's bon vivantism, escapades easily turns excessive. Outsiders may say they're bitchy,exclusive. They make memorable moments. Sex is less about decadence, more about devotion.

Libra Man/Libra Man
Detente is an overriding dynamic in a double-Scales association: Hoping to avoid conflict, they choose quick reconciliation. Detachment is deemed easier than seriously dealing. Sexual communication, too, maybe a struggle.

Libra Man/Scorpio Man
Scorpio is suspicious-Libra seems too good to be true. Here, the Scales guy endures Scorp'sadistic streak , but not for long. Sex is a struggle for power; Libra usually loses. He might seek a less intimidating lover.

Libra Man/Sagittarius Man
Together, they strike creative gold, having explored the limits of expressions, often with dazzling results. In bed, Libra is minion under a powerful Sagittarius spell. A need for adventure m ay mean messing with group scenes.

Libra Man/Capricorn Man
The Scales is like a gust of fresh air in Cap's life. Socially, they're absolutely matched. They may even dress alike. Sexually, there's intrigue: Libra is especially fascinated by Cap's fit, firm physique.

Libra Man/Aquarius Man
Libra's in the market for a soul mate when he meets the Waterbearer, bombarding him with a detailed life history. An abiding friendship ensues, one that may not withstand the complexities of deeper commitment.

Libra Man/ Pisces Man
As a couple, they're complex: Pisces is unpredictable , Libra is easily thrown off-balance. To boot, both boast a love of the high life-who's holding down the home front? At the first sign of trouble, they take to the sheets.

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