Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dating a Taurus

If you are not the greatest communicator and worry about running out of things to talk about on your first date with a Taurus, just relax, and let the Taurus do the talking for best results. Taurus people are not interested in dominating anyone nor will they let anyone manipulate them. Their gentle ways may confuse others but they have an iron will and once a Taurus has made a decision nothing will make them change their mind.

People born under the sing of Taurus are ruled by planet Venus, the planet of love. The Taurus is a sensitive and romantic person, gentle in behavior and feels at home with people who prove to be friendly, affectionate, and gentle.

Taurus Dating Tip:
There is no need to be afraid of the Taurus' horns, just keep in mind that they're there. People born under the sign of Taurus are very communicative and like to talk. Just lean back, relax, and listen. Another dating advice: Don't try to show off too much on your first date, but give your best to look good, smile and agree.

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