Thursday, September 16, 2010

Astrology and Sports

Sporting talents
AriesArians are highly adventurous, they are fearless and favor activities that get them noticed.
TaurusThey enjoy slow moving activities like yoga or Tai- chi.
GeminiGeminis prefer quick witted indoor games rather than outdoor activities. Sky-bound sports activate them.
CancerMostly involved with water games like boating, swimming, rowing, scuba,etc.
LeoLeos show a liking towards sports which require untiring strength. They win against all odds.
VirgoVirgos are suited for skillful sports and prefer less physically demanding games.
LibraThey have an aptitude for synchronized forms of exercises, swimming, paragliding,etc.
ScorpioScorpios enjoy watersports. Also have an aptitude for mind games and riddles. They show intense concentration and discipline.
SagittariusThey are well-suited for team games, target sports like shooting, archery,etc.
CapricornThey like cricket, mountaineering and gymnastics- all of which need lot of endurance.
AquariusAquarians like sky-borne activities. Also have a soft corner towards tech-games.
PiscesPisces are good in water games like surfing, fishing, swimming. Also interested in dancing and football.

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