Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Major Astrology Events in September 2010

Mars quintiles Pluto on September 1, 2010; Sun trines Dragon’s Head on September 2, 2010

Sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve if you set out towards your goals in the right earnest. Suggestions from the most unlikely of sources can prove to be money spinnersThis is the time to make the direct approach in all matters; do not hold back in false-humility or due to unnecessary hesitation.

Venus trines Neptune on September 4, 2010

Quick buying and selling of stocks for instant profit is possible today provided you are an expert in judging the market momentum and in judging which way the tide will turn. If you are someone who has burnt fingers more often or someone who is under tricky directional influences, it is best to stay on cash and wait on the side-lines waiting for the volatility to settle down before taking the plunge. An unconventional approach to financial matters is called for during the day. Cupid’s Arrows fly thick and fast all around, and this can be a wonderful time for those in love, or for those who are on the look-out for compatible romantic partners in life.

Venus quintiles D.H. on September 6, 2010; Venus is at aphelion position (farthest distance from sun) on September 6, 2010.

Unconventional strategies might help you to breeze along towards your financial goals. Contra-intuitive methods can give rich dividends in speculative activities today. This is also a perfect day to blow your loved ones off their feet with pleasant surprises that will add zing to your romantic life.

Mars sextiles Neptune on September 10, 2010

Have the courage to follow your more adventurous urges today – as that will prove to be the key to your success today. Martian energy and Neptunian creativity are in perfect alignment today – paving the way for great success in all endeavours.

Mars quintiles Dragon’s Head on September 11, 2010;

Being dynamic and more willing to look at things from alternate angles of view are the keys to success during this period. This is an excellent time for scheduling business negotiations, project presentations, and for initiating new advertisement campaigns.

Venus sextiles Pluto on September 12, 2010.

Consider scheduling business meetings or power-dinners at exotic locales during this period. The ambience of the place, your warmth, and the enthusiasm you show towards the projects will win the goodwill of everyone concerned, and will help you to garner the support necessary for taking your schemes forward.

Mars quincunxes Jupiter on September 14, 2010; Pluto turns direct on September 14, 2010.

If leaders act with statesmanship, this is a perfect time to devise long-lasting solutions that can bring peace and prosperity to people in regions afflicted by terrorism/ sectarian violence. All legal mattersshould, however, be handled with abundant caution and thoroughness – even if your case is strong on the face of it.

Venus semi-sextiles Saturn on September 17, 2010

Your strategies during this period should be a healthy mix of conventional wisdom and innovative ideas. Success will follow if you keep doing the right things the right way – with the right motivation all along – very basic of course!…but that is the best strategy for the day. Intuition will prove to be a more reliable guide than logic under this aspect.

Mars sextiles Pluto on September 19, 2010; Sun quincunxes Neptune on September 19, 2010; Sun contra-parallels Uranus on September 20, 2010; Mercury trines Dragon’s Head on September 20, 2010.

Meeting influential persons in informal surroundings can do a world of good to your professional prospects. Consider joining hands with like-minded others in an effort to solve common issues; you may be surprised that even some of those whom you considered as your rivals may be willing to join hands with you during this period for a common cause! Suggestions coming from the most unlikely of sources might prove to be money-spinners and Intuition might prove to be a more reliable guide than carefully thought-out logic during this period.

Sun parallels Saturn on September 25, 2010; Sun squares Pluto on September 26, 2010; Mars sextiles Dragon’s Head.

Two heads are better than one; consider joining forces with like-minded others to achieve common goals. Listen to what older/ more experienced persons have to say on current projects and try to implement those ideas to boost your prospects. You should present solid data in support of your projected claims to win over influential persons to your side today; you can’t just charm them on to your side now! This is a good period for unearthing hidden information pertaining to your projects, and for indulging in divergent-thinking to identify unique solutions to current issues

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