Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love VS Sex ( How Men and Women view sex)

It's been said that men just need a place to have sex, but women need a reason to have sex.  Also "Women give sex to get love. Men give love to get sex."  As you can see men and women view sex very differently.  If you understand the opposite sex , then you may win in the game of love.  If you are one of the men use love or lies to get a women in the bedroom. Also there are some women who use sex as weapon, to get her way as well to climb the corporate ladder.

It is also important to understand what sign your love interest is in order know what their turns on are. Some signs like to be pursued as others like to be the pursuers.  The earth signs tend to be practical when it comes to sex. The water signs are emotional and sexual, and they feel emotions deeply when they intimate.
The fire signs bring passion in all that they do, and love to pursue their interest because they love to play the game.  The air signs use communication to seduce their love interest. They love dirty talk, or use the written word to melt the heart of the object of their affection.

Love VS Sex, you must realize you can't have one without the other. You must have sex in order to know if you are truly compatible.  This is not to say if you are saving yourself for marriage, which is very special to protect your virtue.  Most people you talk to today wish they waited until they will well into their 20's to have sex.  Sex tends to be better when you older, because you body had fully developed as well as you are emotionally more mature.

Below you will see the 12 Zodiac Signs broken into 4 groups.  As I explained above about the 4 groups and their tendencies may help you understand your love interests better.  For more insights search my blog for each individual sign and what are their turn on's are.

Earth Signs                Water Signs
Virgo                            Cancer
 Taurus                          Scorpio
 Capricorn                     Pisces

Air Signs                      Fire Signs
Gemini                           Aries
Aquarius                        Leo
Libra                              Sagittarius

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