Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horary Astrology-Prediction of Future & Sporting Event Outcomes

Answering questions by questions in the light of planetary influences is popularly known as horary or Prasna Sastra known. It refers to the most important events in the daily events and occurrences of human life. This branch of astrology, in fact, is the most useful and prominent aspect of the astrological science. It helps a lot in anticipation of the events of the many important future events in advance. How and when to place an event, what its exact nature, when they will end positively, which is decisive for them and how far the events are beneficial or detrimental to the interests of those affected are all predicted by astrologers without reference to the birth horoscope. When no hindrance or obstacle in the way of the success of any business or enterprise is thrown, and if such obstacles in the run are determined by Horary, then ways to remove such obstacles or inhibitions or be completely overcome such evil can minimize recourse, in future, not things to be smooth in the future and progress can be achieved. In the case of Horary, we first check the exact time when asked a question and for the period mark the positions of the planets and the ascendant is determined. 

The Ascendant or Lagna the Prasna of the rising sun at the time the request is called. 1st The success and failure in each company, as the investigation should be based on business processes, etc. can be predicted with reference to the Prasna lagna. The object of the parties involved, will succeed if rising sun and a positive, the positive navamsa. 2nd If on the date of the query, the sun rising in the 1st, 4rth, and the 7th, 2nd, 5th and 8, and in the 3rd, 6th and 9 navamsas, refers the question, minerals, vegetables and animals, or sign in an odd and an even sign in, the reverse is good. 3rd If at the time of the query, the Saturn found in an odd sign of Prasna lagna is, the wife will have a male child, and if Saturn a level surface, a female child is born. 4th If the Saturn in the 7th House, questioning the person has to be within three months from the time married to ask the question. 5th If at the time of the query, it was found that the Sun, Venus or Mars in the 7th House enters, it relates, that the person has an extra marital affair. Jupiter in the 7th House indicates that the woman is a prostitute and Saturn indicates that the person is a low caste man.

 6th Each planet, between 8 House and the ascendant predicts the safe return of any person in a foreign land is gone. 7th Recovery from illness, should be predicted if the benefic in Prasna lagna. 8th Bet the nature of the stolen items after considering the navamsa the rising sun, the nature of the thief by drekkana and the age and the thief by the Lord of the ascendant. 9th During the rainy season, early to predict rain, when Venus and Saturn in the 7th House of the Sun and the Moon or to occupy, and when the Saturn and Venus are in the 4th and 8 House from the lagna Prasna. Suppose want to know a person, whether his stolen property can be restored or not to recover if a single serious illness or not, whether it would be profitable to invest money in any business or not, whether a man is by speculation advantageous or not, All these questions can be answered successfully with astrology and the hours by following the above principles.

Also Horary Astrology is used to predict the outcome of sporting events, by knowing the DOB, Time and Place of the Coach and the key members of his team. The reason this important is that you need to know where certain planets are aligned in the 12 houses to see if these people are destined to win! Many sports betters are starting to use this method, and have had great success.  There are also software created to predict Sporting event Outcomes.  

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