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LEO-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

LEO-The natural born a leader, who is ruled by the sun. Leo Man is charismatic, positive, and truly believes he is the king of the Jungle. Leo Male does not fall in love easily, it takes the special woman to win his heart. He looks for traditional, and someone who has the same principals as Leo.  She let me be in control, and praise him often .  Leo Female has a lust for life, with sheer determination to achieve her goals, sexual or otherwise.  Leo Female are drawn to men who have the same passion for life that she has. She needs a strong man who can handle wild-cat side. The man she falls in love with, better hold on because won't let go.

                                           LEO MAN

LEO MAN/ARIES WOMAN-These two are a perfect match.  Leo is easy smitten with Aries, she has the same fiery temperament as Leo.  This makes for a erotic connection in the bedroom. This love affair goes hot and steamy to happily ever after quickly.

LEO MAN/TAURUS WOMAN-Leo enjoys that she embodies nature, and she basks in Leo's glowing personality. Taurus stimulates Leo senses, and they have hours of in fun in the bedroom.  This relationship is more sexual in natural, and does not have the staying power to sustain a committed union.

LEO MAN/GEMINI WOMAN- Gemini is drawn to Leo like a moth to a flame. Leo quickly turns into Gemini's dream man. Leo loves Gemini's energy and open communication.  This couple will walk down the aisle after a world wind courtship.  Laughter is their saving grace, they have hours in carnal fun in the bedroom.

LEO MAN/ CANCER WOMAN- Leo is Cancer's savior, he is her protector and helps Cancer forget about her father issues.  Leo likes that Cancer is deep and sensitive.  They become emotionally connected quickly, however over time Cancer may become to codependent on Leo.  Leo does not like clingy women.

LEO MAN/ LEO WOMAN- This is not a union that will last. It is a battle of wills. They both struggle to gain control both in and out of the bedroom.  Of course they have a lot of sexual attraction, but this will be short lived.  This is an affair that is doomed from the start.

LEO MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN- Leo is easily taken by Virgo's feminine beauty. Virgo loves Leo's charm, and confident personality.  They make a good match, because the relationship is easy and fun.  Virgo lets Leo dominate in the bedroom.  

LEO MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN- These two connect intellectually, and they are on the same wave length. They enjoy each other's company, and they create an unbreakable bond.   Sex with them is loving, and relaxed. No head games here!

LEO MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN- Scorpio brings out the animal in Leo.  Leo is Scorpio noble Lion.  They have hours of erotic love making. Children are inevitable with this hot pair.  

LEO MAN / SAGITTARIUS WOMAN- These two have so much in common. These two have colossal egos, in tandem, produce one of astrology's quintessential  power couple. They both shine in and out of the bedroom.

LEO MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN- This pair are emotionally dissimiliar. They have fun in the bedroom, however disappointment soon appears.  Capricorn does not allow Leo to dominate, there is a power struggle. This affair does not end well.

LEO MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN-  Together, they're big and bold, gifted, but unpredictable. Leo adopts a contemplative countenance. Her unusual, extraordinary qualities emerge. Sex is passionate, energized by envy, as well as esteem.

LEO MAN/ PISCES WOMAN- Pisces is their spiritual barometer; while Leo keeps the romance flowing.  This relationship will have it's share of it's ups and downs, because Pisces does not understand his quest for professional power.  At times there will be an emotional dis-connect. In the bedroom Pisces shows Leo love and tenderness.  Leo will grow tired of her erratic mood swings. 

                                                      LEO WOMAN

LEO WOMAN/ARIES MAN-She is a sexual dynamo, and he is her knight in shinning armor.  They share an intense sexual attraction. This union is so hot , that  it will always feel like an illicit affair-forbidden, exhilarating.

LEO WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN-This is a relationship between two stubborn types.  They do not see eye to eye, and do not share the same political view.  This combination makes for an intense bedroom experience however.  Leo will get bored of  Taurus's constant need to change her thinking.

LEO WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN-They have alot in common: commitment to family, appetite for achievement, a love of lavish spending. Happily, they allow each other plenty of personal space. Sexual independence is often admissible as well.

LEO WOMAN/ CANCER MAN-He's clever and commanding: she confidently holds court. They're meticulous about  career matters. Self-concerns are joyfully sacrificed for the common good. Sexually, Leo tries tenderness; Cancer takes it up a notch.

LEO WOMAN/LEO MAN-It's a battle of wills. A shared need to shine incites glaring problems. At best, they will become good friends.  They have amazing sexual attraction, however they will have problem because they can not agree who will be in control in the bedroom.

LEO WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN-When Leo lands in Virgo's life, there is a shift:  She's  someone he won't seek to change. Heady on adoration, she relaxes into the role of queen consort to his gentlemen. In bed, Virgo is eager to take Leo's orders.

LEO WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN-Flattery gets them everywhere: Validation is the basis of their jovial bond, He learns to compromise: her energy is infectious. In bed, Leo wears the pants, but Libra's content  to play passive.

LEO WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN-A stressy couple, expceptionally intent upon success. She's out to prove her worth, no matter the cost; he'll cash in her credibility. Tempers often flare. His fantasies can be hard-core, but she may well entertain them. 

LEO WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN-There courtship is formal, enveloped in etiquette, played by the rules. She's a nurturing presence; he's that stud she's been searching for. "Waiting" is a way to build excitement- their first encounter is explosive.

LEO WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN-Two precocious characters whos individual independence dwindles once they're a duo. He is especially possesive. In bed, it's "dirty", perhaps more daring then either would venture with another. Worship is the key.

LEO WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN- An indelible impression is made. Their bond develops via emulation-she might mimic him. Furthering  ambitions is a prime motivation. He's inventive and erotic; she needs straightforward sexual expression.

LEO WOMAN/ PISCES MAN- He's a mystery she's keen to uncover. Resolute, she pursues with a frightening instensity. Together, natural aptitudes turn a profit-everything is accomplished her way. Lovemaking moves at Leo's fast pace. 

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