Thursday, April 1, 2010

SAGITTARIUS-Who Are Sexually Compatible With?

SAGITTARIUS-Is a fun loving, freewheeling extremist, no body lives larger then this sign does. 

Sagittarius Man is a true romantic at heart, he loves to be a man that could sweep a woman off of her feet.The woman that captures his heart is someone who in his eyes is considered a perfect 10. He looks for the physical beauty first, and then the intellectual later.
Sagittarius Woman she is a true princess at heart. She is looking for her prince charming, someone who can give her the lifestyle she feels she truly deserves.  She believes it is her birth right.

                            SAGITTARIUS MAN

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ARIES WOMAN: Bucking authority, the live way outside the rules. He's  unhurried and askew, she's unbeholden and autonomus. This a supercouple that easily finds professional success. Sexually, they're exceptionally open-minded.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN: Fixation at first sight. Sag's colossal self-confidence transforms this twosome. In her, he's found a "savior" . Financially, they don't see eye to eye. She's one lover who will satisfied his oversized libido.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: She is addicted to bold, beguiling Sag man. They're in absolute accord-their bodies too,, snap into place like puzzle pieces. Sex, like all aspects of their sharied life, is wild with rounds of overt experimentation.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: He's undaunted by her turbulent temperment. Exhausted from taking life so seriously, she finds relief in his lively approach.  A notoriously wild couple, they might live hard and fast. In bed immense appetites are indulged.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ LEO WOMAN: Their courtship is formal, enveloped in etiquette, played by the rules. She's a nuturing presence: he's that stud she's been searching for. "Waiting" is a way to build excitment-their first encounter is explosive.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: They meet early in life, ofthen staying together through thick and thin. She's overshadowed or "sacrificed" to his success. Despite resentment, Virgo's satisfied being of service. Sexually, they've no need for enhancements.

SAGITARIUS MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN:  She's in unknown territory: he's relaxd in the company of such a cool character. In bed, Libra loosens up, accessing her naughtiest needs, Sag is spellbound: He's scored a sophisticated woman willng to satisfy his every wish.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN: His good luck creates their fortune. Her hold on him is firm . What each craves individually is willed through the relationship, especially in bed: For the sake of staying together, nothing is refused.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: Like a god and goddess on Mount Olympus, two Sagges make a mythic match. Together, the feel entitled to the material wealth that seems to seek them out. Sexually, this is the stuff of which legend are made.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN: A glamorous pair with an iconic allure that both impresses and intimidates anyone outside their social set. Still, the focus is inward and their home is a cozy cocoon.. In bed, though it's down and very dirty.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: They may seem ill-suited, but it's an illusion; With her, he's found a lifeline. Paired with Sag, the Waterbearer sets herself up for a brighter future. In bed, they break from old behavior-together, it's earthy crunch.

SAGITTARIUS MAN/ PISCES MAN : From the start, they enjoy an unspoken understanding: Both know it's time to stop running from love. Bohemianism is their mode-she's a gypsy at heart; Sag trades his bowler for a beret. Sex is messy, unfussy , fabulous. 

                                             SAGITTARIUS WOMAN

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ ARIES MANShe's a clear conveyor of sexual messages; he readily acts upon them. Aries and Sag share a body consciousness-fitness is often a fetish. Sex is straightforward. spontaneous; no head trips, but never ho -hum.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN:  Sharing much in common-especially a need for attention-they clash whe it comes to the essentials: She's happiest out in the world; he prefers he pleasures of home still, sexually, it's sumptuous.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN: She lives large; he invites such expansiveness, living vicariusly. She believes his strenghts offset her weknesses. Sex is touchy-feely, with lots of flirtatious foreplay she encouragess his lewder tricks and touches.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: She unpredictable, something he's unequipped to handle. Sexually she falls into a category:fantasy fling. They share a soulfoul ideology. She uses  to fasten his affections. In bed, he'll like cames bond.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ LEO MAN: Vigor and drive are what they share in common. Two colossal egos, in tandem, produce one of astorologys quintessential power couples. In bed, he's robust  and ever ready; Sag matches such heartiness.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ VIRGO MAN: He sees potential-a beauty with brains- and sets out  to sculpt Sag inhis grand vision. He's the "rock", a stepping-stone forher own ambitions. In bed, she expects him to burn with desire:Does he?

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ LIBRA MAN: Intellectual assets combined with her commercial capabilities create a powerful, profound partnership.. He's her muse. This pair proves it's possible to have it all. Sexually, they maybe into other couples.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: Her worldly radiance is kept under wraps-she's a valuable commodity who should only shine  in his sphere. He's such a persuasive partner- a departure. Sag feigns being forced into acts she's only too eager to try.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN: Like a god and goddess on top of Mount Olympus. two Sagges make a Mystic match. Together, they feel entitled to the material wealth that seems  to seek them. Sexually, this is the stuff of which legends are made.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: Slick Sag and Classy Cap man are drawn to the best circles in society smoothly and successfully threadng their way through the social fabric of their choosing. In bed, they're brassy and no holds barred.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: They meet, and lives are turned upside down. At first they're formal; then suddenly, it may be love and marriage. Aquarius learns to lavish attention in bed- the estimable Archeress won't accept anything less.

SAGITTARIUS WOMAN/ PISCES MAN: Each requires some solitude to survive this busy bond. Liberation might be their modu operandi; everything else is secondary. Pisces reassures Sag of her sex appeal. She finds new ways to get him going.

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