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SCORPIO-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

SCORPIO-The mystery sign, not easy for another person to get to know a Scorpio.  Very self absorbed, and strict in their behavior as well as in their belief system.  Scorpio Man, the way to penetrate is rugged exterior , and get into his heart is by a woman who understand the inner workings of his psych-icy. The woman that often wins him over , has inner beauty, and has a bright and shinny disposition. As you can see he is attracted to someone opposite to himself.  Scorpio Woman, she is attracted to a man who is sexually , and intellectually her equal. She does not settle for less then what she wants and feels she deserve.  She is her own worst critic when it comes to finding love.

                              SCORPIO MAN

SCORPIO MAN/ARIES WOMAN: They might not embody each other's ideal, but their similiarly defiant natures intrigue.  A subversive pair with a complicated sexual dynamic-both hot and heavy in the extreme. Erotic addictions are explored in tandem.

SCORPIO MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN: Illicitness is inherent; they turn on to the taboo of togetherness. In the long run, their love maybe a barren landscape in which little grows. But an extraordinary  sexual connection keeps them from taking a hike.

SCORPIO MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: He's bewitched-she's the one who'll  alter his perception from dark into light. As time passes, she hopes he'll remain so reliant. Their commitment appears unbreakable. In bed, lavish fantasies are revealed.

SCORPIO MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: Her effect on him seem instantaneous- she's that princess he'll perch on a throne. Cancer is unafraid of his spook disposition. This is rarely a casual coupling. Sex is vigorous and athletic; still sensitive and intimate.

SCORPIO MAN/ LEO WOMAN: A stressy couple. exceptionally intent upon success. She 's out to prove her worth, no matter the cost; he'll cash in her credibility. Tempers often flare. His fantasies can be hard-core, but she may entertain them.

SCORPIO MAN/VIRGO WOMAN: She's an open book; he's in search of someone to write on. But does he have the whole story? She's a complex character.  Finding the middle ground may be difficult. Sexually, he is in control. She's is grateful to be guided.

SCORPIO MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: They disarm each other, an unusual experience since neither is accustomed to surrender.Over time, these Zodiacal "neighbors" notice how much they have in common.  Sex with laid-back Libra means Scorpio's"layers" peel away.

SCORPIO MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN: A match marked by material, psychological, and sexual obsession. Strong self-regard coupled with righteousness might make them somewhat insufferable. In bed, already intense emotions reach an orgiastic apex.

SCORPIO MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: Her worldly radiance is kept under wraps-she's a valuable commodity who should only shine in his sphere. He's such a persuasive partner-a departure. Saf feigns being forced into acts she's only eager to try.

SCORPIO MAN/CAPRICORN WOMAN: He vows to make her life better, ease her stresses, and see her succeed. She's his steadfast confidante. Sex is most satisfying on the heels of an intense argument or inspired conversation. A mysterious mix.

SCORPIO MAN/AQUARIUS WOMAN: Any antisocial tendencies are expanded. Feeling superior, they team up in a you-and-me -against the world bond, but later they might turn against each other. Sex is primal, but inclusive:This pair enjoys other partners.

SCORPIO MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: They'll experience sweeping highs and lows- everything is an issue. Living with him often means being displaced. He hands more lucrative positions with her on hand. Sex feels sparring: the rumble is raucous.

                                   SCORPIO FEMALE

SCORPIO WOMAN/ARIES MAN: She seems unattainable; he struggles to win her affection. Blase' in the beginning, she eventually assents to his ardor. Often, they have it all:looks, glamour,wealth. Their sex life is extremely active.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN:He's the submissive sort she hopes to reshape. Any alliance between these astro-opposites is nothing short of obsessive. Sexual addiction- to each other-is to be expected: Passions on savagery.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN: Living proof that chemical attraction exists: There's a tug too powerful to resist pheromones ar flying. Other aspects are less harmonious-ideology, there's opposition. In the long run, their lust won't wane.

SCORPIO WOMAN/CANCER MAN:Cancer requires mothering: Scorpio a cunning caretaking. Together, they cultivate a snug coexistence. Prosperity and progeny are anticipated. In bed, it's all-out eroticism. But mum's the word.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ LEO MAN: Life is a banquet-a feast at which they devour separate areas of experience. Together, they're takers.  This couple craves notoriety. Offsprings are inevitable. Sexual hunger for each other seems insatiable.

SCORPIO WOMAN/VIRGO MAN: They appeal eachother's high standards, considering themselves of exceptional moral character. She help turn lofty ideas into solid action. Friends feel their piety is just so much bluster. Sexually, they" Click".

SCORPIO WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN: She seems a self-sufficient sort; his aristocratic bearing is intriguing. Both are drawn to a grand lifestyle. They're happiest in the company of friends. Sex easily swings form precious to perverse.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: A match marked by material, psychological, and sexual obsession. Strong self-regard coupled with righteousness might match them somewhat insufferable. In bed, already intense emotions reach an orgiastic apex.

SCORPIO WOMAN/SAGITTARIUS MAN:His good luck creates their fortune. Her hold on him is firm. What each craves individually is willed through the relationship, especially in bed: for the sake of staying together, nothing is refused.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: Slowly, she insinuates her way into his life-once she's gained entry,they're inseparable. She takes over, which suits his armchair approach to living: He's the prima donna. In bed, too, he's happy to hang back.

SCORPIO WOMAN/AQUARIUS MAN: Hard work, but often worth it. Restricitions are stripped away and there's nothing to keep them from individual success. An abiding sexual attraction sustains them through inevitable rough patches.

SCORPIO WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: It seems something's being kept hidden. At best,they're a confident conscientious couple with big dreams they intend to realize. In bed, decorum is their default demeanor. Sex is subdued, but never standard. 

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