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VIRGO-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

VIRGO-Virgo is a complex character who has many sides to their personality. Their love of nature and gentle personality makes them an intriguing sign. Virgo  Man is a master of disguises, putting on different faces for different people. He knows how to keep work and private life separate.  The way to Virgo's heart is someone who is worldly and experience. He tends to be drawn to older women.  Virgo Woman embodies eve, she the woman of earthly essence. She is powerfully feminine force, who is giving and nuturing. The way to her heart is desires a champion, someone with strong character and beliefs.  Someone who can rescue her, and give her the life she always wanted.

                                        VIRGO MAN

VIRGO MAN/ ARIES WOMAN-They're a mystery to each other. Best-case scenario: This match means positive psychological change.  When challenged, it disallows personal growth. With her, he's free to explore kinkier experiences.

VIRGO MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN- She has what it takes-beauty, virtur. After thos dangerous types, he seems a safe choice.  Their bond is about personal growth, newfound optimism. Sex involves experiment-swapping might be an option.

VIRGO MAN/GEMINI WOMAN:  A challenging psychosexual dynamic. He is Mr. Nature that is interesting to Gemini. She's more self-sufficient than he imagined. In bed, Virgo gets a reeducation-less repression, more expression.

VIRGO MAN/CANCER WOMAN: Virgo rescues Cancer, but Cancer sexual past worries Virgo.  They may be at odds, because Virgo wants to change Cancer. In the bedroom however Cancer lets lose, with causes Virgo to let go!

VIRGO MAN/ LEO WOMAN: When Leo lands in Virgo's life there is a shift.  She's someone that does not seek change. Heady on adoration, she relaxes into the role of Queen consort to her gentleman. In bed, Virgo is eager to  take Leo's orders.

VIRGO MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: This earthly couple try to change the world, but they can not change each other.  They try really hard to get along, but they are more at odds with who is more is more perfect then the other. In the bedroom there are no fireworks, but are able to be tender lovers for the short time they are together.

VIRGO MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: Generally a sweet , good-natured couple. They often find each other when free of burdens. With Libra, life is productive. What they lack in heat, this pair  more then make up for it in tenderness.

VIRGO MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN: They appeal to each other's high standards, considering themselves of exceptional moral character.  She helps turn lofty ideas into solid action. Friends feel their piety is just so much bluster, sexually they click.

VIRGO MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN:He sees potential- a beauty with brains- and sets out to scult Sag in his grand vision. He's the rock, a stepping-stone for her ambitions. In bed, she expects him to burn with desires: Does He?

VIRGO MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: He is hot in Cap's presence. She's her own muse-a self presevational package deal. Together, they pursue educational and cultural interests.In bed, this pair forms one fethishistic force-their routine is raunchy.

VIRGO MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: They're compelled to caretake-he invests endless emotional energy. Privately, he's keeping a checklist: she owes him big time. Aquarius is less selfish. Sexually, it's master-servant, with roles in constant rotation.

VIRGO MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: They fall head over heels, oblivious to any obstacles. But personality flaws manifest madley; it's often a murky, illusory existence. Sexually, he puts her on a pedestal-the fall from which is steep. 

                                   VIRGO WOMAN

VIRGO WOMAN/ ARIES MAN:  She seems pure as the driven snow;embodies the ambition she finds so attractive. He'll accept her patronage. She may manage his career,if not his life. Often, needs are in conflict. Still, sex is a revelation.

VIRGO WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN:  Marriage material: he's easily swayed by the adoration she showers.She accepts his tender tutelage. There are obstacles, but they're often overcome. Either way, It;s a smoldering sex thing from the start.

VIRGO WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN: First impressions are deceiving: he seems perfect: she calls to mind mighty maternal figures from his past. But they're two fickle souls troubling to find a through-line; still, enjoying plot twists along the way. Exotic sex is their asset.

VIRGO WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: They become fast friends. Together, they manage stresses. Life has a flow. She's happy to stay at home: Cancer softens into professional success. Craving each other completely, too much sex is never enough.

VIRGO WOMAN/ LEO MAN: Leo's floored by Virgo's exceptional feminit. She recognizes a talent worth championing: He might become her mission. They'll enjoy an even-keel existence. In bed, she's the seductive schoolmarm, he's her dominant pupil.

VIRGO WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: This earthly couple is not a perfect match. They are at odds at time , because neither one can decide who is more perfect.  This relationship is doomed at the start. In the bedroom, there is no sparks however they manage to some moments of tenderness.

VIRGO WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN: Fast friends, but they struggle to reach relationship status. Both can be spoiled. What starts out  as liberal turn into taking liberties. With effort, they fix it. Sexually wants to be swept off her feet; he won't work that hard.

VIRGO WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN:She's an open book;he's in search for someone to write on. But does he have the whole story? She's a complex character. Finding a middle ground maybe difficult. Sexually, he's in control. She's  grateful to be guided. 

VIRGO WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN: They meet early in life, often staying together through thick and thin.  She's overshadowed or sacrificed by his success. Despite resentment, Virgo's satisfied being of service. Sexually, they're no need for enhancements.

VIRGO WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: They have a plan: to work as a team,to prosper, to live in relative luxury. They play house, taking traditional roles. Sex is rarely a focus. Surprisingly, in some cases the marriage is comfortably open.

VIRGO WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN:They're born again- a spiritual overtone exists from the start. Still, there's a forbidden element here: She may be much younger or from a distinctly different backround. In bed, they're like minded, and full of surprises.

VIRGO WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: Virgo is body-snatched by persuasive Pisces guy. Separating themselves from everyone, this a precariously complacent-laziness is often their undoing. In bed, she'll begin to expect the unexpected.

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