Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gay Aquarius Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Aquarius Man-This unpredictable man can play two sides of the sexual game, even though his sexual preference are men ; they gravitate to women also.  In friendships, they are comfortable around women, and they make the best girlfriend. His breakups are notoriously messy, mainly because,like those of his straight counterpart, they often come out of nowhere,that sudden-change aspect of Uranus being a painful blow to his loved ones. Most of Gay Aquarius relationships are strictly platonic, because he mainly seeks inspire psychologically far more than physically.

What every Aquarian male, regardless of his sexuality, seeks is ultimate authority-control on a grand scale that, like Big Brother, it can easily go undetected. He thus makes himself available to fill the void, fixing an "air' of utter conviction about the relationship, hitting home the fact he and a lover are a perfectly tongue-groove fit about things to create such truth as others are forever chasing. Having no strict adherence to an ego-driven personality, there is always a sense of his being happy to be with you want him to be, that proverbial missing link in one's life.


Aquarius Man/ Aries Man
Aries might need more affection than Aquarius is inclined to offer. But when it works, individuality and independence  await. Somehow, sex stays comfortably casual. Other couples often enter the mix.

Aquarius Man/Taurus Man
A bound that's bound to have ballast. Each feels he's found the perfect partner. Dynamic Aquarius introduces his bull boy to new and exhilarating situations, sexual and otherwise.  They raise each other's professional profile.

Aquarius Man/Gemini Man
Gemini's fantasy of being devoured by a big, bad man-Aquarius is the sometimes scary, "supreme" sign of the Zodiac. This is a dynamic and exhilarating ride for two intellectually inclined guys.

Aquarius Man/Cancer Man
Cancer directs Aquarius down a more traditional life path-to the Moon man success is measured by the money one makes. Resentments resound if creativity is sacrificed to status. Sexually, tables turn: Aquarius is the authority.

Aquarius Man/Leo Man
They exist to support each other. Before long. Leo re-evaluates his lifestyle, reconfiguring priorities. Aquarius creates their new order-his rules take precedence. Passionate love frees Leo of any self-doubt.

Aquarius Man/ Virgo Man
A liberating relationship, signaling a life change for Virgo and a sexual awakening for Aquarius. But freedom comes at a price :Anxieties augment and Virgo, especially, feels unsettled. In bed, these boys believe in bad behavior.

Aquarius Man/Libra Man
Libra's in the market for a soul mate when he meets the Waterbearer, bombarding him with a detailed life story.  An abiding friendship ensues, one that may not withstand the complexities of deeper commitment.

Aquarius Man/Scorpio Man
If seeking a support system , they might find it in each other. But turning joint plans into actuality proves arduous-they need a third party perspective. Though they often drift in and out of love, sex might keep them together.

Aquarius Man/Sagittarius Man
An extraordinarily passionate pair. Sadly, each may surrender to his own instability. Grandiosity is a pitfall-self mythologizing earns they live in a land of make-believe. Sexual antics often border on out-there.

Aquarius Man/Capricorn Man
Cap is afraid of being waylaid by the strange-seeming Waterbearer. But in a bond, Aquarius champions Capricorn's cause. Their sex life is eccentric, at times conservative, otherwise notable for its perverse nature.

Aquarius Man/Aquarius Man
Notoriously detached from one another. Little wonder this uncommon, double-Waterbearer pair struggles to find common emotional ground. Sexually, even the slightest dalliance is cause for relationship rupture.

Aquarius Man/Pisces Man
Self -satisfied souls:Finally, Aquarius and Pisces quit trying to change. Spiritual purity is often their mutual modus operandi. Together, they simply stop stressing. In bed, egos are abandoned.

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