Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gay Sagittarius Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Sagittarius Man-As a gay man, Sag's masculine-chic boyhood lends him an elevated status amongst peers, typically becoming the fabled straight-looking the stud that many hopeful homo is seeking to hook up with. Gay Sag is almost pathologically male. Like his straight counterpart, the gay Centaur pushes a lover to the limit, and attraction to docile, demure, if not obviously straitlaced lad is where this grand fantasy begins.

Just as women praise the prowess of the straight Centaur, gay men will swear that their best-ever sex was with a Sag. They tend to enjoy one night stands, mainly because it is so difficult for the Archer to pinpoint that perfect partner who will be eternally hard-pressed to enjoy the surpassing erotic experience that Sag is known to deliver. In relationships Sagittarian man loves someone who can  handle is adventurous side, and is not the jealous type since they have plenty of admirers. He is a trip and he knows it.


Sagittarius Man/ Aries Man
These fire signs share a slew of qualities-palpable
masculinity, love of adventure,a bawdy sense of humor. 
Still, there're discord: Aries is a neat freak; not so for Sagittarius.
In bed, both men will try anything twice.

Sagittarius Man/ Taurus Man
A force of nature. Together, they seem capable of ruling the world.
Still, there's trouble Sag takes the upper hand, Taurus tags along
too willingly. A purely sexual scenario is perhaps preferable.

Sagittarius Man/ Gemini Man
Volatility is their shibboleth. Gemini's temperamental nature knows
no bound; the Archer is a fiercely fickle fellow. One or the other
maybe unwilling to commit. Still, for a few nights, this pairing is 

Sagittarius Man/Cancer Man
Cancer is a tough nut to crack especially guarded with straight-shooting 
Sag. Soon, it's clear their quality of their quality-of-life concerns corresponds. 
The Archer's extensive sexual past shouldn't prohibit partnership: Cancer's hiding 
quite a history himself.

Sagittarius Man/Leo Man
Together, two high-rolling he-men live even larger-Sag is especially 
audacious.Fortune seems to surround them. Sexually, too, they've hit
the jackpot: It's all a game; extreme behavior gets much play.

Sagittarius Man/Virgo Man
Virgo's neat; Sag is untidy. At first, they're anxious in each 
other's company. But love of the fine things unites them.
They'll make ideal travel companions. In bed, some disorder
is desirable-never a dull moment.

Sagittarius Man/Libra Man
Together, they strike creative gold, having explored the limit 
of expression, often with dazzling results. In bed, Libra is a 
minion under a powerful Sagittarian Spell. A need for adventure
may mean messing with with group scenes.

Sagittarius Man/Scorpio Man
Sag os reduced and shocked by shadowy Scorpio. Physical 
compatibility is assured; emotional understanding takes time. 
Sexual expectations are great. In this case, the agile Archer 
has a hard time keep up.

Sagittarius Man/Sagittarius Man
Together, two Archers polarize into distinctly different
aspects of their archetypal natures: the Student and the 
Teacher-especially in bed. They're a can-do couple, personifying
the power of positive thinking.

Sagittarius Man/Capricorn Man
Sag is a macho choice for a mate. Still, they share a satirical 
sense of humor and an affinity for flashiness. In their downtime, 
it's all about the long, leisurely sex sessions. Inviting a third,
perhaps a stranger, is status quo.

Sagittarius Man/Aquarius Man
An extraordinary passionate pair. Sadly, each may
surrender to his own instability. Grandiosity is a pitfall
-self-mythologizing means they live in a land of make believe. 
Sexual antics often border on out-there.

Sagittarius Man/Pisces Man
The Archer admires and often emulates the poised
Piscean. It's a surprise to see Sag put through his
(psychological and sexual) paces. In bed, it's all about 
role-play. Sag is subject to the imperious fish.

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