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ARIES-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

Aries- you are the first sign of the zodiac! You are a natural born leader, and many people are drawn to the is magnetic energy that you give off.  You have many suitors if you are female because you know what men want, and if you are a male many women are drawn to you because you are a warrior at heart.

Below I will show you the different combinations with you and the other Zodiac Signs.  I will show combinations whether you are  Male or Female.

                                                  ARIES MAN

Aries Man/ Aries Woman:  You have great sexual connection, but it is short lived because  you both want to be in control.  Aries male is always on a quest,while the Aries Female is out of reach.

Aries Man/ Taurus Woman:  This is a great match, because she is ultra feminine : he fulfills her fantasy of  being with a manly man.  Taurus woman boosts because she is the woman behind this sexy man, and Aries loves that she is the woman that meets all of his desires.

Aries Man/ Gemini Woman: She is the fresh Pixie that he can have his way with, He is the strong brute she can't resist. This is a strange match at first, but Gemini has enough energy to keep Aries interested.

Aries Man/Cancer Woman:  This is Cinderalla and Prince Charming Romance. Cancer is looking for someone to rescue her. Aries is looking for wants someone he can take care off.  The relationship down fall if this Cancer princess becomes to co-dependent. 

Aries Man/Leo Woman:  Both strong willed individuals, with something to prove. They have amazing chemistry at first, but it will never be more then a illicit affair.

Aries Man/Virgo Woman: She is the woman that will tame his wild side. Virgo will either manager is life or his career. Aries will accept her help, but may get tired of being lead around.  What will keep this relationship going is chemistry in the bedroom.

Aries Man/Libra Woman:  This relationship is purely sexual in nature, and both enjoy the unhabited bedroom exploration.  Each encounter is always new and exciting. 

Aries Man/ Scorpio Woman:  In this relationship, it is more of a simple game of cat and mouse.  Scorpio is unattainable and Aries struggles to win her affection. When Aries catches his prize, he holds her up on a pedestal. This is short lived however.  Scorpio loses interest once the chase is over.

Aries Man/ Sagittarius Woman:  These two get eachother, they are on the same waive lenght. No head games, they both understand eachothers wants.  Awesome match, definitely have a relationship staying power.

Aries Man/ Capricorn Woman: Aries will have the control in this relationship. Capricorn is putting in Aries hands. Aries will tame Capricorn's independent side.

Aries Man/Aquarius Woman: This relationship is more like a business arrangement then a love affair. They get along , however their is no sexual chemistry between them.  Aquarius is not willing to be adventurious with Aries.  Aries may get bored with Aquarius structured play time.

Aries Man/ Pisces Woman: Pisces woman is a the delicate demusel in distress, and Aries is the Knight ready to rescue her from all of her problems. Pisces may demand too much of his time. Aries will get used to her neediness , because he found his sexual soul mate.

                                              ARIES FEMALE

Aries Woman/ Aries Man : This couple has amazing sexual energy, but the compatibility stops right there.  He is the hunter, and she does not want to be caught.  If they stay together, it will a battle of  wills.

Aries Woman/ Taurus Man: Aries is cunning and aggressive. Taurus does not get Aries signals. In order for this relationship to work. Aries needs to make love to Taurus's mind.  

Aries Woman/ Gemini Man:  This relationship is an amusement park ride.  Aries loves Gemini energy and adventurious spirit, and Gemini love that Aries is open minded.  This relationship may have more then one partner to keep  things interesting.

Aries Woman/ Cancer Man: They connect on a emotional level.  Cancer man helps Aries forget past heartaches.  Cancer helps Aries heal old wounds.  This relationship may not stand the test of time, but Aries will always have a friend for life.

Aries Woman/ Leo Man: She has met her match. They make an immediate connection. They are able to relate both in and out of the bedroom.  This is easily a life long love affair.

Aries Woman/ Virgo Man: Virgo shows Aries the finer things in life.  He pleases her intellectually.Aries  learns open up sexually, and will try more erotic ventures with her Virgo mate.

Aries Woman/ Libra Man:  They are on the same wave length.  Aries is open to Libra's views on life and love.  He will wine her and dine her. Will show her romance that she has never experienced before.   She will show him her wild side in the bedroom. He will let her take the lead.

Aries Woman/ Scorpio Man: They have amazing sexual chemistry, however that is the depth of their connection. Scorpio will not be able to tame Aries ways.  This will be a short lived affair.

Aries Woman/ Sagittarius Man: This liked minded couple ,will do well as the professional power couple.  He is the outside of the box thinker, while she runs the show.  Sexually they got it together.

Aries Woman/ Capricorn Man: This is a messy match. Capricorn will bring complexity to the relationship, and cause Aries to chase her tail.  He unwilling to change to suit her style.  This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Aries Woman/ Aquarius Man: This is a mismatched couple, however Aquarius has a way of taming Aries .  He will bring her down to earth, and will have some sexual chemistry.  This relationship has little hope of lasting past a few months.

Aries Woman/ Pisces Man: Pisces is sensitive and deep. Aries is upfront and direct. She wants a man who has staying power. Pisces rather cuddle and connect then having long lovemaking sessions.  For this relationship to have any hope, he has to let her run the show.

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