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TAURUS-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

TAURUS- This sign is all about earthly pleasurses.  The Taurus male likes to be mysterious, and enjoys keeping the opposite guessing at all times.  The way to his heart is through his mind.  Even though he enjoys beauty, but you will lose his interest quick if you are not able to keep up with him intellectually.  The Taurus female is a free spirit, and enjoys using her feminine ways to seduce her mate.  If let the Taurus female be the independent flower, she will reward you handsomely. 


                                 TAURUS MAN

TAURUS MAN/ ARIES WOMAN:  Taurus man is slow to read Aries signals. Aries is agressive and straight forward.  Taurus man is too confusing for Aries. She will lose interest quickly, and Taurus does not like her pushy personality.  This relationship will never spark a flame.

TAURUS MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN:  Since they are the same, they connect at the get go.  Over time however, this bond will grow weak when they can not agree on important matters.  Since they are both stubborn, there will be a stale mate.  In the bedroom they have amazing chemistry. If they keep strictly sexual, it will be a long affair.

TAURUS MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: This relationship is purely emotional.  Taurus finds Gemini exciting and sexy, someone who can keep him on his toes. Gemini loves Taurus's strong and sensitive side.  They is no magic in the bedroom, but if they can get past the lack of sexual chemistry then the relationship may have a chance.

TAURUS MAN/CANCER WOMAN: Cancer enjoys that Taurus is safe , steady guy. Taurus loves her care taker instincts. This a great match, because they seem to bring out the best out of each other.  They connect emotionally and physically.

TAURUS MAN/LEO WOMAN: This relationship is doomed from the start. Both of this signs are very stubborn and unwavering.  They can never meet on common ground, however this makes for amazing sexual chemistry.  This at best will be a short steamy affair.

TAURUS MAN/VIRGO WOMAN: This is a match made in heaven. This is Taurus's ideal woman, and Virgo's perfect mate. This relationship will surely lead to marriage, if they are already for a life long committment.  Together they can conquer any obstacle that comes their way.  Sexually they create a lot of heat.

TAURUS MAN/LIBRA WOMAN:This will never be more then sexual heat, but they could have hours of fun in the bedroom.  She will keep him wanting more, but he will never want more then the physical.

TAURUS MAN/SCORPIO WOMAN:  Scorpio will love playing sexual games with Taurus.  He is easily under Scorpio's spell.  This relationship will only continue if Scorpio wants it to.  Scorpio is the key to this relationship.   

TAURUS MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: They share much in common, and sometimes think a like. They differ however when it comes to where they are happiest.  Sagittarius enjoys the great outdoors, while Taurus is a home body. If they allow each other their own space, then this relationship has a chance.

TAURUS MAN/CAPRICORN WOMAN:  This relationship may work as long as Capricorn learns to trust Taurus. Capricorn has a jealous streak and maybe a bit needy. Taurus is drawn to Capricorn soft side, and believes he can change her.  If they keep open communication between them, then their this relationship will last.  

TAURUS MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: Aquarius is drawn to Taurus because he is normal. Taurus finds out that Aquarius is much too scatterred to take seriously. Sexually they connect, but he would not  pursue a serious relationship with her.  

TAURUS MAN/ PISCES: There is an instant connection between these two signs. She meets Taurus's desires, while Pisces enjoys the stability that he brings to her life.  They truly enjoy each other's company both in and out of the bedroom.  They make a true love connection.

                                             TAURUS WOMAN

TAURUS WOMAN/ARIES MAN: Taurus believe she is the woman behind the man. He loves her feminine earthy side. She will keep him on his toes, while he the stud that fulfills her every fantasy. This will be no more then a sexual adventure.

TAURUS WOMAN/TAURUS MAN:These two can easily bond in the beginning, but since they are exactly alike they may butt head on important topics. If they learn to meet eye to eye this may be a long lasting relationship. In the bedroom they connect easily and effortlessly.

TAURUS WOMAN/GEMINI MAN:This could be a world wind romance. They both enjoy earthly pleasures, and have an amazing sexual chemistry.  They enjoy each others company, but they both have to meet in the middle on the love  making sessions.  He likes quick fixes and she enjoys long drawn out sessions.  

TAURUS WOMAN/CANCER MAN : She is Cancer's fantasy girl. She is everything rolled into one. While he is Placid and posed, which he is always emotionally available.  They will have hours of fun of tenderness.  

TAURUS WOMAN/LEO MAN: Leo enjoys that she is a natural woman.  Taurus enjoys Leo's glow and powerful presense.  She stimulates his senses, she loves how he adores her.  They truly compliment each other in the bedroom.

TAURUS WOMAN/VIRGO MAN:  Taurus believe that Virgo is a safe choice, while Virgo likes that she embodies earthly beauty.   This bond will bring about spiritual and emotional growth.  The two of them may learn to be open to partner swapping.

TAURUS WOMAN/LIBRA MAN: They do not make an instant connection, but when they get to know each other the heat turns up.  When they finally bond, they will have a life long romance.  They will always find a new way to keep they sexual life new and exciting.  

TAURUS WOMAN/SCORPIO MAN:  This is not a match made in heaven, and will never be more then friends with benefits.  They create alot of heat in the bedroom, and they will use each other to blow of steam.  

TAURUS WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS:  This is a flirtation at first, but it grows into mutual admiration.  You may not see eye to eye financially, but Taurus knows how to keep Sagittarius happy in the bedroom.

TAURUS WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: Capricorn is impressed with Taurus natural beauty, and often loves to show her off. Taurus loves the attention that Capricorn gives her.  This relationship is purely based on the material gain.  The both enjoy the stability their life together brings.

TAURUS WOMAN/AQUARIUS MAN: Aquarius will always keep Taurus quessing, which will drive her crazy. Taurus will be to clingy which will not sit well with Aquarius.  The only connection this couple would make is in the bedroom.  Both of them are able to let go of their inhibitions and explore some sexual possibilities. 

TAURUS WOMAN/PISCES MAN: This is a wonderful match. Taurus is quickly smitten with Pisces, and if Pisces is ready for committment  then she is the woman for him.  Everything about this relationship is right. They compliment each other in every way, both physically and emotionally.

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