Wednesday, October 20, 2010

November 2010 Horoscopes

Aries November 2010 Horoscope (21 March - 20 April) 
Do pals and playtime mix this November? Ask rowdy Mars and direct jolly Jupiter to shake (or stir) your cocktail as the waves of the social swirl lap at your ankles. Rams are popularity plus this month! But November fools and their money are soon parted when Mercury retrogrades on the 26th. Are you squandering your riches? Save a bit for those November showers.
Taurus November 2010 Horoscope (21 April - 21 May) 
You have the Bull by the horns (or are YOU the Bull by the horns) this November when the Sun enters your sign on the 21st and increases your already ample charisma. But will you put a hoof in your mouth when Mercury retrogrades on the 26th? Thank the stars that Venus shines a flattering light on you and Mars makes you a mover and shaker. Move and shake your world!
Gemini November 2010 Horoscope (22 May - 21 June) 
Life is one big adventure when Jupiter redirects and amplifies your whispers to a shout after the 4th. As the month progresses, your missives take on even greater range, thanks to loud Mars. Chatty Twins can charm the masses but save your sweetest bon mots for a select few. Venus suggests that you can attract more flies with honey after the 23rd.
Cancer November 2010 Horoscope (22 June - 23 July) 
Expect some miscommunication among friends when Mercury redirects on the 26th. Mean while, most of November can be used to expand your professional opportunities and set plans in motion. Venus insures that they reach their intended mark after the 23rd. Crabs may find that intimacy costs a bit more in November because of Jupiter and Mars. Are you getting your money's worth?
Leo November 2010 Horoscope (24 July - 23 August)
Lions can regain their confidence and social dominance when Jupiter redirects on the 4th but as November advances, you may find that your surging popularity is at odds with relationship needs. Share and share alike, lover or Mars tips your loveboat on the 22nd. Generous Lions get to dance around the maypole next month. Stingy Lions have to ask “may I?”.

Virgo November 2010 Horoscope (24 August - 23 september) 
November starts off with a bang. Don't let it end with a whimper, Virgo. The Sun stimulates your travel bug and takes you on fabulous journeys after the 21st. But retro Mercury may steer you off course after the 26th so check and recheck your itinerary. While you plan to land in Paris, you r bags may wind up in Philadelphia. Carry your own toothbrush just in case....

Libra November 2010 Horoscope (24 September - 23 October) 
Libras strive for balance and harmony and most of November gives you just that. But as the Sun ambles into Taurus on the 21st and Mercury retrogrades on the 26th, diplomacy takes a back seat. You want what you want NOW! Mars and Jupiter turn up the volume and beam your plaintive, albeit incorrect message to the immediate universe. Who loves ya baby? You'll soon see....
Scorpio November 2010 Horoscope (24 October - 23 November) 
Just when you thought you would be relegated to the corporate dungheap, Jupiter redirects on the 4th and plucks you from the pile. Bask in the glory while you can Scorp; November will deliver quite a few professional points. But, as Mercury retrogrades on the 26th, you may find that partners are bored with the endless tales of your prowess. Quit bragging.
Sagittarius November 2010 Horoscope (23 November - 22 December)
Take a walk on the wild side this November Archer. There is adventure around every corner when Jupiter redirects and tickles your travelling feet. Explore a few new and exciting places. But save your best efforts for the end of the month when Mars and Venus give you a megaphone for your mania. Party on party hound; you charm the entire pack. What a change of pace!
Capricorn November 2010 Horoscope (23 December - 20 November) 
Try to be limber and flexible this November when a redirecting Jupiter offers you ample opportunity to demonstrate your acrobatic skills. You attract many admirers and that ain't bad! But beware retrograde Mercury around the 26th which has Caps spewing hot garlic breath on any fine romance. Hey, they say actions speak louder than words anyway.
Aquarius November 2010 Horoscope (21 November - 19 February) 
Aquarians ache to make their mark this November as Mars and Venus pull you out of the chorus and onto center stage. You have an appreciative audience thanks to direct Jupiter. But refrain from gunning your motor mouth in front of assorted relations during the Mercury retrograde. There is no reason to give them a piece of your mind when they relegate it to the garbage.
Pisces November 2010 Horoscope (20 February - 20 March) 
While it may not sound very exciting, November offers you better working conditions and extra oomph for your in and out box. Pisces get things done thanks to direct Jupiter, can increase their earnings thanks to Venus and conquer their hidden enemies thanks to Mars. But don't spill the beans, pal; retro Mercury puts a large foot in your mouth after the 26th. Such a sight!

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