Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dating a Sagittarius

A date with a Sagittarius should never be boring. Sagittarius people are very optimistic persons, with a good disposition and a lot of enthusiasm. They like movement and this will lead them to participate in sports, to travel, or to maintain a very intense social life. The Sagittarius loves freedom and hates daily routine, loves outdoor activities, contact with nature, and adventurous situations.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are very restless and curious. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy, and good fortune. To fall in love Sagittarius people need a dynamic partner who stimulates your curiosity and desire to learn. They want a companion with whom to share adventures and amusements.

Sagittarius Dating Tip:
Sagittarius people fall in love easily but they also become disenchanted or bored with the same ease, which is why they look for a strong and active person who knows how to hold their affections. Another dating advice: Don't hold back on your first date with a Sagittarius, talk about your wildest adventures and your biggest dreams. Boring conversation is a no-no when dating a Sagittarius.

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  1. But you will never beat the taurus ... It's more unique astrology