Sunday, September 26, 2010

2012-The Year of Cosmic Destiny (End of Days 12/21/2012)

The year 2012,  will see the end of the almost 2,500 year-old Mayan calendar and is believed to be a year which will witness a major change in the world order. Predicted by many to be a year of great spiritual transformation for humanity, many say that it will see a complete shift in the way we view the cosmos. On the downside, astrologers are predicting the rise in natural calamities with the adverse aspecting of three major planets — Pluto, Uranus and Neptune — considered very powerful energies for the earth and its inhabitants.

The Mayans believe that the world will end on 12/21/2012.  However others believe that other changes will occur. Because of these alignments of these 3 major heavenly bodies will cause weather changes, and possible shift in the earth's crust which may could cause the shifting of Continents. 

Says Shirley Bose, spiritual diviner, "2012 is a period of higher consciousness. People on a high spiritual plane will ascend to the next level, while people who live primarily on the material plane will seek spirituality. People will turn to New Age healing techniques besides using traditional medicine."

Says Sunita Menon, tarot card reader, "2012 will see the start of a completely new era. Astrologically, it is a difficult time but I do not foresee the end of the world. It will certainly be a time when human perceptions will change and spirituality will be heightened — a time when we will understand that miracles happen."

According to Larra Shah, crystal ball gazer, the earth will face numerous natural calamities during this period. "Some countries will experience major changes in weather patterns and cities surrounded by water will face natural calamities. So it's important for our disaster management systems to be in place."

Many international astrologers are predicting everything from the seas rising, to the collapsing of the financial system, to the demise of western civilisation and the drama of a new consciousness that will sweep the planet, as well as ascension to higher realms during this period. Says astrologer Lizia Batla, "It is a year of dramatic changes that is accompanied by pain, and definitely a landmark year."

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