Sunday, April 11, 2010

Astrology For Cat Lovers ( What Sign is your Cat?) Libra thru Pisces

LIBRA CAT-24 SEPT -23 OCT:The Libra cat is ruled by Venus, goddess of peace, harmony, beauty and love. When you call your cat, it will usually saunter up because it knows that this normally signals that something good is about to happen. This cat is calm, relaxed and usually see your feline in their bed, on your couch or another cozy place. 

Your cat will always feel at their best when they feel that they have your attention. They want your attention. Libran kitties need to be petted and loved. They will show you that want to be petted when they twin their warm and furry bodies around your legs. Your Libran cat is very popular and will always be the center of attention. 

The Libran cat is an attractive animal, one with considerable charm and grace. This is a feline possessed of an ability to somehow sweeten life,and they have chosen to join forces with you. Your pet wants to finish with these words: " Let's enjoy life together, and I'll show you what I can do."

SCORPIO CAT -24 OCT -22 NOV: The Scorpio cat is ruled by Pluto, god of mysteries of life, magic and atomic power. This cat's feelings run very deep , and the more insight you gain into its qualities, the more your destiny together will improve. It knows your well and, happily, now you will know and better appreciate your Scorpio cat.

A Scorpio feline carries an aura of power that other animals respect and often fear. They don't  m ess with this feline but instead take to their heels when they sense it's imminent approach.  This not really a cat that fights on the physical plane, although it can, ruthlessly. This Scorpio cat does not let anyone know how they are feeling. Their eyes reveal nothing when they close the doors behind them.

A Scorpio cat is practical yet mystical and powerful cat. One who feels deeply, and loves your more completely than you perhaps realize. Your cat wants a final word: " I 'm with you through rain or shine"

SAGITTARIUS CAT -23 NOV -22 DEC: The Sagittarius cat is ruled by Jupiter, god of good fortune, philosophy, joviality, and good times.   Your cat is independent, enchanting and inspirational animal, and it's worth while to know more about me so as to derive even more fun and happiness from our association.  It will definitely add to our enjoyment add to our enjoyment together, also make better our situation as cat and person.

This cat will keep you on your toes. You find him/her swinging our your chandelier or your tree. It will find a way to get caught in weird places.  Of course you will worry about them, but they want to entertain you to brighten up your day.  

Sagittarian felines aren't all that demanding in their food preferences. Having said that, if they happen to develop a liking for something a little difference, you may discover they have peculiar taste. This special kitty will make sure that they show you how much they love you.  Just hold on tight, because they tend to want to out and about  because they are natural explorers.  

CAPRICORN CAT -23 DEC -20 JAN:The Capricorn cat is ruled by Saturn, god of time, karma and preservation.   The Capricorn is a classic cat, your are likely to have a classic cat-person relationship relative to your situation. For example, if the Capricorn feline is a mouser on the farm, then that is what it is. And it is bound to be pretty good at it, too, in its desire to please you.

The Capricorn cat looks to its owner for status and protection and can be extremely good at organizing it's environment when it has both in good measure. Being  loyal and dedicated to you, this puss takes its responsibility as our cat seriously.

This puss identifies with the home with the home situation, and if the truth be known, is actually a little snooty about it. Whatever your situation together, it's blue ribbon to your cat, which add: " Call me a snob if you like, but I always select the best."

AQUARIUS CAT -21 JAN -19 FEB: The Aquarius cat is ruled by Uranus, god of freedom, genius , technology and eccentricity. Your cat thinks it superb that you have managed to lay hands on this astro-profile about it. It considers this "definitely a good way to increase our understanding, and appropriate, because your feline's sign has a natural affinity with astrology.

Your feline may appear aloof at times, it truly cares for you very much. But this an unpossessive animal , and so tends not to make lavish demands for affection from you. Your cat has a difficulty in buying into the docile pet and owner situation, preferring instead to see you as a friend.

This is a strong cat. Some Aquarius kitties may give the impression of fragility but they are usually as  tough as old boots underneath. Aquarius cats have a great hold on life and can be as long-lived as the Capricorn creatures.  They tend to think this way " Take reasonable care of me and I'll live up to my responsibilities to you. Look after me and I'll look after you."

PISCES CAT- 20 FEB -20 MARCH: The Pisces cat is ruled by Neptune, god of images, illusions, movies, mysticism and universal love. Your cat is eager to say: "Thank you, beautiful person, for having this astrological perspective on me delivered into your hands. This way you will find things about me, your pet, that you may not otherwise know. Your further understanding of my sometimes mysterious personality will serve to enrich our interaction together."

This feline is receptive to your moods and state of being. It takes a lot of its cues from you and its utterly dependent on how you are. Having a high degree of intuition your Piscean kitty is usually able sense what is happening for you and can often silently appear when your need it. 

The Pisces cat has something to say. This cat can be one of the most beautiful and gentle creatures on earth, shedding subtle magic as it moves through life. There are definitely special qualities to these cats. 

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