Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well, first I would have to start by saying that I am not an expert in the ‘why people cheat’ debate.  I think there are a plethora of  reasons why people tend to cheat on their partners…there is no magic bullet   However, as far as astrology goes the most likely cheaters are, in my opinion and experience,  fire signs.  That’s right Aries, Leo’s and Sagittarians are the usual suspects and not because they’re bad people but because in some ways they can’t help it…and I am not just talking about the men of these signs either. 
Of all the signs these are the most passionate and most likely to act on these passions regardless of the consequences, in fact usually the consequences don’t even pop into the minds of these signs or even their significant other as they have a tendency to get so “caught up in the moment”.  I will say that when they do cheat is most often a fling as this supports their short attention span but also fire signs are action signs.  If they reach a snag or an unhappy phase in a relationship and feel that their needs are not being met or that any progress is being made then they will go outside of the partnership in an effort to feel better.
Obviously going outside of a relationship never fixes it but for these signs sex is the ultimate act of intimacy, closeness to another person and is essential to their emotional wellbeing.  I am not saying they are “victims” by any means…we all have free will and make choices good and bad that effect us and the people we love.  What I am saying is that if you are in a relationship with a fire sign…make sure that they are getting what they need emotionally and physically at home or their commitment to you could waiver.  I can tell you that for Aries it’s about the secret, for Sagittarians it’s about the hunt and for Leo’s it’s all about the conquest.
Conversely the signs least likely to cheat are your ever loyal Earth signs of Capricorns, Taurus & Virgo followed closely by the lovingly faithful water sign of Cancer.  I can tell you as a Scorpio that I never stepped out on any of my own relationships HOWEVER when single I never inquired too deep about the relationship status’ of some of the guys I dated…I know, I know…but I am  a Scorpio and we are, according to astrology, ruled by our genitals!   It’s funny because you would think that Scorpio would have rated higher on the cheater list.  My only response to that is that while being less than descrimniating…and perhaps a little too curious for my own good when single, that I take my commitments to others very seriously which is a Scorpio trait and that is why I think few Scorpios actually cheat on their partners.
I have left a few signs out of this post and those are Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius & Libras) as well as Pisces  my fellow water sign.  Air signs are complicated, they spend more time in their own head  rather than in reality.  I personally do not get a long or see eye to eye with very many air signs.  I find the majority selfish, self-centered, wishy-washy and are  incredibly passive-aggressive.  I think of all of the signs when they cheat they have an agenda in mind, I think they try to hurt or get back at their partner in a passive-aggressive manner.   I know this is a harsh take on Air signs and perhaps I am focusing  on the negative of the signs but as I see it, as far as cheating goes, with air signs when they do cheat it is more a calculated risk than a heat of the moment passion that “carried them away”.
 Finally  we get to my fellow water sign,Pisces, the emotional infant of the zodiac.  They are in general a loyal sign as long as their needs are being met.  If you are neglectful this sign is prone to trying to raise jealousy by flirting with others which can put them in bad positions this poses a problem because Pisces is a VERY passive non confrontational sign, and will do things even if they don’t necessarily want in order to avoid negativity.  They are also the most susceptible to the emotional aspect of sex, if someone of the opposite sex regular knocks on the door to cry on your partners shoulder…boot them to the curb, because a Pisces is not above trying to make someone feel better in any way they can, and someone who knows this will take advantage of their kindness.   So there you have it, my take on the signs, sex and cheating!  Keep in mind this is a personal evaluation of the matter of signs and their tendency to cheat which is based on my own observations, experience and knowledge of the signs in the zodiac.


  1. I think you're a bit biased especially pertaining to the air signs, who you say are 'passive aggressive' and calculating when it comes to cheating. Actually, from my experience observing people, family and friends, I'd say that everyone cheats, I know a LOT of very promiscuous Cancer women,several of whom cheat unashamedly while in committed relationships, and as for Scorpio MEN and Pisces MEN...ridiculous. SOME of these men lead secret lives, well Pisces tends to have several lovers who don't know about each other, Scorpio usually has one main girlfriend, (or wife)and cheat with other women who may or may not be aware.
    I'm a gemini woman, and I won't be biased so yes, I'd say of the air signs..gemini men are probably the most prone to cheating. I've seen this many times. Some are devious and cheat for the excitement and if they feel unsatisfied. As for having an agenda in mind..I doubt. But yes, we are wishy-washy. We're a bit on the fikle side, open to temptation, and addicted to flirtation :) However, we're less likely to become embroiled in long-term, emotional, tangled up love triangles of betrayal

  2. I'm a cancer woman and I admit that I have cheated but I learned my lesson from it and probably won't do it again. Not to mention, I am only 17 years old and shouldn't take relationships that seriously anyway. The guy I cheated on was a Gemini and he didn't cheat but slept with another woman while we were probably going to get back together out of spite and passive aggression. Any sign is able to cheat but the signs you say are probably less likely to cheat because they have more loyal and faithful qualities.

    P.S. love everything on your site, keep the posts comming :D !