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Men on Men-Gay Astrology (Love and Feelings!)



Gay Aries Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Aries Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — An Aries represents the beginning point of when a person becomes aware of his or herself. Arians can be self-absorbed and innocently unaware of others' feelings. They easily gain others' interest and respect with their enthusiasm, but to be able to garner and maintain their support will require diplomacy, flexibility, tolerance, prudence, compassion and consideration.

They endear themselves to others with their ability to make them laugh. As lovers, they can be passionate, warmhearted, ardent and generous with their affections. They enjoy the chase, finding the contest exciting, but after making a conquest, they may cool very quickly. Their best relationship will be with someone independent and self-assured, glamorous, charming, warm and dramatic, who thrives on the energy of love and excitement.

They could meet their type at entertainment venues, amusement parks, social clubs, gambling casinos, golf courses, parties, picnics, vacation resorts, sports events, playgrounds, the stage, or in theaters, poolrooms, or ballrooms.



Gay Taurus Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Taurus Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — They are normally sincere, genuinely sympathetic, charming, easy-going and amusing with a comforting, earthy sense of humor. They create an aura of relaxation around them that others respond to with warmth, but their initial response to love is reserved and cautious.

Taureans need to know where they stand before letting their guard down. They respond to someone who's attractive, neat, health conscious, modest, reliable, discreet, efficient, affectionate, loyal, helpful and thrifty. They could meet their type in cafés, restaurants, public gardens, libraries or at crafts fairs, produce markets, dairy farms.

Taureans also could be attracted to health professionals, sports figures, designers, social workers, scientists, public servants or people working in communications or with computers. Regular demonstrations of physical tenderness help keep them healthy and well balanced, strengthening their resolve to achieve.



Gay Gemini Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Gemini Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Their nature is to be enthusiastically sociable, and it is easy to mix with people, because of their inherent proclivity for light conversation and humor. Gemini initial attraction toward others is based on mental compatibility.

Romance, affection and sexual expression come after they've found intellectual sympathy and satisfaction. They love romance, but approach it mentally, not emotionally. They're fond of exchanging verbal expressions of love and, in addition to enjoying passionate phone calls, they may write poetry or send frequent greeting cards.

Gemini would do best with someone of good social standing who is diplomatic, cooperative, affectionate, charming, artistic and well balanced. They could meet their type in jewelry or clothing boutiques, museums, galleries, at weddings, or at interior design, poetry, music, or fine art events.



Gay Cancer Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Cancer Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — On good days, they're naturally inclined toward fun and leisure, and attract others with their dry wit and pronounced sense of humor. They have a knack for making others feel right at home, because they enjoy nurturing and catering to their needs. Their ideal relationship is based on mutual needs and strong values.

Cancers require loyalty, devotion, trust and sympathy, and want someone who's passionate, intense, energetic, soulful and positive. Timid by nature, they are not aggressive in their approach to love. They send out vibrations of feelings to attract their intended, who they prefer is receptive on a psychic level.

Cancers could meet their type among psychiatrists, dentists, tax consultants, butchers, detectives, pharmacists, funeral directors, insurance brokers, chemists, surgeons, researchers or magicians.



Gay Leo Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Leo Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — When they're truly their `Highness,' they're noble, generous, caring, open, loving and sympathetic. They can inspire others with their wit and humor and offer wise counsel based on their experiences. The romantic personified, they're intent on exploring every facet of love.

Leos like romantic novels and dream of honeymoons, meeting a distant lover, or engaging someone of foreign birth, but it's hard for them to focus on one person. Someone generous, optimistic, philosophical, versatile, sporty, romantic, and open-minded could capture their undivided attention.

Leos might meet their type while traveling, at places of worship, outdoor sports events (horse or car racing, archery, hiking), bookstores, publishing companies, colleges, in court, foreign countries, or on ships and airplanes.



Gay Virgo Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Virgo Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Virgos forte is small talk. They are playfully sarcastic, helpful and generous with advice, and they're at their best when they're tolerant, sympathetic and easygoing. However, with their need for privacy, they can be somewhat loners.

They're prudent about love and approach it with their head. They want it to fit into a schedule or program and to be orderly, emphasizing stability and security. Their ideal in a romantic relationship is someone who's mature, conservative, responsible, well established, practical and organized.

Virgos are likely to meet their mate among corporative executives, architects, builders, contractors, farmers, government officials, land owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, ranchers and real estate agents.



Gay Libra Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Libra Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love & Feelings — Libras love to socialize and can be quite popular, because of their good-humored, gracious, sympathetic nature. They are not interested in superficial acquaintances and may be cautious in love and romance. They'll establish friendship first and weed out those who don't meet their intellectual standards.

Libras want to share a relationship with someone who's romantic, humanitarian, independent, idealistic, unbiased, spontaneous, inventive, sociable and insightful. A partner will enjoy sharing in unconventional entertainment with a Libra and friends.

Libras could meet their type on planes or at airports, auto shows, radio or TV stations, movie theaters, electric or telephone companies; among friends, astrologers, aviators, broadcasting technicians, chiropractors, senators, congressmen, electricians, mechanics, motorcyclists, psychologists, psychotherapists, scientists; or at social affairs or clubs affiliated with these types of people.



Gay Scorpio Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Scorpio Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Scorpios are secretive and don't establish bonds until they're sure of others' trustworthiness. Then, they loosen up and reveal their keen insight and fine sense of humor.

They approach love emotionally and dream of fairy tale romance. They want to be with someone who's artistic, spiritual, inspiring, helpful, peaceful, idealistic, refined and perceptive.

Scorpios might meet their type in the theater, museums, nightclubs, hospitals, prisons, chemical labs, spiritualistic churches, at sea, the beach, the pool, dance events, aquariums, gas stations, film or photography studios, retreats, or even in shoe stores.



Gay Sagittarius Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Sagittarius Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Their frank honesty, wisdom and sincerity makes them great counselors, but they most enjoy being able to talk with others of equal or greater brain power, regardless of who they are.

Sagittarius' love for diversity extends to romance. They're nervous about commitment. They want to be with someone who's pioneering, courageous, exciting, enthusiastic and up-to-speed intellectually and energetically.

They could meet their type among firemen, military personnel, the police force, manufacturers, metal workers, explorers, engineers, mechanics, surgeons, in hardware stores, hat departments, theaters, casinos, sports arenas or amusement parks.



Gay Capricorn Horoscope: Love & Feelings

Gay Capricorn Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Capricorns present an appearance of dignity and protect themselves from the emotional pain of criticism by maintaining their distance and keeping their own counsel. When they're sure of a person's approval, they'll drop their guard and be very witty, dispensing humor with a provocative edge.

They enjoy entertaining on a grand scale and prefer cultivating relationships with people of high social standing who will boost their prestige. They desire a down-to-earth type who's reliable, compassionate, loyal, patient, trustworthy, industrious and shares their material ambitions and love of social status.

Capricorns might meet their type at banks, jewelry stores, florists, art galleries, music events, fine carpet stores, cattle
 farms, coral eefs, cultural centers, piano stores, sculpture gardens, treasuries and among singers.



Gay Aquarius Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Aquarians can quickly assess a 
person's character, because outer appearances don't impress them.
 Open-minded, they take to strangers easily, but have to be careful of 
others playing on their sympathy. 

They approach love with their head, are turned on by mental stimulation,
 and seek to experience a mind-meld with a lover. They can be fickle, flirtatious,
 indecisive and double-dealing, and they prefer affairs to commitments, but 
they could vow loyalty if they meet a compatible communicator with a sunny 
disposition who's glamorous, noble and ardent. Aquarians can meet their type
 in their immediate neighborhood, libraries, bookstores, primary school, through 
siblings or personal ads, on short journeys, via the telephone, 


Love and Feelings

Gay Pisces Horoscope: Love & Feelings
Love and Feelings — Pisces are the most romantic and loving sign of the
 zodiac, and approach love emotionally, seeking a relationship based 
on security, comfort and nurturing. They often link love and procreation.
 They admire people who are receptive, industrious, conscientious, economical, domestic,
 sociable, sympathetic and protective. A Pisces best friend might introduce them to their type, or 
they could find a partner at ocean resorts, water sport events, grocery stores, in hotels, restaurants, 
public gardens, laundries, on ships or boats, or working in catering, politics, real estate or sports.
, or around newspapers, news, magazines, lectures, debates or teaching.

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