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The 12 Zodiac Signs & What They Want in Relationship and How You Can Attract One


What Aries Want in Relationships and How You Can Attract One.

Aries love mates whose powers and passions match their own. Aries gravitate toward passionate, involved, challenging, and powerful people.  If you can inspire them, thrill them, promote them, teach them, Aries are interested.

Aries desire dynamos; no wimps allowed!

Aries want to be with mates who are genuinely real and true to themselves. Let you chutzpah and sass show! Are you powerful? Let Aries see it! Sexy? Bring it ON! Smart? Aries like to think they're in the winner's circle, so show your winning self when you're around.

Words Aries Love To Hear!

"You're the Best"
"You Win!"
"You're sexy!"
"Yes, let's do it your Way."

*Aries aren't interested in yes people, who jump at their every call. That bores them to tears!"

The Aries Lover

When Aries loves you, they'll put you on a pedestal and do whatever it takes to make you happy, Their inner hero makes your happiness their mission. They'll want to spend quality time with you and connect by talking, telling stories, and showing affection. 

Aries adore a swooning, hot and immediate affair: if Aries is into you their motto will be " Why wait until later when I'm attracted to you right now?" Headfirst  they launch into winning your attention and admiration. They'll call two second after they get your cell phone number, find countless ways to run into you, and send oversized bouquets to your office to put you and all others on notice that they intend to have you.

Once Aries fall in love, they are devoted, swooning lovers, tireless in their attentiveness and affection for their beloved.

April 20- May 21

What Tauruses  Want in Relationships and How to Attract One!

Tauruses like love to be clearly demonstrated. If you adore Taurus, by all means let them know. They'll think, Me? You adore? Oh! Thank you! Being adored and adoring others back  is the elixir of life for Tauruses .

However, although it's music to Tauruses' ears to hear about how you care for them, what they really watch for is how your actions show it. Are you reliably there for them? Spending time with them? Doing what you said you'd do and not disappointing them? Do you treat them with sweetness, kindness, affection, and,  most important, consideration? If so, you'll earn your Taurus's trust and interest.

Tauruses need and expect reliable consistency from their beloved

Tauruses want to feel as if they can depend on a person's affection and attentions. They do not like surprises in life; why should they in relationships? Flirty games or now-you-see-you-don't tactics are confusing and irritating to Taurus. Are you with them? Then act like you are! In turn, they will be openly and loyally content with you.

Words Tauruses Love to Hear

" You can have anything you want."
" I value you!"
"Let's make ourselves comfortable."
"I'm grateful to you!"

*Tauruses are not afraid of commitment and give you their undying loyalty.

The Taurus Lover

When in love, Tauruses blossom and shine because it gives full rein to their attentive and sensual nature. Tauruses' affection is consistent and their sensuality rich and lingering. Plus, their loyalty and integrity provide and assuredness that their beloved can count one and relax in, knowing that when Taurus commits, it's for sure.

Courtship with a Taurus sign is an unhurried affair. Love is so very important to them that don't want to screw up or get hurt. So even if a Taurus is crazy about you, chances are they will still take their time to get to know you, asking themselves questions like, " Can she be trusted?" or "Is he reliable?" After all, Taurus wants to be assured that if they make the investment of their heart, it will not be squandered. 

May 22-June 21

What Geminis Want in Relationships and How Can Attract One!

Geminis want to be intellectually captivated. Geminis are most attracted to those who stimulate their minds and imaginations, so let your intelligence and ideas shine! Spark their inquisitiveness by letting them know something interesting about you-not in a bragging or exaggerated way (that's a real turn-off), but in a "Hey! Here's a unique twist about me' invitation. Make yourself a good human interest story. Since Geminis can't help buy follow their curiosity,show them something to be curious about you.

Geminis adore others who keep them laughing and entertained.

Geminis have terrific sense of humor and love when companions join them in making life comical. Gemini are the first to tell a joke and the first to enjoy and applaud another's. Their sense of theatrics displays good timing and a twist of the unexpected. In many ways Geminis are just like big, smart kids: they want life to be fun and interesting.

Words Geminis Love to Hear

"I've got an excursion planned for us!"
"Tell me more about your thoughts  on..?"
"I've got a surprise for you!"
"Here's some news.."

* Geminis will touch you with moments of remarkable understanding.

The Gemini Lover

The Gemini lover is quite the delightful charmer! Geminis know how to make loving fun. Easy winkers, master flirters, and smooth operators, Geminis make courtship an exciting adventure.

a Gemini lover is rarely an easy catch, however, even when they're very interested. And, if you want to keep Gemini's attention, you'll need to play hard to get as they are. Geminis love courting. They adore intoxicating early stage of love in which flirting, leaving cute messages, and then disappearing leads to added interest. Geminis are clever wooers: they tell stories, whisk their hair out of their intended's eyes, and send meaningful " Are you thinking what I am ? " glances.

June 22- July 22

What Cancers Want in Relationships and How You can Attract One!

Cancers seek relationships rich in loving familiarity. Think "happy family" and you'll know what Cancers seek in all relationships. Cancers want to know that they are welcomed,included, and valued. They want to know that their companions desire and cherish them, and won't do anything to harm them. Cancers especially enjoy relationships where nurturing abounds and love to be both the caretaker and the care-receiver in relationships.

Cancers need to be assured that they will not be abandoned.

Since Cancers deeply fear being abandoned by their companions physically, emotionally, or otherwise, they crave regular reassurance that they won't be. Regularly showing Cancers you are there for them is priceless indeed. If you're busy, telling Cancer, "I'm  distracted right now, but I love you and want to connect with you when I get done," helps them accept your absence without feeling lonely. And, just as a child sometimes wants to know why they are loved, Cancers enjoy your reassurance that they are cared for and considered very special. Remind Cancers about all the things you love about them. They'll return the favor a hundred fold.

Words Cancers Love to Hear

"You're included."
" I feel close to you."
" I love  your family/children/Home."
" You and your feelings are important to me."

* Cancers are drawn to those who can provide them security.

The Cancer Lover

Cancers are tender,private,intimate,and nurturing lovers. And they'll so full of surprising moods and expressions moods and expressions that you may feel as if you have many lovers rolled up in one! Sometimes Cancer will be a shy, gentle, dreamy devotee who fluidly yields to your every dictate and need. Other times Cancer is feisty assertive paramour who  enjoys being attended to and indulged. 

A Cancer lover will comfort, reassure, and take care of your like few others. They'll strive to make you feel understood and deeply touched. And don't worry about your Cancer lover straying. They understand the meaning of commitment and they cherish having someone to commit to. Even with their feelings being as changeable as the night sky, Cancers' loyalty is as constant as the North Star.
July 23-August 22 

What Leos Want in Relationships and How You Can Attract One.

Leos desire others' attentiveness. Leos want to know that they are the most treasured focus of their companions' lives. They want to be treated with utmost importance and appreciation. Leos want companions to devote loads of time and attention to them, and to consistently demonstrate that they are number one. After all, isn't that how a royal figure should be treated?

Leos will shower you with their gigantic love.

Leo's instense, exuberant drive to please and be pleased makes them devote the lion's share of their energies to making you happy. Especially in the enticing beginning of a relationship, Leo  will do whatever they can to meet even your grandest expectations and needs. They will woo you with guileless charm, entertain, and seduce you all in the name of becoming your dream companion.

Words Leos Love to Hear

" You're Special !"
"I Love you!"
"You're the Best."
" You're the most gorgeous person in the world!"

*Leos offer support and encouragement so you, too, can become a fellow royal being.

The Leo Lover

Leos are Master Romancers: they show their love with bursting drama, exuberant creativity, overflowing enthusiasm, and unbelievable seductiveness. Romance brings out the very best of Leos' hearts and their loving, giving nature. They bask in the attentiveness, the declarations of adoration, and the affection that glorious romance offers.

As anyone who has had the pleasure of being pursued by a Leo will attest, Leo are positively captivating in their creative ways of showing love. Leos unabashedly use every asset they've got  to make loving them an exquisite and delightful experience.

August 23- September 22

What Virgos Want in a Relationships and How You Can Attract One.

Virgos are attracted to others who are intelligent and interesting. Virgos are most attracted to companions who are bright and well informed, people with whom they can share intelligent wit and observances. With Virgos, say something smart so they know you're  thinking ! Titillate them by offering ideas that make matters more productive.

Virgo's  favor and attentions are won by class not crass.

Virgos refined tastes gravitate toward gravitate toward those who express a subtle finesse for understated decorum. They adore effortless elegances in people and things. Braggarts, show-offs, and self-important blowhards are difficult for Virgos to endure.

Words Virgos Love to Hear

"You are so intelligent!"
"You did that incredibly well!"
"Thank you for your help."
"You're Perfect."

* Virgos respect practically and disrespect impracticality, and that's that. 

The Virgo Lover

Romantic Leo is rare for Virgos. With such a discerning a nature,they don't find very many people interesting enough to capture their attentive let alone their whole hearts. But when Virgos finally fall in love, they are  committed and work hard at making it a success.

When considering the Virgo lover thinks subtlety, gentleness, and refinement. Virgos have a way of extending a quiet, yet endearing appreciation for their beloved. It's as if they say,"I've looked all over the world,and you,my precious one, are the most perfect jewel of all!"
September 23- October 22

What Libras Want in a Relationship and How You Can Attract One.

Libras prefer companions with whom they make a good team, Libras enjoy that special dynamic wherein they feel they really click with someone. They love when it's easy to agree with their companions, to do things together, and to communicate without awkwardness or efforts. Make Libra see how the two of you are good partners or good teammates. That'll make them happy to be involved with you.

Libras are generous in compliments and endearing words. 

When Libras adore you, they'll show you in all kinds of thoughtful words and deeds. They're generous in their attention and affection, and enjoy making you feel like a million bucks.

Words Libras Love To Hear

" I like you!"
" Tell me more about you.."
"I love how well we get along."
"This is what I'd like, if you don't mind."

*Libras bring good taste to their relationships.

The Libra Lover

Talk about getting swept off your feet-the Libra lover will sweep you off your feet like no other! Romance is what Libras live for and what they devote themselves to wholeheartedly. They are masterful at amorous love and use everything they've got to make it a beautiful success.

Libra lovers set out to enchant and seduce you with elegance and charm. They'll go to great lengths to create a romantic scene, but they'll do so subtly, so as not seem off-balance, even when they are nearly falling over in love. 
October 23- November 22

What Scorpios Want in Relationships and How You Can Attract One.

Scorpios prefer to surround themselves with a few trusted intimate companions. Although Scorpios desire to affect many others, they only want to be intimate with a few, well-chosen companions. Scorpios are extremely selective about who they include in their lives and usually take their time to evaluate people before befriending them. Be patient in getting to know Scorpio. Initially they'll want to study your intention: What do you want from? What will you give? Can you be trusted? Few pass Scorpio's rigorous test, but if you do you'll be treated to a tremendous depth of intimacy and attentive caring.

Scorpios seek others who exude complexity or an interesting inner life.

Scorpios have great substance of character and they want to be with others of substance as well. Giving Scorpios hints about the treasures that lie deep within your character appeals to their fascination with solving mysteries.

Words Scorpios Like to Hear

" Your power is intoxicating!"
"Here's a secret I've never revealed to anyone..."
"No one has ever affected me this way."
"What should I do?"

*Scorpios seek others who exude complexity or an interesting inner life.

The Scorpio Lover

Scorpios' rich sexuality and urge for intimacy thrives when they have a lover to devote themselves to and share with. Scorpios love savoring the lusty desires, sensual pleasures, and heady passions that courtship stirs inside them. And they are masterful at igniting the same in their partners.

November 23-December 22

What Sagittarians Want in a Relationship and How to Attract One.

Sagittarians want others to enrich them, excite them, and inspire them. Since Sagittarians enjoy exploring interests and passions in life, they gravitate toward others who can join them in their pursuit. Depending on what rings your Sag's bells, sharing philosophies,knowledge, hobbies, or opinions can be very satisfying. Sags love chumming up with those who profess similar ideas or who can awaken them to even better ones. So let Sagittarians in on the interesting things that you do and the abilities you have that might make their life more interesting.

Sagittarians have roam and explore to feel whole.

Saggittarians gravitate towards companions who give them loads of space to explore. Let them wander. They'll come home, wagging their tails behind them.

Words Sagittarians Love to Hear

"You make me feel exhilarated!"
"You are such an inspiration to me!"
"Your ideas awaken me."
"Let's do something daring or amusing!"

*Sagittarians are attracted to others who are independent and self-reliant.

The Sagittarian Lover

The Sagittarian lover is extremely passionate,full of excitement, and , of course , brimming with adventure. Sagittarians love all the fireworks of romance and the glorious hopefulness of courtship. When Sagittarians fall in love, they go all the way.
become spellbound and intoxicated, and desire to consume their beloved to the very core. Never ones to subtly demonstrated their affections. Sagittarians make loving an all-out extravaganza. 
December 22/23-January 20

What Capricorns Want in a Relationship and How You Can Attract One.

Capricorns need time to warm up to you. Relationships are extremely important to Capricorns and integral to their happiness. But they're not easy creatures to win over! Capricorns tend to be a bit shy and cautious, not to mention selective about when and to whom they open their hearts. Give Capricorn time to warm up to you and be patient with the hoops they put you though to evaluate if you are right for them.

Capricorns enjoy relationships with a purpose. 

Capricorns like spending time with people who can help them achieve something purposeful. That could be anything form creating a wonderful family together, engaging in a successful business endeavor, or working shoulder to shoulder on a worthwhile cause. Show Capricorn how being with you can help them achieve something they value.

Words Capricorns Love to Hear

"I respect you!"
"Your contribution is important!"
"I admire all you have achieved-good job!"
"You are important to me!"

*Capricorns will keep their commitments to you.

The Capricorn Lover

Capricorns pursue love the same way they pursue every other important endeavor-with determination, planning, and confidence they'll succeed. Although it might take a while for Capricorn's heart to awaken, when their interest is finally piqued, they'll stop at nothing to win your love and attention. Capricorn will pull out all the stops to impress you, and convince you that they are only one for you.
January 21- February 18

What Aquarians Want in a Relationship and How You Can Attract One.

First and foremost, Aquarians desire friendship. Friendship is so central to Aquarians' ideal love that they seek it in most every type of relationship. Aquarians savor knowing that they can say or do anything around their companions and be respected for who they truly are. Listen to your Aquarian friend, and demonstrate understanding and appreciation for their individuality. If they find you attractive, they will surely do the same for you!

Aquarians are attracted to stars

Aquarians are often drawn to companions who capture the spotlight. Unions between Aquarians and over-the-top expressive companions can be terrifically rewarding.Aquarians enjoy the way an entertaining companion spices life up. ( You'll see the Aquarius sitting back, just watching their mate and smiling.) They can also appreciate the social doors their dramatic friends open.

Words Aquarians Love to Hear
"You are so unique"
"I love your individuality"
"I appreciate the contribution your making to our group/community/world."
"Your ideas are so fascinating to me-tell me more about them."

*Aquarians want and expect plenty of freedom in their relationships.

The Aquarians Lover

As impersonal and "buddy-oriented" as Aquarians can be, when they're in love, a unique intimacy and softness spring out of them, which communicates, "You are special and sacred to me." But, nevertheless, Aquarians are wired differently than most people in that friendship is their ultimate bottom line. Aquarians need to feel a  sense of friendship with someone even more than the typical swooning, passionate, intoxicating effects of romantic love. 

February 19- March 20

What Pisces Want in a Relationships and How You Can Attract One.

Pisces want to feel a compelling connections with others. Pisces gravitate toward others with whom they sense a powerful exchange of something strong, deep, and meaningful. They want to feel that they are connecting so fully, so deeply, that they can lose themselves (and vice versa) in a wondrous union.

Pisces are especially drawn to those who fascinate them. 

Pisces adore artists, dreamers , and visionaries. They thrive on the dramas, inventiveness, and surprising ideas that creative companions can elicit. If you have an interest in art, dance, or music, let Pisces know. Do you have unusual friends? Bring Pisces to your circle, and they'll blend right in.

Words Pisces Love  to Say

"We have a deep connection."
"I feel your pain"
"There is magic between us."
"I'll rescue you"

*Pisces treasure people with whom they can escape.

The Pisces Lover

Pisces is the original and the shameless hopeless romantic! Nothing captivates them more than romantic love. After all, what better way to merge with someone than through beating hearts? When love is in the air, Pisces' gentle caring, attentiveness, tender compassion, and yielding sexuality all blossom and flourish. Romantic love is what Pisces most love sacrificing themselves to, and they devote themselves to their lover hook, line and sinker!

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