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LIBRA-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

LIBRA-This sign believes in harmony , order and balance.  It is important that they play fair, and all things equal is the right thing.  LIBRA MAN seeks a woman who is independent, as well as his intellectual equal.  LIBRA WOMAN she seeks a man who is open, honest and faithful. He must be ready to give up his bachelor ways when he commits to her.  

                                      LIBRA MAN

LIBRA MAN/ARIES WOMAN: This couple are allies at the onset, they share a need for sexual freedom and intellectual expression. They believe of themselves to be an exclusive elite, they have cachet and others buy into their preception. In bed, she's the agressor.

LIBRA MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN: This relationship takes time to develop. When it heats up , then it is extremely hot. Each invest much energy much energy in the other's  emotional health. In artistic pursuits, this partnership is peerless. Sexually, imaginations are stimulated:Role-playing is one ritual.

LIBRA MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN:  Where she goes he follows. Libra is positively passive when compared with the enterprising Gemini. They have something to prove -success is the consequence. Sex is comfortably secondary in their nonstop lifestyle.

LIBRA MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: Openness is the pair's ongoing theme: Sexuality is a liberal, giving Cancer license to color outside the lines. Their erotic repertoire will always be original-bisexual scenarios are stimulating. 

LIBRA MAN/ LEO WOMAN : Flattery gets them everywhere: Validation is teh basis of their jovial bond. He learns to compromise; her energy is infectious. In bed, Leo wears the pants, but Libra's content to play passive.

LIBRA MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: Fast friends, but they struggle to reach relationship status. Both can be spoiled. What starts out as liberal may turn ino taking liberties. With effort, they fix it. Sexually, she wants to be swept away; he won't work that hard.

LIBRA MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: They're more aligned than most same sign couples. - a shared aesthetic is the centerpiece of their cliquey companionship. Scales of both sexes push the envelope of experience. Sexually, they're edgy, experimental.

LIBRA MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN: She seems a self-sufficient sort; his aristocratic bearing is intriquing. Both are drawn to a grand lifestyle. They're happiest in the company of friends. Sex easily swings from precious to perverse. 

LIBRA MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: His intellectual assets combined with her commercial capabilities create a powerful, profound partnership. He's her muse. This pair proves it's possible to have it all. Sexually. They maybe into other couples.

LIBRA MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: A contradiction-a harrowing emotional seesaw, a transcedent experience. A need for social status masks insecurities; success seems a way to overcome the past. In bed, ther's baggage. But with time, the load is lightened.

LIBRA MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: Defined by inventiveness and upheaval. Some say they're strange. Abstract thinkers, they share a mental affinity-each impacts the other's state of mind. Enthusiam turns to zealotry. In bed, there are no hang-ups. 

LIBRA MAN/ PISCES WOMAN:A wispy, waifish pair, predisposed to emotional sensitivity. They may drift into adverse behaviors, prone to hypochondria and procrastination. A profound connection produces works of art. Sex is a way to escape.

                                                           LIBRA WOMAN

LIBRA WOMAN / ARIES MAN: She's searching for an unfussy affair; he appears the perfect unbeholden partner. From the start, it's a power struggle-both are opinionated, if not combative. In bed , they make the peace-sex is quiet and kinky.

LIBRA WOMAN /TAURUS MAN:She storms into his life, introducing new sensual experiences. They luxuriate in all manner of excess. This bond may never push on past superficial-they're in different "places" - but the erotic connection is serious.

LIBRA WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN:There is a natural flow-an easy rhytym into which they fall, often forever. If one attempts to take the upper hand, their groove turns int a grind. Creative freedom is crucial . Sexual drama is alien to such cool characters-its all about ease.

LIBRA WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: He's  that rare regular guy: she seems, at first, too perfunctory a personage. Relating requires tolerance. At best, they're harmonious and hilarious. Sex eases tension: Cancer's passive so Libra has the power.

LIBRA WOMAN/LEO MAN: They connect as intellectual equals, each inspiring the other to think more progressively. A fast-paced , industrious duo. In the bedroom, they're bonded. Sex is fun loving, relaxed- no head trips, no taboos.

LIBRA WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: Generally sweet, good natured couple. They often find each other when free of burdens. With Libra, life is productive. What they may lack in heat, this pair more than makes up for in tenderness.

LIBRA WOMAN/LIBRA MAN:They're more aligned than most same sign couples. - a shared aesthetic is the centerpiece of their cliquey companionship. Scales of both sexes push the envelope of experience. Sexually, they're edgy, experimental.

LIBRA WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: They disarm each other, an unusual experience since neither is accustomed to surrender. Over time, these zodiacal "neighbors" notice how much they have in common. Sex with laid-back Libra means Scorpio's "layers" peel away.

LIBRA WOMAN/SAGITTARIUS MAN: She's in unknown territory; he's relaxed in the company of such a cool character. In bed, Libra loosens up, accessing her naughtiest needs. Sag is spellbound: he's second a sophisticated woman willing to satisfy his ever wish.

LIBRA WOMAN/CAPRICORN MAN: Forming a culture club or two, these characters draw up their own designs for living, often passionately paticipating in the worlds of fashion, art, or media. Their sex life, though secondary, is equally progressive.

LIBRA WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: Unusual and spontaneous, marked by constant and intense affection, this pairing is rare. They're private, possesive. Lovemaking is elaborate, energetic, and all consuming; eve as a fling, sex is unforgetable.

LIBRA WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: Pisces is the maestro orchestrating Libra's life, perhaps with a heavy hand. She can't  resist his inspiration. She's his muse. Best-case scenario:  Their collaborations become classics. Sex is an ecstatic eploration of the senses. 

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