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GEMINI-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

GEMINI-  Is a true mover and shaker. This sign can not sit still, with  his ear to the ground he understands how things work . The way to Gemini Man's even though he is a playboy when he is young, but when he settles down he looks for a hometown girl who believes in tradition. He is a family man, the more children the better. To land a  Gemini Woman you must let her have her way.  She is a free spirit, and can not be told no. Be prepared to let her run the show, if you do that she will be yours for life.

                                        GEMINI MAN

GEMINI MAN/ ARIES WOMAN:  These too have alot of fun together. He knows that she is open to ideas, and they will have hours of fun.  This relationship will be very action packed, never a dull moment.  Aries will always know how to keep Aries entertained.

GEMINI MAN/TAURUS WOMAN: They both like the finer thinks in life. They will have a nice life together. They will live in a nice home, in a great neighborhood. Their sex life will be uneventful, but acceptable.

GEMINI MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: This will be a magnetic attraction,which will be exciting at first. This relationship will fizzle very quickly, because she will become bored and he will become restless.  

GEMINI MAN/ CANCER WOMAN:  Gemini is exciting and intriguing, while cancer is deep and always know how to get Gemini out of tough stops.  This relationship will have a lot of bumpy stops, however they seem to find away to make it work.  In the bedroom however Cancer will let Gemini fulfill to amazing fantasies.

GEMINI MAN/LEO WOMAN: They have alot in common, and believe in family and commitment. They love to spend money together, and enjoy each other's company. In the bedroom they try to keep things new and exciting, to keep the heat between them going.

GEMINI MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN:  For Virgo it may seem like love at first sight. She thinks he is her Knight in shining armor. While Gemini believes she is the perfect girl for him.  This pair are two fickle to make this a lasting union.  The only saving grace is the Erotic Sex.

GEMINI MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN:  This is an amazing match, and when they connect it is forever. Their relationship is easy and effortless. Libra is very agreeable and is open to Gemini's ideas about life , love and sex.   

GEMINI MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN:   This relationship is based purely on sexual chemistry. They spend more time in the bedroom then anywhere else.  The amazing thing is that this sexual chemistry could last a life time.

GEMINI MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN:  Gemini is attracted to her wild side, while Sagittarius believes he can bring more excitement into her life. They relationship starts out of a flirtation, and grows into a full blown affair.  This relationship can go either way, burn out quickly or a become a love to last a lifetime.

GEMINI MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: Gemini is turned on by Capricorn's serious side. Capricorn is drawn to his childlike personality. Capricorn is the only sign that could truly tame him.  She will wear the pants in the relationship, but Gemini will not mind.  She keeps him wanting more in the bedroom.

GEMINI MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: This is purely a passing fling for the both of them. They will enjoy this casual affair, but both of them have a different ideas about commitment. This can never be more then friends with benefits.

GEMINI MAN/ PISCES WOMAN : They both are on the same wave length. They love going out together exploring the finer things out of life. Gemini feels he can truly be himself around Pisces. Gemini treats Pisces like a queen in the bedroom.

                                                 GEMINI WOMAN

GEMINI WOMAN/ARIES MAN: Gemini is the beautiful Pixie that Aries can deflower. Aries is the chiseled knight of Gemini's dream. This relationship can be very steamy and erotic at times.   This romance eventually burns out, but they remain life long friends.

GEMINI WOMAN/TAURUS MAN: Gemini find Taurus to be the strong sensitive type, while Taurus loves that she is a outgoing spitfire.  They have a great friendship, but they also are compatible in the bedroom.  If Gemini is just looking for financial stability , then this man is for her.

GEMINI WOMAN/GEMINI MAN: At first this two create alot of fire, but it burns out quickly because what brought them together will tear them apart.  This is a forbidden match.  

GEMINI WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: Cancer is drawn to Gemini impish personality, and he becomes a love sick puppy around her.  Cancer enjoys how deep and sensitive Cancer is.  This relationship could be a mess, if Gemini becomes moody.  This relationship may experience some trouble waters, if there is no clear communication between them.

GEMINI WOMAN/LEO MAN: Gemini is drawn to Leo Charismatic personality. Leo loves her undying energy. Leo eventually becomes the man of her dreams.  This relationship may lead to marriage, or a life long affair.  It depends if Leo is ready of a committment.

GEMINI WOMAN/VIRGO MAN : This match is more mental then physical. Virgo will stimulate Gemini mentally, and Gemini will find this to be very erotic. This pair will have hours of fun getting deep both mentally and sexually.  

GEMINI WOMAN/  LIBRA MAN:  Where Gemini goes, Libra follows.  Gemini likes that Libra is very  agreeable and what she asks for Libra delivers.  Libra will keep Gemini entertained in and out of the bedroom.  Libra give Gemini what ever she desires.  The skies the limit!

GEMINI WOMAN/SCORPIO MAN:  Scorpio is under Gemini's spell. He believes that Gemini could breath new life back in to his dark and mysterious life.  He will show her what is like to live a lavish lifestyle. The bond that these two create will be unbreakable.  Scorpio will do what it takes to keep Gemini happy.

GEMINI WOMAN/SAGITTARIUS MAN: Gemini is addicted to Sag's firey personality. While Sag is seduced by Gemini sex appeal. They chemistry in the bedroom is on another level. They spiritually connected. This relationship could be either an exciting experiment or a life long love affair.

GEMINI WOMAN/CAPRICORN MAN: In the beginning this seems like a mis-matched pair. Eventually they find a common ground. It takes sometime until they connect sexually, but Capricorn will try his best to satisfy Gemini's every sexual desires.

GEMINI WOMAN/AQUARIUS MAN: This pair connects immediatedly, so much so that they become attached to the hip. This however maybe their down fall.  They do not allow eachother breathing room, then the relationship does not have any chance of surviving a few months.

GEMINI WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: Pisces is drawn to Gemini , and finds her fascinating. He at first showers her with attention, but then becomes to demanding and possesive.  In the bedroom Pisces is fun and happily surprises Gemini.  Gemini will eventually grow tired of Pisces behavior and move  on to someone who give Gemini her space. 

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