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Miley Cyrus's Natal Chart (Mini-Birth Chart)

Destiny Hope Cyrus
                               (Miley Cyrus)
November 23 1992    00:00 AM
Franklin, Tennessee
- 6 GMT
086° 52' W    35° 56' N
Tropical Zodiac  -  Placidus Houses
The Luminaries: Sun and Moon
The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-similar (fractal) 
qualities within you. But of all the planets, the "lights" - the Sun and Moon -
 are thought to indicate the main polarity of your being. In psychology, this has been
 articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious 
contents of the mind. The Sun and Moon act as positive and negative poles - an 
intentional, directing element (Sun), and a suggestible, receptive one (Moon). In 
a beneficial relationship, the emotional conditioning of the Moon is given a purposive
 and positive expression by the astrological Sun. This has been called 'intentional living'. 
Wherever we allow our consciousness (attention) to rest, that we vitalize.
The Astrological Sun
There is only one center to our solar system, and there is only one center to your
psyche. The Sun is the great central powerhouse which illuminates us and shows
us where we can get the most from life by radiating all that our sun represents.
In Jyotish, the astrology of the Hindus, the Sun is known as 'atma karaka', or
 soul indicator, signifying a person's confidence, authority and power - the ego
 center of the horoscope. The Sun is our central identity and 'true self', in that it
 is toward this more than anything that we should be moving and developing. Thus,
 it represents that which we wish to become and those we look up to. It is also our
essence, our bliss, and that which we do for the sheer fun of it. The Sun is creativity,
 original flair, celebration and glory - the quality of output we tend to expect from
 heroes and celebrities. But we are each capable of giving out more than we do - and I
don't mean money. The Sun is about having a purpose large enough to animate
the whole of your life and going about it with a tone of appreciation and joie de vivre.
 Your Sun shows how and where you can shine. 
Light your fire!
Sun in Sagittarius 
Honest, open and candid, you are always out-going and frank, and allow your
thoughts be directed toward the future in faith of a good outcome. On the move,
you are a traveler of both the world and the mind - theory, philosophy and the
larger purposes in life attract you. You prefer grand themes and big gestures - the
large canvas and the big brush. The exploratory drive is very strong in you
and you are always shooting for a mark beyond yourself. New possibilities excite
 you, therefore you are very good at sizing up the current situation and
seeing how it can be maximised rather than resisted. By aligning your life activity
 with something bigger than yourself - some cause or concept - you transform
ordinary humdrum existence into something nearer the ideal. Sagittarius is
 nothing if not direct, candid and to the point, for this sign is always concerned
with the absolute truth of the subject at hand. Associated with philosophy, outreach
and all things boundless, Sagittarius energy is always welcome in politics as
 well as social and community endeavors where its basic fairness and expansiveness
 is helpful.
Sun Conjunct Mercury 
Mentally active. Intellectual expression comes easily, but is often restless
 and lacking patience because the mind operates so quickly. Ability to excel
in speaking, writing and all types of communication, but can lack objectivity.
 Witty and humorous with a dramatic mind, will benefit by being in a
 teaching or lecturing occupation. Mind wants to capture as much new information
as possible, so travel when you can.
Sun Trine Mars 
Efficiency of action. The ego is asserted in a well-balanced way and enjoys
 adventurous pursuits. Physical outlets like athletics and exercise are
important and should be made lifelong activities. Another form this aspect could
 take is training or coaching others. There is a natural ability toward dramatic
 performance. Confident and decisive with good initiative, there are plenty
of opportunities for productive self-expression.
Sun Semisquare Uranus 
Unconventional, independent and drawn to whatever is different and original
 in life. Hates being tied down with the drudgery of routine, preferring instead to
 keep options open. Gets involved in causes that go against tradition, revolutions
 of one kind or another - social or political. Men in particular are eccentric
 or nonconformist. Computers, electronics and everything 'new-wave' appeals.
Sun Semisquare Neptune 
Dreams and visions are reality. High ideals and an ability to enchant with
 words and images. There is concern with the true mysteries of existence.
Lives with no boundaries between the self and the environment. At home
 in the 'transcendental' realm; the most crucial experiences of life happen
internally in the form of deeply sensitive perceptions. There is also a great
 affinity for music and poetry.
Sun Conjunct Pluto 
Magnificent willpower. Comes on strong and tends to intimidate. Presence
and concentration are very forceful. Likes to get down to bare essentials
 right off. Not afraid of a good confrontation. This intensity puts self and
others through a lot of changes. Would be great at research or any
work that requires digging, searching, investigating, and getting
beneath the surface. Men especially are drawn to or somehow involved
 in 'underground' activities. Sex drive is powerful and needs outlet.
The Astrological Moon
The astrological Moon symbolises memory, memes and
conditioning - the habitual, instinctive, unconscious side
 of our nature, and therefore the most predictable. Our
 interface with the environment - how we react to it - is best
 indicated by the Moon's position and the planets it aspects.
Because it represents our upbringing and emotional background,
 the Moon denotes our sense of belonging and well-being (or not)
and what we need in order to feel comfortable and content.
 But all too often the tendency is for the Moon to reflect back
 the frayed impressions of old hurts and vendettas, thereby
wasting precious energy on painful and unproductive
distractions of the past. Clearly what is needed is a more
 aspiring attitude; one in which we are continually banging
our cup and demanding that our needs be satisfied! What
is your special hunger? What kind of stimulation do you
 need in order to feel good about yourself? True gratification
 can be had only by feeding your Moon. The Feast of the Present
 is spread out around you!
Moon in Scorpio 
Yours is a passionate emotional life. Intense feelings and strong
attachments make for hot times. You are fiercely loyal. Moon in
Scorpio is secretive and not at all superficial. When displaying
 how you feel about a particular person or situation, its really
 'all or nothing' with you. You take more than you give
 emotionally, and this may be due to unresolved issues from your
 early upbringing. However, this is also an excellent Moon placement
 for business, detective work and the like, giving you a keen
sense for power and 'behind the scenes' operations. 
Moon Sextile Neptune 
Emotionally inspired. A built-in sense of what the public wants
and the ability to come up with just the right image. Finds it
 easy to work with the emotions and the feelings with
great imagination. A born creator of atmosphere, especially
when it comes to the home and domestic surroundings. Lives
 for the romance and beauty of life.
Moon Sextile Uranus 
Emotional freedom. A stimulating and original outlook, especially
when it comes to home and surroundings. Also manifests in unusual
 ways of supporting oneself. A knack for seeing where and when
beneficial changes can be made to the immediate environment.
 Personal magnetism and a pronounced interest in unusual or
 so-called alternative ways of living.
Moon Square Saturn 
A natural architect. The intuitive organizer, able to manage and
control both feelings and situations to a degree of coming on shy
 and reserved. Can find it difficult to give of emotion and support.
The greatest quality is a profound sense of responsibility. This
 seriousness, while perhaps not the life of the party, is
dependable and others trust that judgement. A detached nature.
Women especially are prone to feelings of isolation or insecurity.
 Embellished and to the point. Prefers the safety of 'staying
put' over the risk of change.
Moon Conjunct Pluto 
Deep soul searching. Manages to get to the searing truth of
the situation. Penetrating psychological analyses are your strength.
 Can be perceived as so intense that presence in a group has a very
decided effect. Others may feel that nothing is a secret from you.
 Political influence. Emotionally suspicious and has compulsions which
are often swayed by cravings and desires. There is a marked
tendency to re-make or re-mold oneself every so often.
Moon Sextile Venus 
Personal charm and popularity. A natural talent in and appreciation of
 aesthetics. Works easily with music and the arts. A fine appreciation
of female energy; excellent rapport with women. Affectionate and
 caring when it comes to relationships, can charm a prospective mate
with ease. Attracts material benefits and prosperity.
The Planets: Agents of the Cosmos
The planets of astrology are not just giant balls of rock 
and gas, but fractal reflections of the different facets of reality -
 whole self-consistent categories of meaning. They reveal tendencies
 which are in a continual state of 'becoming'. But each individual is 
responsible for developing his or her attributes and actively 
integrating the planets' detailed messages. Having had the broad qualities
 pointed out, you are free to work with or against the cosmic current. But
 you will only benefit from the universal self-organising process by 
intentionally and plan fully improving on those features as depicted in your
 birth chart. We only get where we're going by moving in the right direction.
 Destiny is a matter of Destination.
The Astrological Mercury
Mercury is the articulate messenger - Hermes - master of the networks,
 change and complexity. He represents mentality: words, thoughts,
ideas, communications. But more generally, this is the planet of
 connections - everything that links and conveys - synchronicity -
the magical crossroads at which the observer stands to see the
 'similarity of meaning' in the converging strands of various causes
 and effects. This is the meeting place of mind and matter, where
 logic, wit and reason are brought into play. The power of
thought. The power of words. The ancestor of every action
 is a thought, and how we say something is often more important
 than what we say. Words trigger attitudes and set up resonances
of their own, continuing to do their work even when the attention
 is elsewhere. Guided by your Mercury, you begin to construct a
 bridge between yourself and the world, bringing together all the
 unique circumstances needed to trigger results that none of them
 could have produced on their own. Mercury shows how you
can 'hijack' people, places and situations to your best advantage
 - the way you can go about getting your way.
Mercury in Scorpio 
The original Sherlock Holmes, you are able to ferret out
information and all kinds of secrets. You are research-oriented
 and security minded. A shrewd and penetrating mind, you have
 great psychological instincts and are able to get at the causes
beneath the surface of life.
Mercury Trine Mars 
You have a great love of the written and spoken word, and
 ideas in all their flavors are what you like best to work with.
 Your enthusiasm for mind, the intellect, and the world
 of ideas makes it easy for you to communicate these
things to others. You would be a good teacher. You
have no trouble putting your feelings into words, and
what you say always carries a lot of content. You could
 make a fine entertainer and an excellent speaker.
Mercury Conjunct Pluto 
Anyone who tries to get you to play with words is in
for a big surprise. Your mind cuts right through all the
window dressing and gets right down to the quick. Before
anyone knows it, you have the heart of the matter out front
 for everyone to see. You would make a great investigator,
either in scientific research or undercover work. It makes no
 difference. Your ability to get to the point is all but phenomenal.
 You can talk and put into words areas of the psychological that
others wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
Mercury Semisquare Venus 
You have a love affair going with the mind and you value all
of its offspring: words, ideas, thoughts, and such. And you love
to talk. In particular you appreciate good conversation, and
 you feel that stimulating mental adventures (either alone
 or with others) are among the most exciting experiences life offers.
You have a built-in sense of discrimination when it comes to the intellect
 -- all mental activities.
Mercury Semisquare Uranus 
You do a lot to fulfill the popular stereotype of the "genius," so obviously
 brilliant are some of the things you think and say. You have such an
outpouring of insights that having a conversation with you can be a
 real experience. Your mind works like lightning. Words and thoughts sort
of shoot out, illuminating whatever subject is at hand. You really do have
 very different ideas and ways of expressing them. There may also be
 a sustained interest in communication, computers, electronics, and
all that is electrical.
The Astrological Venus
Venus is harmony. She symbolises our relationship with all that
we meet in the world. When we appraise or appreciate something,
 whether that be another person or a possession, this is Venus -
 the sense of love or appreciation we feel. Venus is reciprocity, interaction
with others, compromise, reconciliation and balance. She is also our need
for approval, and how we seek it - 'we' consciousness and union. This
ability to get-it-together is also tested by our talent (or lack of) for developing
a sense of wealth and affluence. Venus is what we love, feel comfortable with
 and what appeals to us. And she has much to do with desires, luxuries and
 their enjoyment. She is also about making oneself enjoyable. Thus her energy
 is what has been called the 'courtier spirit', which means being agreeable and
 smoothing the path. In many ways she shows us how we can get the most,
 both relationship-wise and financially, out of life. As the planet of balance
 and resources, Venus speaks to us about the ways one influences the other;
 for as any successful businessperson will tell you, you must be willing to spend
money in order to make it. This is the lifeblood of commerce - there must be
 an out-going as well as an in-coming flow of energy. Good relationships
 require give-and-take, as do all successful enterprises.
Venus in Capricorn 
You are in love with whatever practical in relationships, but you also
 want commitment - something that lasts. You appreciate tradition and
 are conservative in most dealings - your loyalty and sense of propriety
make you and excellent 'business head'. You may tend to be too serious,
however, perhaps coming off too much as the 'cool cucumber'. Benefit
 comes through planning and being in control. 
Venus Conjunct Uranus 
You cherish whatever is different and out of the ordinary. The commonplace
 and the humdrum are not for you. Your friends and surroundings -- everything
around you -- must be unconventional to the point of being controversial. You could
care less what others think, and this independence is your passion. The way
you show affection may also be unusual, and your partners are certainly nonconformist.
 You set a high value on being different.
Venus Square Jupiter 
You value fairness in all things and go out of your way to be just. You
appreciate others who have been successful and may surround yourself
with those in power, be they politicians, officials, what-have-you.
 Your sense of quality and discrimination may amount to some sort of
 livelihood for you. You could make your living with your good taste.
In addition, you have an innate sense of how to work with and guide others
in making decisions. You understand the choices and can spot the right ones.
Venus Conjunct Neptune 
You place a high value on your dreams and ideals and don't consider
them otherworldly or impossible. You experience the unity around you
 -- that which joins things together. There is a love of the sea and of
whatever solves that which separates us. Mysticism, mythology, poetry,
and music are natural. These are all known items to you. People
who encounter you may sometimes feel deceived by your remarkable
 vision, which they enjoy when they are with you but find hard to maintain
 by themselves. They wish the world were like you say it is.
The Astrological Mars
Mars is the planet of motivation and drive. It is the self-starting impetus,
initiative and energy we need to get moving. When we search for the meaning
of something, life or whatever, it is Mars that urges us on and keeps us searching.
 Mars also drives us against things too, as when it sends us into war and combat.
 Mars looks for the challenge, takes charge and pushes forward with a pioneering
 spirit. Mars is purposeful, direct and courageous; where our passion is, there
 we find the planet Mars. Thus it also has to do with ardor and impulses, and
often signifies the sex-drive, especially in a man's chart. Martian energy enjoys
 becoming involved in the thrust of life - acting promptly on an urge and,
within that conviction, creating more trust in its own actions. This is a circular
process: The more we trust and act, the more we receive impulses that can
 be trusted.
Mars in Cancer 
You have a real security drive and a need to care and protect others
-- mother hen. Very sensitive to the slightest emotional change, you
 have all the artistic traits and talents. If threatened, you can be
 very defensive, and you hate competition. You love family, children
 and animals. You have good 'common sense'.
Mars Trine Pluto 
You enjoy working with whatever is psychological -- the hidden, vulnerable,
 sensitive areas of the mind and self. You can handle material that is sensitive
 or taboo without batting an eye. This interest in all that is psychological makes
 you an excellent teacher in the field. You have a natural grasp for the political,
for handling the public, and you know how to get your way. Your drive in these
 areas amounts to a passion, and those around you may feel that you are often
 too intense. Power struggles are somewhat routine for you.
The Astrological Jupiter
When it comes to an astrology of success and empowerment, some
 planets are more important than others simply because of their nature.
As the planet of outreach and exploration, Jupiter plays a very important
role here. The Hindu word for Jupiter is 'Guru' (Teacher), and Jupiter is
about having an outlook or belief system - something we can identify with
 or look forward to. It shows how we search for meaning in our lives, and
therefore has much to tell us about our 'ideal' vocation. Jupiter is the guiding
 philosophy which provides us with our sense of direction and shows us
 how to approach life's problems. Jupiter is 'conscience', ethics, as well as our
opinions and how we form them. It represents our speculations about the
world and can tell us much about the process of self-discovery. As the
 'lord of opportunity', prosperity, affluence, and all the benefits we earn through
 our outgoing-ness and out-giving to others, Jupiter's position in your chart
 is instrumental in determining your capacity for optimism and attracting luck.
To enhance Jupiter's benefit in your life, follow the indications of his placement
 in your chart. In general, by adopting a spread of effort rather than a concentration
 - by accepting Life's invitations and maximising what they have to offer - by saying
'yes' to the exotic and unfamiliar - we deliberately extend our range of contacts
 and interests whereby luck can reach us. There is an organic connection between this
 attitude and the arrival of the good things in life. A note of warning though, you
 can have too much of a good thing.
Jupiter in Libra 
You could enjoy a career working with people as a go-between, negotiator, or
 mediator, for you can be all things to all people - a mirror. You are not
 iinterested in what runs deep, but prefer to control what goes on at the surface.
You are a natural diplomat, and luck is drawn into your life by your natural ability
 to give counter-support and restoring equilibrium.
Jupiter Trine Saturn 
You are a natural architect and builder, able to use your mind to make decisions
in matters of form and function. For you, the goal and the way to get to it are the
 same thing. You like to build each step and have each decision be an end in itself.
 Thing s must be done right. You also have great skill with the law, whether man
-made or those of nature, and you can put all of this into words. You could well
teach others in these areas. You understand how to handle authorities and have
 a natural gift at solving problems.
Jupiter Semisquare Pluto 
A career in psychology, areas of the mind and self that are vulnerable and
sensitive, is indicated. You not only like change and transforming experiences, you
pursue them for their own sake. You head straight for whatever challenges your
 sense of identity and puts you through changes. This life path could also carry
 you into subjects like reincarnation, psychic experiences, and all that is occult
 or hidden from common view. You plunge right in, dig through the whole mess,
 and leave not a secret unturned. Yours is a career deep in change,
transformation, and metamorphosis.
The Astrological Saturn
Saturn is the prince of the material world - the planet of materialization
and incarnation, self-containment and personal distinction. Saturn rules the
limitations of the world we live in and so indicates where we are bound to learn
 self-discipline and duty - whether we like it or not! It is the boundaries
around us that make identity possible. As time passes, you slowly but surely
crystallize a personal identity, distinct and unique from the others around
you, by excluding whatever does not seem compatible with your purpose.
 Each new day adds to this evolutionary sense of 'I', with the object being
an increased sense of responsibility. Saturn is said to be the hard taskmaster,
the planet that keeps us from getting carried away in one direction or another.
 And although it seems to limit and undermine, it also defines and clarifies. For it
is the process of sedimentation - building layer upon layer with structure and control
 - whereby we see our ambitions realised. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished
without determination, concentration, persistence, commitment and patience.
Saturn in Aquarius 
You have an innate distrust of groups or large organizations and could tend
 to avoid what is new or future-oriented. You are, perhaps, too conservative and need to
develop a sense of community and sharing with others. Learn to be
independent. Practice impartiality and altruism. Strive to become more
The Astrological Uranus
To live a full and satisfying life, you must be vividly yourself. Many of us are
afraid to be different, and the pressure to conform can be stifling. But to live
 creatively is to find your own way, even if this means going against the grain.
This urge to free-will and self-authorisation is Uranus, the planet of fierce
 independence. Surprise can be stimulating - the jab that gets you out of
 the rut. And if you want to ride the wave of chaos instead of being swallowed
 by it - if you want to liberate yourself from the disruptions and shocks around
you - you must voluntarily keep out of the groove. Realise that change
is the only constant phenomenon. In randomness is all potential. Disorder
increases possibilities. Chance! Uranus is the reverse of the status quo and
 always unconventional and heretical: If life is accidental, we are free to give
 it any point we like. Become Yourself!
Uranus in Capricorn 
You are innovative in the political and business arena. You find new ways to
 manage and control things and people. Ever practical, you come up with new
or alternate forms of management -- breakthroughs in top-level management
 and corporate styles. You bring new life to conservative traditions.
Uranus Conjunct Neptune 
You have real vision and insight into the unity that ties this world
 together. Your brilliant imagination and enchanting manner transport
 all who meet you beyond the mundane and into the extraordinary regions
 where you spend a lot of your time. You are a seer, in the true sense of
 the word, and possess a waking experience of that part of us that is mystical
and dreamlike. You find new ways to bring people together, to unify situations.
 Unusual music.
The Astrological Neptune
Neptune is the desire and ability to transcend normal consciousness and
everyday waking life - to dream the impossible dream. This 'divine discontent'
can be the cause of much mischief in itself, for to pursue the Ideal is often to
 avoid the reality of how things are. But, when it comes to many of the
 apparently insolvable problems, the Neptunium approach is often the most
 sensible and practical: Rise above it and get over it! The healthy tendencies
 of Neptune lie in its ability to see the cosmic humor in almost anything;
 to laugh at life's absurdities. And sometimes laughter is the only genuine
response - the last great act of defiance! This is the art of 'sitting loose
 to life', which means developing a less resisting, more surrendered attitude
 in which we expect the best of all unfulfilled possibilities and potentials -
and never stop dreaming!
Neptune in Capricorn 
The practical is the ideal. Form follows function. You have a dream of
 being in control - the puppet master. You are very interested in tradition
 and tend to be dignified and conservative. You believe in an orderly
 society led by benevolent monarchs - those who can see what to do.
The Astrological Pluto
Pluto is the planet of profound change, starting deep within you and
moving toward the surface, often touching upon the most sensitive areas.
It's about waking up to the 'hidden things', and doing so by reaching an
 intensity of awareness whereby, once touched, you have no choice but to
 change and grow. Pluto is the process of becoming fully conscious of
(revealing) what has been happening all around you, even though you may
 not have been aware of it. Like sex and death - you get to a certain stage
 in your development and suddenly you realise what's going on.
 Pluto is first-hand sensitive experiences and times of complete identification
with a person, feeling or idea. This is very intense stuff, and to touch upon
 this material is to go through permanent change and transformation
 - inner alchemy.
Pluto in Scorpio 
You tear through appearances in an effort to get beneath, behind, and at
the heart or essence. You may find psychology, initiation, mysticism
and the occult of great interest. Intense personal change and inner growth
are lifelong habits.

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