Saturday, April 3, 2010

AQUARIUS-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

AQUARIUS-This sign is the most detached sign in the Zodiac. This natural Philosopher is a deep thinker of life, as well as being a bit eccentric. This sign tends to walk by by the beat of it's own drum.
Aquarius Man this a hard man to pin down, he takes his sweet time to settle down. He will tend to be a bachelor for a long time, until he feels ready to be a serious relationship.  Aquarius Woman has a history of loving too much, and tends to be drawn to men who are less desirable to other women.  The more complicated the man, the better for the Aquarius Woman.

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AQUARIUS MAN/ ARIES WOMAN: He has a sobering effect; her remote nature mirrors his own. Each inhibits a separate sphere-the overall effect is either mediative or mismatched. Sexually, they're unrestrained:Limits might be lacking.

AQUARIUS MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN: Lurking tension requires exploration. She must clear her mind of prior expectations. For him, it's time to get real. Another caveat: they must be careful not to constantly contradict each other. Saving grace: Sex is stellar.

AQUARIUS  MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: Instant attachment. Codependence could be a pitfall. Emotionally bound, sexually rapt. At best, they embody the power of positive thinking. Otherwise, unreality dissolves into into disillusionment. Sexual appetites are unwiedly.

AQUARIUS MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: He dots, taking responsibility for her feelings for her feelings.  In a constant process of catharsis, this couple is exhausted and exhilarated. Sexually, they're often at odds: she needs intimacy; he's happiest somewhat detached.

AQUARIUS MAN/LEO WOMAN: An indelieble impression is made. Their bond develops via emulation-she might mimic him. Furthering ambitions is a prime motivation. He's inventive and erotic; she needs straightforward sexual expression.

AQUARIUS MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: They're born again-a spiritual overtone exists from the start. Still, there's  a forbidden element here:She may be much younger  or from a distinctly different background. In bed, they're like-minded. And full of surprises.

AQUARIUS MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: Unusual and spontaneous, marked by constant change and intense affection, this pairing is rare.  They're private, possessive. Lovemaking is elaborate, energetic, and all consuming; even as a fling, sex is unforgettable.

AQUARIUS MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN: Hard work, but often it. Restrictions are stripped away and there's nothing to keep them from individual success. An abiding sexual attraction sustains them through inevitable rough patches.

AQUARIUS MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN:  They meet, and lives are turned upside-down. At first, they're formal: thne suddenly, it may be love and marriage. Aquarius learns to lavish attention in bed-the estimable Archeress won't accept anything less.

AQUARIUS MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: They fuse int a package deal of practically and purpose. Still, Cap won't sacrifice her own objectives. They are notoriously accomplished. In bed, it's am ongoing master class- student and teacher roles are rotated.

AQUARIUS MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: They feel superhuman, seeming to live in a perpetually exalted state. For him, perfection is the goal; for her, the focus is to improve the human condition. Little energy is left for sex, so they  might make it more a priority.

AQUARIUS MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: Restoration and atonement are the keys to this committed bond. Compensation is due-emotionally and financially, life pays them back in full. Sexually too, they're making up for any loses.  

                    AQUARIUS WOMAN

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ ARIES MAN: She retains a strong selfhood; he's emotionally accessed via their association. Intellectual growth is the outcome. Sex is playful and plentiful. There's more pleasure than she'd imagined in the missionary position.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN: She set out to nest with someone"normal" . Ironically, he's exploring the dark side of his psyche. Enormous. uprooting changes occur. Aquarius is accustomed to more passion; for him, she' the exotic exception.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN: Their only concern" pleasing each other. He's her ideal fling; she relishes the role of minx and mentor. Free-spiritedness creates a combined social and political consciousness. Sex is robust and randy.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ CANCER MAN : She's his wake-up. He's less an epiphany, more a reality check-a sign it's time to get serious. They're an ideology society of two, living an inspired life. Sex is transformative-a step up for him, an enhancement for her.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/LEO MAN: Together, they're big and bold, gifted, but unpredictable. Leo adopts a contemplative countenance. Her unusual, extraordinary qualities emerge. Sex is passionate, energized by envy, as well as esteem.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: They're compelled to caretake-he invests endless emotional energy. Privately, he's keeping a checklist: she owes him big. Aquarius is less selfish. Sexually it's master-servant, with roles in constant rotation.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN: Defined by inventiveness and upheaval. Some say they're strange. Abstract thinkers, they share a mental affinity-each impacts the other's state of mind. Enthusiasm turns to zealotry. In bed, there are no hang-ups.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: Any antisocial tendencies are expanded. Feeling superior, they team up in a you-and-me-against-the-world bond, but later they might turn against each other. Sex is primal, but inclusive: This pair enjoys other partners.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN: They may seem ill-suited, but it's an illusion: With her, he's found a lifeline. Paired with Sag, the Water bearer sets herself up for a brighter future. In bed, they break from old behavior-together, it's earthy-crunchy.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: They may be explosive in each other's company, overly consciously of not instigating a scene. Still, there's plenty of hilarity here. In bed, emotional intensity is put to its best use: Sex is ardent and unruly.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: They feel superhuman, seeming to live in a perpetually exalted state. For him, perfection is the goal; for her, the focus is to improve the human condition. Little energy is left for sex is ardent and unruly.

AQUARIUS WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: A fast and furious courtship for this couple. Beneath slick exteriors lie deeply soulful individuals seeking a source of inspiration. Their sex life reflects such profundity-in bed they move as if possessed, even hexed. 

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