Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gay Capricorn Man-Who are you sexually compatible with?

Gay Capricorn Man-He is a man who is comfortable in his skin. He is open with his sexuality and does not care who knows it. At times he might like to explore other sexual opportunities, which some Gay Capricorn Man tend to claim to be bi-sexual , however their lovers will not complain about their encounter with this sexual dynamo.  They may have a string of boyfriends all through their life, and one of more everlasting relationships at that, Cap is rarely one to settle into an all-exclusive domestic role with a mate. The gay Goat is a bundle of contradictions, the zodiac's notorious top man in drag.

He is gloriously inappropriate and people love him for it,especially his lover, who benefits from the nasty pleasures Cap is prone to impart. He is, hands down, the zodiac's ass man, and much of of his bedtime shenanigan center around that certain spot.He is deliberate, often ridiculously drawn out, in his concentration there,hoping to extract as much pleasurable response as he can by stimulating it any which way. Like his straight counterpart, the Gay Goat takes a leisurely approach to lovemaking, as considerate in playing with his lover arranging flowers or installing a new carburetor.


Capricorn Man/Aries Man
Aries is the arm candy who worships a worldly, well-bred  Goat guy. After fascination fades, the focus turns to friendship. From overtly sexual beginnings, this pair m slowly become abstemious.

Capricorn Man/Taurus Man
A fondness for each other might go unspoken; sexual involvement, too,might stay under wraps. Friendship is guaranteed-Taurus-Cap combos are great roomies. In bed, Goat's well-honed handiwork unearths the Bull's desires.

Capricorn Man/Gemini Man
Financial gain may inspire this twosome's togetherness. Little wonder tensions arise if resources dwindle. Taunting each other is a way to play-they call it quipping. Sex is "dirty"the kinkier the better.

Capricorn Man/Cancer Man
These astro-opposites face many  challenges. There's trouble lurking behind the straight surfaces they present. In the end, Cap is labeled the villain. But from the first, sex is so fine as to become a fetish.

Capricorn Man/Leo Man
Leo feels out of the loop: He's a neophyte compared to the cultured Goat guy.But the Lion learns to accept the guidance of such a socially adept sophisticate. In bed, Cap hopes to expose his "hick" to a soupcon of sin.

Capricorn Man/Virgo Man
Together ,they master vital life lesson. Typically retiring Virgo does the pursuing. Cap finds himself uncannily attached. Just-sex is where it stated,and each subsequent interlude feels fresh,like the first.

Capricorn Man/Scorpio Man
Scorpio is inspired by Cap's ease and acumen. As a couple , confrontation is their way of dealing with disagreement-soon, such struggle wears thin. Still, their sex life thrives; Even if they may end up back in bed.

Capricorn Man/Sagittarius Man
Sag is a macho choice of mate. Still, they share a satirical sense of humor and an affinity for flashiness. In their downtime, it's all about long , leisurely sex sessions. Inviting a third, perhaps a stranger, is status quo.

Capricorn Man/ Capricorn Man
One of the last common same-sign couplings. When guarded Goats get together, it's a standoff that's sometimes insurmountable. Both are prone to posturing-reality is lacking. Each may search for outside sex.

Capricorn Man/ Aquarius Man
Cap is afraid of being waylaid by the strange-seeming Waterbearer. But in a bond, Aquarius champions Capricorn's cause. Their sex life is eccentric, at times conservative, otherwise notable for its perverse nature.

Capricorn Man/Pisces Man
With fishy Pisces, Cap's serpentine side surfaces. But rather than expanding, the Goat meanders more, perhaps losing his way. Still, they have clever ways to capitalize on their strength. It's an effort to keep sex lite.

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