Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Luckiest Sign In Zodiac

November 23-December 21

You might be wondering what the luckiest sign in the Zodiac?  The interesting fact is that the Zodiac sign that has the most positive things happen for them is Sagittarius. This Fire Sign is lucky not by accident, but by choice. They are proactive and self-assured. They believe they can have everything they want and more. They are the mover and shaker of the Zodiac.  With such positive energy pouring out of them , they can help attract the wonderful positive things to them. So, just remember luck just does not happen it is created through thought and action.  This means that anyone , no matter what sign you are born under can change their luck. You can adopt that positive can do attitude, just like Sagittarius.

Below is Some Famous born under this Lucky Sign!

 Here is a list of people who share the star sign Sagittarius:

Aaron Carter
Little brother of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter

Abbie Hoffman
1960's and 70's anarchist and activist

Abigail Adams
First Lady to President John Adams in the late 18th century

Albert Bandura
Canadian psychologist

Alfred De Musset
French poet and playwright

Alfred Eisenstaedt
US Photographer, 1898 - 1995

Allan Cunningham
Lived 1784-1842

Amos Bronson Alcott
Lived 1799-1888

Amy Grant
Popular singer

André Gide
French novelist and critic 1869-1957

Andrew Carnegie

Ann Coulter
Conservative Author

Anna Freud
One of the children of famous psychologist Sigmund Freud

Anna Nicole Smith
Actress who married a billionaire and got lots of money from it, after court battles

Anthony Powell
English novelist

Arthur C Clarke
Famous science fiction writer

Ben Stein
American actor, 1944+

Ben Stiller
Comic actor, best known for his role opposite Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary in 1998

Benjamin Disraeli
Ex-British Prime Minister

Bette Midler
Singer and actress

Billy Connolly
Scottish comedian, 1942+

Boris Karloff
Actor, 1887-1969

Brad Pitt
Mega Hollywood star worth millions, married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston

Branch Rickey
Baseball player, 1881 - 1965

Brendan Fraser

Bridget Hall

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is an American singer and famous celebrity who had great popularity and success at the start of her musical career at a relatively young age. First appearing on TV as part of the Mickey Mouse club and having lots of exposure for her relationship with Justin Timberlake at the peak of her popularity, she had success with pop music smash hits such as Oops I did It Again which started the ball rolling for Britney Spear's musical career. Later on the intense media speculation and following of her every move appeared to take its toll on Britney and also interest in her relationships. Her increasingly sophisticated turned sexy image and photoshoots in later years and media speculations in her life outside music seem to have put paid to her career for now.

Brooks Atkinson
American journalist

Bruce Lee
Martial arts champion and actor

C S Lewis
1898-1963, English author and scholar

Calvin Trillin

Casper Van Dien

Chaim Weizmann
Chemist and statesman, 1874 - 1952

Charles De Lint
Canadian writer, 1951+

Charles Kennedy
Mild mannered leader of the Liberal Democrats

Charles M Schulz
US cartoonist - (1922 - 2000)

Chris Evert
Talented American tennis player, 1954+

Christina Aguilera
American pop star, biggest hit was with 'Genie in a Bottle'

Christina Rossetti
Writer and poet

Christopher Fry
English playwright

Colleen Haskell

Dale Carnegie
American writer

David Gates
American singer

David Mamet
American Director

Diane Sawyer
1945+, broadcast journalist

Dick Butkus
US athlete

Dominic Monaghan
Actor, known for Lord of the Rings mostly

Don Johnson

Don King
Boxing promoter

Donna Mills

Donny Osmond

Ed Harris
Famous actor, 1950+

Edith Cavell
English nurse

Edvard Munch
Norwegian artist, famously painted The Scream, lived 1863-1944

Eli Whitney
US inventor, 1765 - 1825

Emily Carr
1871-1945, writer

Emily Dickinson
19th century poet

Eugene Ionesco
French playwright

Eugene Levy
Actor, of such films as American Pie. Born: 1946

Francis Thompson
English poet, 1859-1907

Francisco Franco
Spanish general. 1892-1975.

Frank Sinatra
Member of the Rat Pack

Frank Zappa
American rock musician and songwriter

Franklin Pierce
American president, lived 1804 - 69

Freeman Dyson
Physicist, 1923+

Gail Sheehy
US Writer, 1937+

Garry Shandling
American comedian

Gary Hart

Gary Lineker
England footballer turned pundit

Gena Lee Nolin

George MacDonald
Lived 1824-1905

George Santayana
American philosopher

Gianni Versace

Grace Paley
American writer

Harpo Marx
American comedian, 1888 - 1964

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