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Sex Astrology-The 12 Zodiac Signs and their Erogenous Zones

Aries (21 March-20 April)

People who were born under this sign (both men and women) have very sensitive areas on the head and face. Stroke your partner's head, comb his/her hair, touch the temples with the tips of your fingers and this will be a good start of sexual friendship.
Aries, especially women, have very sensitive ears. Whisper some tender words in your partner's year and bite the lobe – your Aries will enjoy this caress greatly!
Woman Aries enjoys being kissed by bearded men as the beard consists of thousands of hairs that stimulate her sensitive nervous endings. Don't you have a beard? Than simply touch her lips with tips of your fingers – this will make her experience incredible sensations.
The same can be said about men Aries. Touch his lips and do not say you weren't warned! You will be overwhelmed by waves of his passion!

Taurus (21 April-21 May)

The most sensitive zone is Tauruses is neck. Start with slight touches and stroking of the back of the head and slowly get down to the neck. Kiss the neck and very soon your Taurus will become incredibly hot.
There are numberless opportunities for touching the neck "by chance". For instance while knotting the tie you can stroke your partner's neck with fingers and scratch the neck very tenderly. You will be surprised by so fast and so hot response!
What to women who were born under this sign, they also have a very sensitive neck. Sensual kisses, tender bitings will turn her on and will make her want you no matter what she had been doing before you approached her.
Do not forget that Tauruses hate hurry. So be reserved and do not force the events !

Gemini (22 May- 21 June)

Gemini have very sensitive arms and hands. Women Gemini like it very much when men kiss their hands while men turn on greatly when a woman sucks their fingers.
No matter whether your partner is a man or a woman, stroke his/her arms with the tips of your fingers. It will seem to you that nervous endings themselves try to touch you.
Lick your partner's palms and go upwards to the armpits. Never do this if you are not ready and don't have enough time for sex!

Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Both men and women who were born under this sign enjoy deep kissing that involves tongue and teeth. These passionate persons can even achieve orgasm when kissing, without any other kind of stimulation!
However the most sensitive part of the body in Cancers is chest (breasts). Both sexes enjoy oral and manual nipple stimulation as well as slight pinching. Tender stroking evokes wild sex drive in them.
A tip for a woman whose sex partner is Cancer: stroke his chest with tips of your fingers and “ this will turn him on even more than the very look of your naked body.

Leo (23 July-23 August)

Let's suppose you managed to get Leo in your bed (well, apartment). What should you begin with?
Go together to the bathroom. Rub your partner with a sponge until the skin becomes pink. Leos have very sensitive back. Rub it with circular motions and move from top downward. Most probably he/she will invite you to the tub to take bath together.
Scratch your Leo's back while making love in missionary position and“ he will like it.
If your Leo is a woman, stroke her back and shoulders with a feather. Your lover is sure to turn into a passionate lioness.

Virgo (24 August -23 September)

Did you get Virgo in your bed? Do not forget about belly and“ Virgos have very sensitive abdominal area.
Virgos enjoy light and tender touches and stroking with tips of fingers and hair.
Being very neat Virgos like everything related to water and bathroom. Take a bath or a shower together with your Virgo, massage his/her body with sponge or with running water or try some waterproof sex toys. Your partner will appreciate it greatly!
If you have a narrow tube, let your Virgo (woman) sit on your knees and penetrate from behind. Massage her belly with the shower simultaneously.
Massage the area around the belly and finish the massage with gentle licking. Satisfactory sex is guaranteed!

Libra (24 September-23 October)

Most sensitive area in Libras is the lower part of the back and buttocks. Touch your partner's back with tips of fingers when you are in public. Put your hands on your lover's nude buttocks when you are in a more erotic atmosphere. Massage his/her buttocks with circular motions and move upper and again get down. Your Libra will be in ecstasy!
If your Libra is a man, he will get incredibly turned on if you touch his back with your nipples. You won't have to do this twice.
If your Libra is a woman she will enjoy stroking, spanking and pinching concentrated on buttocks. Women Libras like positions that allow them to show their buttocks, for instance doggy style. Also Libras of both sexes greatly enjoy flogging and“ gift your partner a wipe or a paddle, he/she will appreciate it!

Scorpio (24 October -22 November)

Scorpios seem to be much simpler than other signs as their main erogenous zones are located in genital area.
You won't have to take much pains to make your partner Scorpio hot. Just touch his genitals and you will turn him into a volcano.
It is enough to cross the legs for a woman Scorpio to get incredibly aroused and“ so hot and sensitive she is.
Both men and women Scorpios are crazy about oral sex, especially if it is enhanced with some oral sex helpers.

Sagittarius (23 November - 22 December)

People who were born under this sign have very sensitive legs and hips. Women Sagittariuses have sensitive head an hair. Stroke her hair, comb her hair and“ she will purr like a cat. If you do this tenderly you will awaken her desire.
Sagittariuses enjoy stimulation of the area that surrounds genitals. Kiss and lick this area, touch and stroke it tenderly and enjoy watching your partner's response. Men Sagittariuses like it very much when their partners (no matter of what gender) apply a great amount of sex lubricant on the buttocks and between them. Rubbing against wet buttocks will bring him to the peak of enjoyment.
Both men and women Sagittariuses like sensual massage with massage oils and lotions, but be aware that your massage will end with most passionate sex you ever had.

Capricorn (22 December- 20 January)

Men Capricorns as well as Sagittariuses do love massage, but they prefer massage that is performed with breasts and nipples, rather than with hands.
Get naked and stroke his chest and back with your breasts. Touch his face and mouth with nipples, this will make him wild hot!
Passion of a woman Capricorn will turn into a hurricane if the partner kisses her belly or the area under the knees. Skin around the belly is especially sensitive in women who were born under this sign.
Both a man and a woman Capricorn will enjoy massage of the head and back, especially if you use your hands and tongue.

Aquarius (23 January -20 February)

Sensitive areas of Aquariuses are legs, calves and ankles. Any position that allows you to touch this area will enhance your Aquarius' pleasure.
You won't have to take much pains to make your partner want you, just stroke his calve and you will be greatly surprised by his/ her response.
Try making love in standing position when the woman embraces the partner with legs and touches his calves. This is the best position for a couple where both partners are Aquariuses!

Pisces (21 February- 20 March)

If your partner was born under the sign of Pisces, be aware that he/she likes warmth and water. So do try making love on water bed or in a tub, or somewhere else: in a swimming pool, in the sea or in a lake, but keep in mind that this is not quite hygienic.
Pisces do love tender foot massage. Massage your partner's feet, stroke them with feathers, kiss his toes and“ you will heat up his/her passion!
Pisces do love to stimulate their partners with feet. Women massage their partner's penis with feet, while men Pisces get incredible pleasure from touching stroking their partner's genitals with feet.
Suggest your partner wash feet with hot water, this will enhance his sex drive!

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