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CANCER-Who are you Sexually Compatible With?

CANCER-This sign has it all together. The Cancer Male is charming, and a self-professed perfect gentleman.  The perfect mate for him is a woman is traditional minded, as well as someone who is receptive to his deep emotional side.  The Cancer Female is deep and emotionally connected. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The way to win her heart is through her heart. She does well with men who get her, emotionally and spiritually.  



CANCER MAN/ ARIES WOMAN: Their connection is more mental then physical. They have a subconscious connection which allows Cancer to help Aries heal old relationship wounds.  They sexual relationship is sensual and healing. Cancer is Aries savior.

CANCER MAN/ TAURUS WOMAN: Taurus is Cancer's dream woman. She embodies his ideal woman, While Cancer is Taurus's Romeo. They connection in the bedroom is pure tenderness, as well as outright erotic.

CANCER MAN/ GEMINI WOMAN: Cancer is drawn to Gemini like a moth to a flame. It is lust at first sight for Cancer. While Gemini likes the attention that Cancer shows her.   However this relationship is doomed from the start.  The only saving grace is the amazing sexual chemistry.

CANCER MAN/ CANCER WOMAN: This moon ruled couple share deep emotional connection. They both love the comfort of home and enjoy the company of friends and family.  During their relationship they will experience alot of ups and downs.  You need to fasten your seat belts in you on the company of this emotional couple.  What keeps this couple joined at the hips, is their uninhibited sex.  Anything goes in the bedroom 

CANCER MAN/ LEO WOMAN:This couple is something to see. He is a polished gentlemen around Leo, while Leo struts her stuff around Cancer.  They both compliment each other, because they mutual want to satisfy each other's need.  Cancer shows his tender side to Leo, in order to soften her up.  Leo may become bored because Cancer at times is too emotional.  Cancer, tries really hard to win Leo's heart.

CANCER MAN/ VIRGO WOMAN: They become fast friends first, but Cancer learns how to appeal to Virgo soft side.  They mix well together, because their mutual love of nature and family. These ease into commitment easily.  In the bedroom, they have hours and hours of fun.

CANCER MAN/ LIBRA WOMAN: Cancer man is not Libra's type. They are friendly but there is not emotional connection.  At best, they're harmonious and hilarious. Sex eases tensions: Cancer's  passive so Libra has power.

CANCER MAN/ SCORPIO WOMAN:Cancer requires mothering; Scorpio's a cunning caretaker. Together, they cultivate a snug coexistence. Prosperity and progeny are anticipated. In bed, it's all-out eroticism. But Scorpio calls all the shots.

CANCER MAN/ SAGITTARIUS WOMAN: Sagittarius is too unpredictable for Cancer. While Cancer is too emotional for Sagittarius. At best this is a fantasy fling. They sharea soulful ideology. She uses sex to fasten his affections. 
CANCER MAN/ CAPRICORN WOMAN:He's the Eagle Scout of her dreams: she is his beauty Queen. They are ideal counterparts, easily finding a comfortable coexistence. Sex is a slow process of chipping away at contraints.

CANCER MAN/ AQUARIUS WOMAN: She is his wake up call.He's less an epiphany, more of a reality check. Sex is transformative-a step up for him, an enhancement for her.

CANCER MAN/ PISCES WOMAN: Two sensitive souls with acutely creative spirits. With him, she delves into a vocation,  inching closer to her goals. He breaks through lingering emotional limitations. Bed is their messy center of activity.  

                           CANCER WOMAN

CANCER WOMAN/ ARIES MAN:She is Aries Cinderella, While he is Cancer's knight in shinning in armor.  This couple will be attached at the hip. Their down fall may be Codependency. Sex is a healing experience.

CANCER WOMAN/ TAURUS MAN: Taurus is a safe and steady guy. Cancer volatility excites Taurus.  This emotional couple will have laugh and cry often together. In bed,she's a skillful sexual teacher.

CANCER WOMAN/ GEMINI MAN:Gemini is a man of action . Cancer is someone who will help Gemini get through is struggle. For this relationship to have staying power , there must have patience and communication.  In the bed together, they constantly try new tricks.

CANCER WOMAN/ CANCER MAN: This two moon ruled couple connect both spiritually and eomtionally. They both are so connected that they can even sense what eachother are thinking. They are so much a like that there life together will be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Bed is a safety zone where anything goes.

CANCER WOMAN/ LEO MAN: Leo is Cancer's savior, helps Cancer fix her father issues. He is in control in the relationship. Cancer teaches Leo how to be more sensitive. In the bedroom, she teaches Leo a thing or two.

CANCER WOMAN/VIRGO MAN:  Virgo sweeps Cancer off of her feet. Cancer maybe concerned about Cancer's sexual past. For this relationship to work, he most look past her indiscretions.  In the bedroom Cancer show Virgo how to let go.

CANCER WOMAN/LIBRA MAN: This  couple is open and freeing. They will explore many sexual fantasies together.  It is no hold bared when it comes to these two. 

CANCER WOMAN/ SCORPIO MAN: This is a match made in heaven. They have a positive effect on each other.  This is rarely a casual coupling. Sex is vigorous and athletic; still sensitive and intimate.

CANCER WOMAN/ SAGITTARIUS MAN:This is an explosive match. A notroiously wild couple, they might live hard and fast. In bed. immense appetities are indulged.

CANCER WOMAN/ CAPRICORN MAN: This relationship is based on sex. They have amazing sexual chemistry.  Erotic activity activity borders on extreme-strange, rough, sex could be standard.

CANCER WOMAN/ AQUARIUS MAN: Aquarius takes responsibiltiy for Cancer feelings. Cancer enjoys Aquarius's energy. This is an odd couple. Sexually, they're often at odds: she needs intimacy; he's happiest somewhat detached.

CANCER WOMAN/PISCES MAN: They push each other's buttons, though with the best of intentions. An absorbing bond: He especially uncovers old burdens, healing in the process. Cancer opens up, too. Sex is an escapes from stresses. 

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